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bang s thrillingly contemporary translation of the first part the juiciest part of alighieri s fourteenth-century poem the divine comedy is indeed epic once you embark on this journey you may wish to read not only all of mary jo bang s work but all of dante s too vani t y fa i r stopped mid-motion in the middle of what we call our life i looked up and saw no sky only a dense cage of leaf tree and twig i was lost from canto i inferno anew tr anslationdan te a lighieri tra n s lated with anin tr o ducti onandno te s b y m ar yjobangi llu s trated byhen rik d re s cher imagine a contemporary translation of dante that includes references to pink floyd south park donald rumsfeld and star trek now imagine that this isn t gimmicky imagine instead that the old warhorse is now scary again and perversely funny and lyrical and faux-lyrical in a way that sounds sometimes like auden sometimes like nabokov but always like mary jo bang bomb an epic both fresh and historical scholarly and irreverent this will be the dante for the next generation publishers weekly starred review dante alighieri c.1265­1321 is the author of the divine comedy a masterpiece of world literature mary jo bang is the author of six books of poetry including elegy winner of the national book critics circle award brit trans audio dram william morris endeavor entertainment llc 9 poetry 352 pages 6 x 9 paperback 978-1-55597-654-5 $20.00 september gwfall13cat1-16.indd 9 2/27/13 3:06 pm