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a note from the author i first learned of blind tom in the pages of oliver sacks s an anthropologist on mars to illustrate the phenomenon of the autistic savant sacks recounts the life of tom wiggins born a slave in georgia in 1849 before he was ten years old tom became the first african american to perform at the white house and he went on to have a successful decadeslong career that took him to stages around the world i was taken by tom s ability to play and sing three songs at once each in a different key by his abstract compositions that mimicked the sound of natural and man-made phenomena such as rainwater and sewing machines by his ability to reproduce any melody or composition he heard and by his prodigious memory although blind tom was perhaps the most famous stage pianist of his era and highly regarded by contemporary reviewers and well-known public figures notably ulysses grant mark twain and willa cather by the twentieth century he had largely disappeared from history

geoff dy e r sfirstt wo n ov e l s never a short brilliant novel the search offers more in 150 pages than most books twice that length the guardian so it s farewell my lovely and we re off on a package tour through gumshoe thriller film noir road movie and chivalric romance an ambitious stylish novel inde pe ndent on sund ay if any british writer can try on the mantle of calvino dyer can he has a poet s gift with metaphor as well as an ability to grasp ideas hold them pass them on new statesman as elegant as a mathematical theorem correctly expressed thesund ay times dyer injects an almost magical randomness into what ought to be the most conventional of tales and gives us surrealism where we might have expected dirty realism its after-image is hard to erase the spectator the search a novel g eoff dye r walker meets rachel at a glamorous party by the bay when she turns up at his apartment two days later there is a hint of erotic promise in the air but it isn t

b eforepublishedintheuniteds tat e s the first novel in revised form from possibly the best living writer in britain thedai ly telegra ph praise for the colour of memory of all the hyped novels of 1980s london it remains one of the most genuine new statesman dyer writes crisp martin amis-inflected prose full of acute perceptions and neat phrases the book abounds in colourful descriptions of familiar aspects of london life timeslite rary supplement praise for geoff dyer what i find most remarkable about dyer [is his tone its simplicity its classlessness its accessibility and yet its erudition the combination is a trick few british writers ever pull off [dyer s humor is what separates him from berger and lawrence and sontag zadiesmith harper s magazine the colour of memory a novel g eoff dye r also available winner of the nbcc award in the colour of memory six friends plot a nomadic course through their mid-twenties as they scratch out an existence in destitute

an enthralling internationally best-selling portrait of an east german family through the long years of communism and its aftermath mr ruge s novel is a pulsing vibrant thrillingly alive work full of formal inventiveness remarkable empathy and above all mordant and insightful wit you can see that from the ruins of the former eastern bloc something has emerged with the power to survive and outlast the world from which it came the art represented by mr ruge s book which has torn down the wall between russian epic and the great american novel the new york times in times of fading light a novel eugen ruge t r an slatedfromtheger man byantheabellal annan t r an slationselection in this remarkably intimate and vivid novel eugen ruge master fully brings to life a country that is vanishing into memory and history an important highly accomplished debut novel this splendid beautifully translated novel becomes richer as it acquires a logic of its own we must be even more grateful for

a searing novel about two friends on opposite sides of the law from the author of rust and bone a writer of immense power peter str au b praise for craig davidson davidson smudges the line between comedy and horror cruelty and mercy his remarkable stories are challenging and upsetting don t look for comfort here chuck palahniuk craig davidson s sentences flash like punches clean and fast and brutally beautiful and within a few pages you ll find yourself off-balance and cornered unable to defend yourself bruised by this gripping dangerous knockout of a novel about a town and a friendship divided benjamin percy craig davidson asks and answers some big uncomfortable questions about the nature of our humanity irvine welsh cataract city a novel c r aig da vidson on the canadian side of niagara falls life beyond the tourist trade isn t easy locals like duncan diggs and owen stuckey have few chances to leave for duncan that means shift work on a production line for owen it means

a captivating meditation on education from the author of the yellow-lighted bookshop praise for theyellow-lighted bookshop a delectable feast for the reader i cannot remember when i have read a book with such delight pau l ya mazaki city lights bookstore a rousing new tome for book lovers the yellow-lighted bookshop mixes enthusiastic personal reading recollections with informative passages time out new york a fascinating detailed account of how bookselling has come to be what it is with detours to alexandria classical rome and sixthcentury china among other places it s an intimate book about what he calls aptly the `erotic space of reading san francisco weekly blackboard a personal history of the classroom lewis buzbee lewis buzbee looks back over a lifetime of experiences in schools and classrooms from kindergarten to college and beyond he offers fascinating histories of the key ideas informing educational practice over the centuries which have shaped everything from

the art of series serieseditor cha rlesbaxter each book in the art of series examines a singular but often assumed or neglected craft issue facing the contemporary writer of fiction nonfiction or poetry the series aims to restore the art of criticism while illuminating the art of writing the art of recklessness poetry as assertive force and contradiction d e an y o u ng 184 pages paperback 978-1-55597-562-3 $12.00 the art of attention a poet s eye d o na ldrevell 184 pages paperback 978-1-55597-474-9 $12.00 the art of subtext beyond plot cha rlesbaxter 192 pages paperback 978-1-55597-473-2 $12.00 the art of description world into word mark dot y 152 pages paperback 978-1-55597-563-0 $12.00 the art of syntax rhythm of thought rhythm of song ellenbry an t v o ig t 192 pages paperback 978-1-55597-531-9 $12.00 the art of intimacy the space between s ta ceyd erasmo 144 pages paperback 978-1-55597-647-7 $12.00 the art of time in fiction as long as it takes j o an si lber 128 pages

award-winning poet carl phillips s invaluable essays on poetry the tenth volume in the celebrated art of series of books praise for carl phillips s coin of the realm whether he is writing about george herbert sylvia plath or langston hughes whether he is making a case for beauty or thinking about the nature of race and gender myth and fable in american poetry carl phillips s prose is intriguing learned and unconventional filled with insights and surprises brightened by luminosities e dwar dhirsch readers of carl phillips s poetry will have some preparation for the pleasures and insights of this volume particularly in its subtlety originality and historical range incisive essays on george herbert the psalms the place of race and identity in habits of perception and reading and the author s growth as a writer are unified by central questions of beauty and ethics that will be of interest to anyone who cares about literature s u s an s t e wart the art of daring risk restlessness

a brilliant combination of poetry and visual artwork by matthea harvey whose vision is nothing short of blazingly original t i m e out new yor k she didn t even know she had a name until one day she heard the human explaining to another one oh that s just the backyard mermaid backyard mermaid she murmured as if in prayer on days when there s no sprinkler to comb through her curls no rain pouring in glorious torrents from the gutters no dew in the grass for her to nuzzle with her nose not even a mud puddle in the kiddie pool she wonders how much longer she can bear this life.the front yard thud of the newspaper every morning singing songs to the unresponsive push mower in the garage wriggling under fence after fence to reach the house four down which has an aquarium in the back window she wants to get lost in that sad glowing square of blue don t you from the backyard mermaid ifthe ta bloidsare tr uewhatare yo u poems and images m at theaha rv e y prose poems introduce deeply

hamilton is able to sustain a complex narrative through stripped-down poems leavened by a wry humor t h e new yor ktimesb ook r ev i ew i wanted to read an essay in your wrist the afternoon seemed endless out the window a lane to the right was bending away taking with it the figure moving down it alone for a quarter of an hour looking in plotting the argument all the marks of lucidity and brevity in that attempt that benefit of rhetoric the true but unlikely moment from summered corridor poems sa s kia h ami lton corridor saskia hamilton s third collection is a study of motion and time its glanced landscapes its lives seen in passing render the immeasurable in broken narratives these poems are succinct in order to travel quickly they have unexpected distances within their reach they are dauntless and alert in their apprehension of the natural kingdom at the frontier of so many unnatural ones and they inhabit the realm of contemplation which for hamilton is charged with eros

the new poetry collection by fanny howe whose body of work seems larger stranger and more permanent with each new book she publishes ru thlil ly poet ry pr izeci tat i o n people want to be poets for reasons that have little to do with language it s the life of the poet that they want even the glow of loneliness and humiliation to walk in the gutter with a bottle of wine some people s lives are more poetic than a poem and francis is certainly one of these i know because he walked beside me for that short time whether you believe it or not from outremer second childhood poems fanny howe fannyhowe spoetryisknownforitslyricism,fragmentation experimentation religious engagement and commitment to social justice in second childhood the observing poet is an impersonalfi gurewhoaccompanieshoweinherencounters with chance and mystery she is not one age or the other in onetimeoranother.shewrites thefi rstquestioninthe catechismis whatwashumanitybornfor to be happy is the correct answer