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before i burn a novel gaute heivoll translated from the norwegian by don bartlett an international literary sensation about an arsonist on the loose in rural norway and the young man haunted by the story in 1970s norway an arsonist targets a small town for one long terrifying month one by one buildings go up in flames suspicion spreads among the neighbors as they wonder if one of their own is responsible but as the heat and panic rise new life finds a way to emerge amid the chaos only a day after the last house is set afire the community comes together for the christening of a young boy named gaute heivoll as he grows up stories about the time of fear and fire become deeply engrained in his young mind until as an adult he begins to retell the story at the novel s apex the lives of heivoll s friends and neighbors mix with his own life and the identity of the arsonist and his motivations are slowly revealed based on the true account of norway s most dramatic arson case before i burn is

the empathy exams essays leslie jamison from personal loss to phantom diseases a bold and brilliant collection winner of the graywolf press nonfiction prize beginning with her experience as a medical actor who was paid to act out symptoms for medical students to diagnose leslie jamison s visceral and revealing essays ask essential questions about our basic understanding of others how should we care about each other how can we feel another s pain especially when pain can be assumed distorted or performed is empathy a tool by which to test or even grade each other by confronting pain real and imagined her own and others jamison uncovers a personal and cultural urgency to feel she draws from her own experiences of illness and bodily injury to engage in an exploration that extends far beyond her life spanning wideranging territory from poverty tourism to phantom diseases street violence to reality television illness to incarceration in its search for a kind of sight shaped by humility and

woke up lonely a novel fiona maazel intricately imagined and timely maazel is an entertaining writer with a dry droll sense of humor the new york times book review editor s choice fiona maazel s woke up lonely follows a cult leader his exwife and the four people he takes hostage it s about loneliness in america north korea espionage a city underneath cincinnati cloud seeding and eavesdropping it s also a big sweeping love story hilarious and heartbreaking npr brilliantly imagined vanity fair maazel s insights are as sound as her imagination is wild book of the week the talented maazel has plenty of imagination usa today uniformly entertaining it s thrilling to imagine what fiona maazel might do next the boston globe maazel possesses a formidable imagination and considerable linguistic virtuosity the chicago tribune fiona maazel is the author of last last chance she is a winner of the bard prize for fiction and a national book foundation 5 under 35

karate chop stories dorthe nors translated from the danish by martin aitken the first book in english by an acclaimed danish writer beautiful faceted haunting stories [from a rising star junot díaz karate chop dorthe nors s acclaimed story collection is the debut book in the collaboration between graywolf press and a public space these fifteen compact stories are meticulously observed glimpses of everyday life that expose the ominous lurking under the ordinary while his wife sleeps a husband prowls the internet obsessed with female serial killers a bureaucrat tries to reinvent himself exposing goodness as artifice when he converts to buddhism in search of power a woman sits on the edge of the bed where her lover lies attempting to locate a motive for his violence within her own self doubt shifting between moments of violence real and imagined and mundane contemporary life these stories encompass the complexity of human emotions our capacity for cruelty as well as compassion not

the great floodgates of the wonderworld a memoir justin hocking surfing in far rockaway romantic obsession and mobydick converge in this winning and refreshing memoir justin hocking doesn t adapt easily to new york city he has panic attacks on the subway under the east river struggles as an assistant at a romance publisher feels powerless as a longdistance relationship crumbles he comes to see himself as a modernday ishmael and he s looking for a way out far rockaway is his escape there he discovers surfing and a colorful circle of friends both of which prove vital to his sanity especially in the wake of a traumatic carjacking but the tides of this memoir pull in more than surfboards as he ventures further into the dark on his own night sea journey hocking details his obsessions from mobydick to scientology s naval ties from environmentalism to the iraq war and from twelvestep meetings to basquiat the great floodgates of the wonderworld is an affecting portrait of an unsung

glyph a novel percival everett in paperback for the first time the muchbeloved satirical novel the new york times praised as both a treatise and a romp baby ralph has ways to pass the time in his crib but they don t include staring at a mobile aided by his mother he reads voraciously all of swift all of sterne invisible man baldwin joyce balzac auden roethke along with a generous helping of philosophy semiotics and trashy thrillers he s also fond of writing poems and stories in crayon but ralph has limits he s mute by choice and can t drive so in his own estimation he s not a genius unfortunately for him everyone else disagrees his psychiatrist kidnaps him for testing and once his brilliance is quantified iq 475 a pentagon officer also abducts him diabolically funny and lacerating in its critique of poststructuralism glyph has the feverish plot of a thriller and the philosophical depth of a text by roland barthes if anyone can map the wilds of literary theory it s ralph one of

ask me 100 essential poems of william stafford william stafford edited by kim stafford in our time there has been no poet who revived human hearts and spirits more convincingly than william stafford naomi shihab nye some time when the river is ice ask me mistakes i have made ask me whether what i have done is my life from ask me in celebration of the poet s centennial ask me collects one hundred of william stafford s essential poems as a conscientious objector during world war ii while assigned to civilian public service camps stafford began his daily writing practice a lifelong earlymorning ritual of witness his poetry reveals the consequences of violence the daily necessity of moral decisions and the bounty of art selected and with a note by kim stafford ask me presents the best from a profound and original american voice william stafford 1914­1993 was the author of more than fifty books including traveling lllll poetry graywolf press 12/10/2013 9781555976644 $16.00 $18.50

directing herbert white poems james franco the debut poetry collection by the actor director and writer james franco i m a nocturnal creature and i m here to cheat time you can see time and exhaustion taking pay from my face in fifty years my sleep will be death i ll go like the rest but i ll have played all the games and all the roles from nocturnal there s never been a book quite like this hollywood fame celebrity the promise of becoming an artist is the beast at its center franco knows it like melville knows whaling hollywood in this book devours its young obsessed with myths about its own past it can be survived only by finding a vantage point that is not hollywood bold yet subtle fearless yet disarming franco has made a book you will never forget frank bidart a starstudded cast moves like ghosts across the screen of james franco s poetic consciousness imbuing the writing with scenes of icons who are also humans replete with sorrow and presence in our own psyches james

the earth avails poems mark wunderlich the anticipated new book by mark wunderlich whose poetry reminds us how fully the spirit can illuminate the depths the new yorker with your sorghum broom you sweetened my path pulled the woolen shawl around me while i slept that the lightning struck the willow and did not fall for this i am grateful from heavenletter the earth avails evokes an allbutlost history when every setting thought and action was imbued with ritual here s the prayer said in a time of sickness here s the blessing spoken upon entering the house here s the letter from heaven that protects its holder from harm and misfortune rendered in part from folkloric and historical sources mark wunderlich s poems reinvent these traditions with lyrical and emotive force for a new century of readers mark wunderlich is the author of two previous poetry collections voluntary servitude and the anchorage winner of the lambda literary award he teaches at bennington college and lives in

how to dance as the roof caves in poems nick lantz nick lantz writes with elegant simplicity most poets take a lifetime to learn as much linda gregerson i say i love and i love and i love however the window will not close however the hawk searches for its nest after a storm however the discarded nail longs to hide its nakedness inside the tire from fork with two tines pushed together how to dance as the roof caves in examines america as it faces a recession of collective mood and collective wealth in a central sequence the housing bubble reaches its bursting point when with hilarious and biting outcomes real estate developers hire a married couple and other downandout extras to stage a fake community to lure prospective investors in these marvelous poems nick lantz describes the changing american landscape with great imagination and sharp wit nick lantz is the author of two previous poetry books we don t know we don t know and the lightning that strikes the neighbors house

index ask me 100 essential poems of william stafford william stafford 7 before i burn a novel gaute heivoll 1 directing herbert white poems james franco 8 earth avails the poems mark wunderlich 9 empathy exams the essays leslie jamison 2 everett percival glyph a novel 6 franco james directing herbert white poems 8 glyph a novel percival everett 6 great floodgates of the wonderworld the a memoir justin hocking 5 heivoll gaute before i burn a novel 1 hocking justin the great floodgates of the wonderworld a memoir 5 how to dance as the roof caves in poems nick lantz 10 jamison leslie the empathy exams essays 2 karate chop stories dorthe nors 4 lantz nick how to dance as