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graywolf press april 2015 i refuse a novel per petterson translated from the norwegian by don bartlett a masterful new novel from per petterson who provides one of literature s greatest gifts a welcome refuge from our cacophonous world npr per petterson s hotly anticipated new novel i refuse is the work of an internationally acclaimed novelist at the height of his powers in norway the book has been a huge bestseller and rights have already been sold into sixteen countries in his signature spare style petterson weaves a tale of two men whose accidental meeting one morning recalls their boyhood thirtyfive years ago back then tommy was separated from his sisters after he stood up to their abusive father jim was by tommy s side through it all but one winter night a chance event on a frozen lake forever changed the balance of their friendship now jim fishes alone on a bridge as tommy drives by in a new mercedes and it s clear their fortunes have reversed over the course of the day the

graywolf press paperbackoriginal april 2015 ashes in my mouth sand in my shoes stories per petterson translated from the norwegian by don bartlett the heartwarming debut that brought per petterson the author of the highly acclaimed out stealing horses to prominence young arvid jansen lives on the outskirts of oslo it s the early sixties his father works in a shoe factory and his danish mother works as a cleaner arvid has nightmares about crocodiles and still wets his bed at night but slowly he begins to understand the world around him vivid images accompany each new event a photo of his mother as a young woman makes him cry as he realizes how time passes and the black car that comes to collect his father on the day arvid s grandfather dies reminds him of the passing of his bullfinch and then one morning his teacher tells his class to pray because a nuclear war is looming ashes in my mouth sand in my shoes per petterson s debut in which he introduces arvid jansen to the world is a

graywolf press march 2015 ongoingness the end of a diary sarah manguso a dazzling philosophical investigation of the challenge of living in the present by a brilliant practitioner of the new essay in her third book which continues to define the contours of the contemporary essay sarah manguso confronts a meticulous diary that she has kept for twenty five years i wanted to end each day with a record of everything that had ever happened she explains but this simple statement belies a terror that she might forget something that she might miss something important maintaining that diary now 800,000 words had become until recently a kind of spiritual practice then manguso became pregnant and had a child and these two copernican events generated an amnesia that put her into a different relationship with the need to document herself amid ongoing time ongoingness is a spare meditative work that stands in stark contrast to the volubility of the diary it is a haunting account of mortality and

graywolf press paperbackoriginal february 2015 the infernal a novel mark doten a fierce searing response to the chaos of the war on terror an utterly original and blackly comic debut in the early years of the iraq war a severely burned boy appears on a remote rock formation in the akkad valley a shadowy powerful group within the u.s government speculates who is he where did he come from and crucially what does he know in pursuit of that information an interrogator is summoned from his prison cell and a hideous and forgotten apparatus of torture which extracts perfect confessions is retrieved from the vaults over the course of four days a cavalcade of voices rises up from the akkad boy each one striving to tell his or her own story some of these voices are familiar osama bin laden l paul bremer condoleezza rice mark zuckerberg others are less so but each one has a role in the world shaped by the war on terror each wants to tell us this is the world as it exists in our innermost

graywolf press nowinpaperback april 2015 dark lies the island stories kevin barry outstanding [these stories triumph they are funny sad troubling illuminating often in equal measure ­­ financial times kevin barry s deliciously wicked collection dark lies the island delivers on the many reckless promises made by his virtuosic and prizewinning debut novel city of bohane it firmly establishes him as both a worldclass word slinger and a masterful storyteller kevin barry isn t sparing with his powers even his throwaway lines are keepers the new york times he does humor he does high drama he even dabbles in horror of a kind and he can handle just about any other narrative form you might think of ­­ star tribune minneapolis barry s best short stories are like a spade to the face [he earns comparison with the great and shamefully neglected v s pritchett whose short stories also employed pronounced comic means for serious compassionate ends ­­ the guardian praise fi

graywolf press paperbackoriginal february 2015 letter to a future lover marginalia errata secrets inscriptions and other ephemera found in libraries ander monson an exuberant expansive cataloging of the intimate physical relationship between a reader and a book a way to leave a trace of us who we were or wanted to be what we read and could imagine what we did and what we left for you readers of physical books leave traces marginalia slips of paper fingerprints highlighting inscriptions all books have histories and libraries are not just collections of books and databases but a medium of longdistance communication with other writers and readers letter to a future lover collects several dozen brief pieces written in response to library ephemera with library defined broadly ranging from university institutions to friends shelves from a seed library to a kgb prison library and addressed to readers past present and future through these witty idiosyncratic essays ander monson reflects on

graywolf press paperbackoriginal march 2015 all who go do not return a memoir shulem deen a moving and revealing exploration of ultraorthodox judaism and one man s loss of faith shulem deen grew up in a strict hasidic community where religious law dictates daily life interaction with outsiders is discouraged and a boy s education focuses on the torah and the talmud his marriage at eighteen is arranged and several children soon follow in his twenties while struggling to support his growing family by working odd jobs deen begins to question the authority of the rebbe his first transgression turning on the radio is small but his curiosity soon leads him to forbidden television and movies the shelves of the public library and later to a lively online world of nonbelievers he is eventually accused of heresy and expelled from new square the allhasidic village less than an hour from new york city in all who go do not return deen bravely traces his harrowing loss of faith and community while

graywolf press paperbackoriginal january 2015 tesla a portrait with masks a novel vladimir pistalo translated from the serbian by bogdan rakic and john jeffries an electric novel of the extraordinary life of one of the twentieth century s most prodigious and colorful inventors nikola tesla was a man forever misunderstood from his boyhood in what is presentday croatia where his father a serbian orthodox priest dismissed his talents to his tumultuous years in new york city where his heated rivalry with thomas edison yielded triumphs and failures tesla was both demonized and lionized tesla captures the whirlwind years of the dawn of the electrical age when his flair for showmanship kept him in the public eye for every successful invention the alternating current electrical system and wireless communication among them there were hundreds of others but what of the man behind the image vladimir pistalo reveals the inner life of a man haunted by the loss of his older brother a man who

graywolf press nowinpaperback january 2015 3 sections poems vijay seshadri the winner of the 2014 pulitzer prize in poetry now in paperback first i had three apocalyptic visions each more terrible than the last the graves open and the sea rises to kill us all then the doorbell rang and i went downstairs and signed for two packages from this morning in an array of poetic forms from the rhyming lyric to the philosophical meditation to the prose essay 3 sections confronts perplexing divisions of contemporary life a wayward history an indeterminate future and a perpetual longing to out think time this is a vital book by one of america s best poets praise po etry american general graywolf press 1/6/2015 9781555977160 $16.00 $18.50 can paperback softback 88 pages carton qty 7.000 in w 9.000 in h 1.000 lb wt other available formats ebook isbn 9781555973452 hardcover isbn 9781555976620 also available the long meadow poems 8/2005 9781555974244 paperback softback $14.00

graywolf press paperbackoriginal march 2015 the last two seconds poems mary jo bang the eagerly awaited new poetry collection by mary jo bang winner of the national book critics circle award we were told that the cloud cover was a blanket about to settle into the shape of the present which if we wanted to imagine it as a person would undoubtedly look startled as after a verbal berating or in advance of a light pistol whipping the camera came and went came and went like a masked man trying to light a toodamp fuse the crew was acting like a litter of mimics trying to make a killing anything to fill the vacuum of time from the doomsday clock the last two seconds is an astonishing confrontation with time our experience of it as measured out by our perceptions our lives and our machines in these poems full of vivid imagery and imaginative logic mary jo bang captures the difficulties inherent in being human in the twentyfirst century when we set our watches by nuclear disasters species

graywolf press paperbackoriginal january 2015 station zed poems tom sleigh what delights me most is seeing a poet of [sleigh s accomplishments and his large and wellearned reputation pushing into greatness philip levine ploughshares the ak wants to tell a different truth a truth ungarbled that is so obvious no one could possibly mistake its meaning if you look down the cyclopseye of the barrel what you ll see is a boy with trousers rolled above his ankles you ll see a mouth of bone moving in syllables that have the rapidfire clarity of a weapon that can fire 600 rounds a minute from oracle station zed is the terminal outpost beyond which is the unknown it is also the poet tom sleigh s finest work in this latest collection sleigh brings to these poems his experiences as a journalist on tours of lebanon somalia iraq and libya but these are also dispatches from places of grief history and poetic traditions as varied as scottish ballads and the journeys of bash praise po etry

graywolf press paperbackoriginal february 2015 the overhaul poems kathleen jamie winner of the 2012 costa poetry award the latest collection by kathleen jamie the leading scottish poet of her generation the sunday times see when it all unravels the entire project reduced to threads of moss fleeing a nor wester d you ever imagine chasing just one strand letting it lead you to an unsung cleft in a rock a place you could take to dig yourself in but what are the chances of that of the birds few remain all winter half a dozen waders mediate between sea and shore that space confirmed don t laugh by your own work from materials the overhaul continues kathleen jamie s lyric inquiry into the aspects of the world our rushing lives elide and even threaten whether she is addressing birds or rivers or the need to accept loss or sometimes the desire to escape our own lives her poetry is earthy and rigorous her language at once elemental and tender the overhaul is a midlife book of repair

index 3 sections poems vijay seshadri 9 all who go do not return a memoir shulem deen 7 ashes in my mouth sand in my shoes stories per petterson 2 bang mary jo the last two seconds poems 10 barry kevin dark lies the island stories 5 dark lies the island stories kevin barry 5 deen shulem all who go do not return a memoir 7 doten mark the infernal a novel 4 i refuse a novel per petterson 1 infernal the a novel mark doten 4 jamie kathleen the overhaul poems 12 last two seconds the poems mary jo bang 10 letter to a future lover marginalia errata secrets inscriptions and other ephemera found in libraries ander monson 6 manguso sarah ongoingness the end of a diary 3 monson ander letter to a future lover marginalia errata secrets inscriptions and other