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picture books these machines have lots of surprises in store machines go to work t oddlers love machines and things that go and this book gives them everything they want from a cement mixer to a helicopter to a backhoe six interactive gatefolds extend the original pictures to three pages revealing something new about each situation the final double gatefold opens into a very long train and shows all the machines at work the last spread provides additional information about each machine for young readers to pore over again and again william low s classically trained artist s eye adds a new layer to this genre both parents and children will appreciate the beautiful illustrations the attention to detail and the clever situational twists revealed by lifting the flaps also available william low has had a lifelong fascination with machines he is the author and illustrator of chinatown and old penn station a new york times best illustrated book as well as the illustrator of henry and the

picture books will sister spring ever wake up and usher in her season robin must come to the rescue how robin saved spring debbie ouellet illustrated by nicolettaceccoliif lady winter has her way the world will stay covered in blankets of snowy white and icy blue sister spring will slumber forever and the winter will never end can lady winter really keep spring from coming or is there something the animals might do to help led by harbinger robin the animals are determined to wake sister spring but what price will they each have to pay through beautiful words and pictures this enchanting tale about the battle of the seasons highlights one special bird who saves much more than just the day april picture book ages 4­8 grades prek­3 isbn-13 978-0-8050-6970-9 $16.95 18.95 can 9 x 10 32 pages reinforced binding full color throughout holt first serial second serial audio book club electronic reprint british translation performance merchandising territory world agent henry holt and company

picture books a humorous how-to book for young children about meeting new dogs making friends with dogs wendy wahman m eeting a new dog is exciting but it can also be scary this humorous how-to manual shows kids the best ways to interact with unfamiliar dogs providing helpful tips about all sorts of dog behavior children often don t understand what dogs actions mean and can misinterpret a threatening signal for a friendly one and vice versa kids and parents will return to wendy wahman s playful illustrations again and again for useful reminders slow down stay very still and remember don t lick the dog wendy wahman lives in washington state with big poodles old cats and a husband named joe she s won many awards for illustration but her greatest joy is loving the two three and four-legged animals she has known this is her first children s book www.wendywahman.com may picture book nonfiction ages 3­8 grades prek­3 isbn-13 978-0-8050-8733-8 $16.95 18.95 can 10 x 10 32 pages

picture books can learning about punctuation really be fun you bet also available jenny whitehead lunch box mail and other poems isbn-13 978-0-8050-6259-5 hc isbn-10 0-8050-6259-9 · $16.95 25.95 can isbn-13 978-0-8050-8204-3 pb isbn-10 0-8050-8204-2 · $7.95 9.95 can punctuation celebration elsa knight bruno illustrated by jennywhitehead · a bank street college of education best children s book of the year · an ira children s choice · a children s book council children s choice holiday stew a kid s portion of holiday and seasonal poems isbn-13 978-0-8050-7715-5 isbn-10 0-8050-7715-4 · $17.95 21.95 can p unctuation marks come alive in this clever picture book featuring fourteen playful poems periods stop sentences in a baker s shop commas help a train slow down quotation marks tell people what to do and colons stubbornly introduce lists this appealing primer is a surefire way to make punctuation both accessible and fun for kids · a bank street college of education best children s

the everything book by denise fleming isbn-13 978-0-8050-7709-4 isbn-10 0-8050-7709-x $7.95 8.95 can barnyard banter by denise fleming isbn-13 978-0-8050-6594-7 isbn-10 0-8050-6594-6 $6.95 7.95 can lunch by denise fleming isbn-13 978-0-8050-5696-9 isbn-10 0-8050-5696-3 $7.95 8.95 can here are my hands by bill martin jr and john archambault illustrated by ted rand isbn-13 978-0-8050-5911-3 isbn-10 0-8050-5911-3 $7.95 8.95 can mr gumpy s outing by john burningham isbn-13 978-0-8050-6629-6 isbn-10 0-8050-6629-2 $6.95 7.95 can dig dig digging by margaret mayo illustrated by alex ayliffe isbn-13 978-0-8050-7985-2 isbn-10 0-8050-7985-8 $5.95 28 h e n ry h o lt booksfor yo

middle grade meet harper lee morgan an irrepressible girl who will steal your heart also known as harper ann haywood leal h arper lee morgan is an aspiring poet which isn t surprising seeing as how she s named after her mama s favorite writer harper lee and life is giving her a lot to write about just now daddy up and walked out leaving them broke then harper s family gets evicted with mama scrambling to find work harper has to skip school to care for her little brother hemingway their lives have been turned upside down which harper could just about handle if it wasn t for the writing contest at school if only she could get up on that stage and read her poems out loud ann haywood leal volunteers at her local soup kitchen and this novel grew out of her concern for the very real issue of homelessness in our own backyards ann is an elementary-school teacher in waterford connecticut i loved this book and the feisty young girl known as harpe r i believe you will too patricia reilly

middle grade xena and xander holmes are back but so is a mysterious beast from sherlock s casebook the sherlock files book ii the beast of blackslope tr acybarrett also available the sherlock files book i the 100-year-old secret isbn-13 978-0-8050-8340-8 isbn-10 0-8050-8340-5 · $15.95 17.95 can x ena and xander have been looking forward to their vacation in the peaceful country village of blackslope but when a huge monster begins to terrorize the town the young detectives are faced with a mystery that seems impossible to solve sherlock holmes xena and xander s famous ancestor investigated the case of a horrible beast in blackslope but that was nearly a hundred years ago it couldn t be the same creature after all this time could it cold in summer isbn-13 978-0-8050-7052-1 isbn-10 0-8050-7052-4 · $16.95 23.95 can on etruscan time isbn-13 978-0-8050-7569-4 isbn-10 0-8050-7569-0 · $17.95 21.95 can may middle grade fiction ages 8­12 grades 3­6 isbn-13 978-0-8050-8341-5 $15.95 17.95

young adult what would you do if you weren t allowed to fight for your country soldier s secret the story of deborah sampson sheila solomon klass i n the 1700s women s responsibilities were primarily child rearing and household duties but deborah sampson wanted more from life she wanted to read to travel and to fight for her country s independence when the colonies went to war with the british in 1775 deborah was intent on being part of the action seeing no other option she disguised herself in a man s uniform and served in the continental army for more than a year her identity hidden from her fellow soldiers accomplished writer sheila solomon klass creates a gripping firstperson account of an extraordinary woman who lived a life full of danger adventure and intrigue april young adult fiction ages 12­16 grades 7­11 isbn-13 978-0-8050-8200-5 $17.95 19.95 can 5 x 7 3 4 224 pages holt first serial second serial audio book club electronic reprint british translation territory world

les the chronic in of pryda nder by lloyd alexa the book of three book 1 isbn-13 978-0-8050-8048-3 isbn-10 0-8050-8048-1 $5.99 6.99 can the black cauldron book 2 isbn-13 978-0-8050-8049-0 isbn-10 0-8050-8049-x $6.99 7.99 can the castle of llyr book 3 isbn-13 978-0-8050-8050-6 isbn-10 0-8050-8050-3 $5.99 6.99 can taran wanderer book 4 isbn-13 978-0-8050-8051-3 isbn-10 0-8050-8051-1 $5.99 6.99 can the high king book 5 isbn-13 978-0-8050-8052-0 isbn-10 0-8050-8052-x $5.99 6.99 can girl stories by lauren weinstein isbn-13 978-0-8050-7863-3 isbn-10 0-8050-7863-0 $17.95 19.95 can make lemonade by virginia euwer wolff isbn-13 978-0-8050-8070-4 isbn-10 0-8050-8070-8 $7.95 8.95 can doing it by melvin burgess isbn-13 978-0-8050-8079-7 isbn-10 0-8050-8079-1 $7.95 8.95 can fault line by janet tashjian isbn-13 978-0-8050-8063-6 isbn-10 0-8050-8063-5 $7.95 8.95 can 52 h e n ry h o lt booksfor yo

paperback big book the everything book is now a big book also available the everything book the everything book denise fleming isbn-13 978-0-8050-6292-2 hc isbn-10 0-8050-6292-0 · $19.59 28.50 can isbn-13 978-0-8050-7709-4 bb isbn-10 0-8050-7709-x · $7.95 9.95 can d enise fleming knows what kids love her art has universal child appeal with its vibrant colors and rich textures she is known for her ability to enliven the most basic concepts the concepts every child needs to learn in order to thrive for this big book edition of the everything book ms fleming has chosen the poems and concepts best suited for sharing with a large group of children bright bouncy babies and exuberant toddlers abound in this joyful big book also available in big book format barnyard banter isbn-13 978-0-8050-8778-9 isbn-10 0-8050-8778-8 · $25.95 28.95 can in the tall tall grass isbn-13 978-0-8050-2950-5 isbn-10 0-8050-2950-8 · $25.95 32.95 can in the small small pond isbn-13 978-0-8050-8117-6 isbn-10