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kingfisher • september 2017 juvenile fiction animals rabbits alan baker brown rabbit s shapes cute cuddly rabbits help young children learn about shapes young children will enjoy following alan baker s inquisitive little rabbits as they make new discoveries simple storylines and playful artwork offer a fresh approach to learning early concepts now packaged in a chunky board book format for younger readers alan baker has illustrated the odyssey and the story of september king arthur both published by kingfisher in addition kingfisher juvenile fiction animals rabbits on sale 9/12/2017 series which has sold over half-a-million copies in the u.s ages 3 to 6 board book 12 pages 6.5 in h 7.8 in w carton quantity 0 isbn: 9780753473658 $7.99 $11.50 can alan created the popular and successful little

kingfisher • september 2017 juvenile nonfiction animals reptiles amphibians barbara taylor in focus reptiles a must-have information book packed with fun facts and vivid photography which amazing animal can change the color of its skin which terrifying creature is so big it was confused for a dragon which tricksy reptile pretends to be a toad in focus reptiles has the answers september kingfisher juvenile nonfiction animals reptiles amphibians on sale 9/19/2017 ages 7 and up trade paperback 64 pages 10.1 in h 8.1 in w carton quantity 0 in focus is a cool new information series that s perfect for curious kids these fun books feature modern magazine-style pages including top 10 lists fast facts quickfire quizzes and more with pages packed with vivid photography and fascinating facts and stats kids will have fun learning about the world around them each in focus book features a contents page glossary and index plus front and end gatefold flaps on the cover

kingfisher • october 2017 juvenile fiction transportation aviation tony mitton ant parker amazing airplanes a chunky board book packed full of airplane adventures from the bestselling amazing machines creators buckle up to learn all about flying amazing airplanes follows the animal crew as they become pilots baggage handlers and air stewards each page is filled with details that machine-mad kids love such as the cockpit landing gear and much more this book now in chunky board book format is perfect for budding pilots or happy vacationers october kingfisher juvenile fiction transportation aviation on sale 10/3/2017 ages 2 to 5 board book 20 pages 6.3 in h 6.3 in w carton quantity 0 isbn: 9780753473702 $6.99 $9.99 can also available from airplanes to fire engines the internationally bestselling amazing machines series is the perfect way for children to learn about all sorts of vehicles each book introduces a new vehicle and the jobs it can do bright engaging artwork

preschool ages 3-6 •gradesprek-1 little rabbit books toddlers will love learning with these warmly illustrated and meticulously detailed first concept books 91⁄4x 73⁄4 • ages up to 3 • grades birth to prek • 32 pp • bb $9.99 13.99 can • pb $7.99 11.50 can • pob $12.99 17.99 can new new new new black and white rabbit’s abc brown rabbit’s shapes brown rabbit’s busyday gray rabbit’s 123 bb978-0-7534-7360-3 pb 978-0-7534-7323-8 pob 978-0-7534-7322-1 pb 978-0-7534-7327-6 pob 978-0-7534-7326-9 pb978-0-7534-7356-6 pob 978-0-7534-7337-5 pb978-0-7534-7325-2 pob978-0-7534-7324-5 gray rabbit’s favoritethings pb 978-0-7534-7357-3 pob978-0-7534-7338-2 new white rabbit’s colors bb978-0-7534-7359-7 pb 978-0-7534-7321-4 pob 978-0-7534-7320-7 new flip the flaps questions are the first step in scientific exploration and this series encourages preschoolers’ curiosity through an engaging

early grades ages 5-8 •grades k-3 kingfisher readers this is a dynamic series that hooks the interest of emerging readers with irresistible topics and guides them through five levels of increasing reading challenges as they build confidence and progress toward reading alone each book in the series is carefully designed with natural sounding language visually exciting images and a layout that makes the narrative flow naturally 6 x 9 • ages 5 to 8 • grades k-3 • 32pp • pob $12.99 14.99 can • pb $3.99 3.99 can grl guided reading level gle=grade level equivalent new l1 animalcolors l1 babyanimals l1:bears l1 brilliantbirds l1:busy as a bee l1:butterflies pb 978-0-7534-7135-7 pob 978-0-7534-7134-0 pb 978-0-7534-6755-8 grl f • gle 1 • 32 pp pb 978-0-7534-7340-5 pob 978-0-7534-7339-9 pb 978-0-7534-7199-9 pob 978-0-7534-7198-2 pb 978-0-7534-6900-2 grl g gle 1 • 32 pp pb 978-0-7534-6749-7 grl g gle 1 • 32 pp l1:colorful coral

upper elementary and middle school ages 9-12 •grades 4-7 picture this picture this animals will engage the interests of a generation of visually sophisticated children and general readers the purely graphic approach provides a clear and concise overview to further investigation and cross-referencing pob • 10 x 7 5⁄8 • ages 8-13 • grades 3-8 • 64pp • $12.99 14.99can picture this!animals pob978-0-7534-6887-6 really really big questions cool illustrations brainteasers and quirky quotations add to the simple and fun question-and-answer format introducing readers to life’s important questions expand your knowledge and let your mind spin pob • 9 x 10 • ages 9-1 • grades 3-7 • 64pp really really big questions about science really really big questions about space andtime pob978-0-7534-7181-4 $16.99 18.99can pb978-0-7534-6747-3 $8.99 9.99can games and pastimes creative creatures pob 978-0-7534-6947-7 $15.99 18.50can 9

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