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tiny and you clil annie altamirano and lucy crichton key features courses for children đƫ writing activities are introduced as from unit 5 only at word level and in block capitals in level 1 đƫ extra practice activities and a final game đƫ đƫ đƫ đƫ đƫ complement the units the festivities included are internationally recognized celebrations such as music day children’s day and world book day stickers are used to develop children’s comprehension skills and cut-outs further exploit the vocabulary introduced in the units there are clearly signalled activities designed to foster children’s critical thinking work on values focuses on children’s recognition of positive and negative attitudes in the phonics lessons sounds are introduced through chants which give children the chance to learn by playing songs cd audio cd free ideal for teachers looking for a communicative introduction to the world of english tiny and

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courses for children – chart courses for children captain jack cheeky monkey level 1 level 2 level 1 level 2 can/can’t countables uncountables can/can’t like don’t like commands like don’t like commands how many have got present continuous countables uncountables what can you see let’s present simple let’s prepositions there is/there are prepositions present simple verb to be this/that/these/those present continuous present simple verb to be there is/there are this/that/these/those grammar features are in alphabetical order tiny and you level 1 level 2 can/can’t can/can’t have got let’s prepositions like don’t like present simple verb to be prepositions this/that present continuous present simple verb to be my english trip level 1 level 2 level 3 level 4 a/an be/have/like/live revision adverbs of frequency comparatives long and short adjectives and/but be wearing… can/can’t revision could

phases clil emma heyderman and fiona mauchline patrick howarth and patricia reilly olivia johnston – series consultant alejandra ottolina courses for teenagers key features ’ the units in the student’s book guarantee ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ extensive practice in both written and oral contexts each student’s book includes material for extensive reading as well as extra communicative activities an ‘editing your work’ section allows students to develop mistake awareness step-by-step projects foster collaborative work as well as students’ development of their presentation skills a language reference provides activities for autonomous study and reinforcement of grammar structures a generator wheel in levels 1 2 and a writing generator in levels 3 4 allow students to develop their sentence building and creative writing skills through fun activities the workbook brings a free audio cd and four extra practice worksheets audio cd

open mind courses for adults/young adults mickey rogers joanne taylore-knowles steve taylore-knowles ingrid wisniewska and dorothy e zemach new new key features open mind elementary student’s book premium pack mickey rogers joanne taylore-knowles steve taylore-knowles concept development mariela gil vierma ’ integrated and flexible online material from our new ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ big tree platform gives users access to everything they need in one place life skills syllabus recycles language while giving students an opportunity to learn skills which are vital in today’s world highly visual double-page spread opens every unit with clear cef-orientated unit objectives grammar sections offer a step-by-step analysis of form and function support for speaking tasks with functional language speaking and writing workshops with self and peer-assessment features at the end of alternate units audio cd audio mp3 dvd student’s resource centre teacher’s

laser malcolm mann and steve taylore-knowles key features courses for exams ’ introductory sections at the beginning of every unit ’ ’ ’ ’ highlight key vocabulary and help students think about the unit topic a focus on lexis and lexico-grammar equipping students with topic-based phrasal verbs word formation patterns and collocations builds students’ lexical knowledge base regular opportunities for students to personalize the information and talk about their own opinions a fully comprehensive writing section which includes language lab and project planner sections providing guided support for all writing tasks additional databases at the back of the book for both students and teachers include writing database word pattern database speaking database and grammar database audio cd audio cd cd-rom free free every student’s book comes with a cd-rom that reinforces the structures and vocabulary learnt in each unit and for

the testbuilder series jake allsop judith ash tricia aspinall rosemary aravanis anthea bazin elaine boyd sarah dymond amanda french liz gallivan mark harrison nick kenny peter leggott lucrecia luque-mortimer vicki lywood last sam mccarter colin payton bryan stephens courses for exams this popular series is designed to help improve students’ exam performance and increase language competence exam-style exercises familiarize students with the tasks they will face in the exam further practice and guidance pages build confidence in answering them and an expanded answer key gives clear explanations as to why the given answer is correct key features ’ complete practice tests which reflect exactly the level of the exam ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ and the full range of task types the students will face guidance pages and tips for each part of the individual exam papers practice activities to improve exam technique a focus on common problem areas guided analysis of sample answers

macmillan readers everyone loves a good book readers our carefully graded readers series includes retold versions of popular classics as well as contemporary titles and new stories by elt authors there are now over 170 titles in the series most books are available with audio cds and as ebooks and include accompanying exercises and glossaries we have three new titles for 2014 the invisible man the old curiosity shop and viking tales more information about our readers is available in our readers catalogue view it online at new new macmillan literature collections this advanced-level series contains original unsimplified short stories written by famous classic and modern writers all the collections come with substantial support material for each story including a short summary a description of major themes pre-reading vocabulary activities post-reading language and comprehension exercises a literary analysis section and essay questions the macmillan literature

for teachers who want to go a step further methodology the macmillan books for teachers help teachers develop their own personal and effective style of teaching each book has clear and practical aims insights from academic research are combined with hands-on experience to create books which focus on teaching solutions for real classrooms adrian underhill series editor available as ebooks at o awar winnerd teaching english grammar  uncovering eap   uncovering clil   blended learning   500 activities for the primary classroom an a–z of elt   sound foundations audio cd  learning teaching dvd  beyond the sentence   uncovering grammar   700 classroom activities   discover english   children learning english   teaching practice   teaching reading skills in a foreign language 400 ideas for intereractive whiteboards 38    

macmillan diccionario pocket 2015 español-inglés inglés-español elt catalogue with over 68,000 words phrases expressions and examples this two-colour bilingual pocket dictionary simply… … excels all the words you really need in english and spanish ye u cl om r d in c w av blanco encalada 104 b1609eeo boulogne san isidro buenos aires tel fax 011 4708-8000 0810-555-5111 –