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first testbuilder 3rd edition mark harrison what are the parts of the books what are the parts of the book get ready for international business b1 class audio cd 2 bec macmillan english language book 5 english for law enforcement english as a second language english as a second language materials new american inside out beginners new american inside out step by step step by step instruction of mice and men the parts of the dictionary at the zoo macmillan examples of the 3 kinds of catalogue alice in wonderland ho chi minh ready for ielts english language courses telephone english john hughes english world level 1 grammar practice book twist and shout extra class audio cd american sign language diamonds are forever focus on grammar american sign language classes interactions focus on grammar library of congress new inside out american sign language art book book levels of listening wall street journal get ready for pre k book business applications of c language at the zoo wizard of oz introduction to english english language classes supply chain management tell me the story of christmas if you say go example of comprehension and extension of terms queen of hearts the story of christmas english for secondary school the jungle book you and me my life is in your hands how to use facebook use of english teaching and learning resources component video to s video

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about macmillan macmillan in asia with macmillan life skills days taking place across china thailand vietnam taiwan korea and japan we have inspired thousands of asian teachers to develop their learners’ 21st century skills as part of everyday english language classes join us for more exciting events in 2015 our teams in asia china hong room 1607 culture square no.59 zhongguancun street haidian district beijing 100872 china t 86 10 888 11359 e macmillan education asia suite 811 8/f exchange tower 33 wang chiu road kowloon bay kowloon hong kong t 852 2811 7122 f 852 2811 0743 e kong rest of asia taiwan macmillan education asia suite 811 8/f exchange tower 33 wang chiu road kowloon bay kowloon hong kong t 852 2811 7122 f 852 2811 0743 e macmillan taiwan limited 11f-2 83 yenping south road taipei 100 taiwan t 886 2 2388 3208 f 886 2 2375 6882 e  our recommended distributors 2

about macmillan discover a world of with macmillan dic macmillan dictionary is the most up-to-date online dictionary and thesaurus for learners of british and american english as the english language evolves our dictionary is constantly updated with new words and definitions based on our analysis of a wide and varied corpus of english texts so learners can always rely on its accuracy and relevance the best news is this world of content is fully-responsive for mobile and tablet use – and completely free gadge ts there’s a range of gadgets available to help make it easier and faster to use our dictionary including our double-click dictionary plug-in a clever little tool that enables learners to double-click on any word on any website and see a pop-up of its definition and example usage – direct from the macmillan dictionary want to use macmillan dictionary content on your website find out more about our macmillan dictionary api online among the treasures to be

online teacher’s resource various resources can be free downloaded included game audio grammar lesson planning resources and test builder the cd’s activities videos and interactive student work books make the teaching fun interesting and engaging the book allows the students to explore interesting and exciting new places this makes be students wants to learn more.” children’s “next move is a well-organized text that can easily be split into separate days if needed gensemer britney english teacher springbay south korea macmillan next move amanda cant • mary charrington • viv lambert macmillan next move is a highly adaptable six-level series set in real-world contexts units open with colourful graphics and as they progress allow personalisation to aid language retention a student’s dvdrom features interactive activities and a parent’s area and a teacher’s presentation kit offers projectable book pages with audio and video

new titles macmillan english explorers key features children’s ✔✔ the series offers a variety of texts and promotes social values such as friendship and respect ✔✔ cross-curricular content at higher levels linking other school subjects ✔✔ the teacher’s notes support structured whole-class teaching with page-by-page lesson notes including activities that deal with characterisation style and plot ✔✔ the comprehension workbooks help develop a range of reading skills ✔✔ phonics workbooks support the systematic teaching of phonics ✔✔ word-recognition skills are reinforced by the workbooks and word cards included in the teacher’s notes ✔✔ full audio downloads worksheets and teacher’s notes are available to download from the macmillan young learners website about the series macmillan english explorers form an eight-level reading scheme written specifically for young learners of

insights judy garton-sprenger • philip prowse • marcelo baccarin • provides a systematic approach to specific language skills within each unit audio component • grammar functions and structures are american english presented through a range of text types a1 • guided and open writing activities a1 a2 b1 b1 b2 b2 c1 c2 • cross-curricular and intercultural content • self-assessment opportunities teenage hot spot colin granger • katherine stannett • ‘check your english’ activities at the end of every lesson • illustrated grammar summary at the back student’s cd-rom teacher’s test cd-rom a1 a2 of the student’s book • pronunciation activities in every module a1 b1 iwb b1 british english b2 b2 c1 hot spot practice online c2 focus on common pronunciation problems • the activity book contains learning diaries to record and review personal progress mega chris barker • libby mitchell

global lindsay clandfield • amanda jeffries • jackie mcavoy • kate pickering • rebecca robb benne • michael vince • robert campbell adult global is an award-winning general english course for adult learners sophisticated in both approach and presentation it has true global appeal combining challenging content and intelligent topics with cross-cultural awareness a1 a1 a2 a2 b1 b1 b2 b2 c1 c2 for you for your students • university students and other adult learners will enjoy the challenge of the information-rich intelligent topics free from celebrity-driven lifestyle content • critical-thinking skills are promoted through the wide range of topics covered by the course which encourage discussion and debate • exposure to global english through ‘global voices’ a series of authentic recordings which expose learners to the reality of globally spoken english and support effective communication in

ielts introduction study skills sam mccarter • verity cole ielts band score 3–4 study skills key features student’s book key features audio cd for further listening practice • • a full ielts practice exam • essential ielts task tips • exam information and ‘strategy boxes’ • collocation exercises exams • an increased focus on speaking skills • model answers for each writing task audio cd a1 a1 british english a2 a2 b1 b1 b2 b2 c1 c2 ielts foundation 2nd edition study skills andrew preshous • rachael roberts • joanna preshous • joanne gakonga • jane short • amanda french ielts band score 4–5.5 study skills key features student’s book key features • reading material encountered in an english-speaking country • essential ielts task tips • essay writing responding to a point of view or problem • exam-linked study skills sections • letter

developing skills for academic success problem solving planning prioritising communication skills comparing and evaluating checking for

chinese language learning macmillan-fltrp chinese character dictionary the macmillan-fltrp chinese character dictionary is a valuable resource for students in class or at home it covers 3000 of the most frequently used characters in chinese and 32,000 key words and phrases that are required for the hsk proficiency test levels 1-6 practice cd-rom audio component its easy-to-use phonetic and radical reference system means learners can find the characters they need fast information on stroke order and number as well as comprehensive tonal information and example sentences will help learners improve their writing and pronunciation a practice cdrom is provided with animations flashcard functions and audio animation tiantian zhongwen graded chinese reader series tiantian zhongwen is a carefully graded chinese readers series for language learners at elementary to intermediate level this anthology of short stories contains a rich selection of enjoyable readings about china covering a wide

blended learning 700 classroom activities pete sharma • barney barrett david seymour • maria popova • combines basic information for less experienced teachers as well as more experienced teachers using technology in the classroom british english • practical ideas and suggestions to enhance and support your students’ learning ebook available british english methodology 700 classroom activities provides you with a huge and instant repertoire of teaching ideas ready to use straight from the page it includes both classroom classics that all elt teachers have come to know and love and a wealth of new activities this compendium of instant lessons covers a range of levels from elementary to upper intermediate the ideal companion for any teacher interested in the use of technology in their language classroom blended learning provides a practical overview of the technology that has been available over the past few years • examines the impact and

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