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jacket cover macmillan audio march 2014 the walking dead the fall of the governor part two robert kirkman and jay bonansinga read by fred berman the fourth book in robert kirkman s new york times bestselling series the walking dead fall of the governor part two fiction horror general macmillan audio 3/4/2014 9781427243942 $29.99 $34.50 can cdaudio carton qty 24 1.000 lb wt subrights uk rights st martin s press translation rights st martin s press other available formats trade paperback isbn 9781250054708 hardcover isbn 9781250052018 ebook isbn 9781466853225 marketing print advertising library journal and bookpage series back ad post on audio tiein to the smp marketing plans including national print online tv and video advertising and sweepstakes tnt tbs syfy paedae and more video trailer social media campaign copromotions with skybound comics copromotions with t the walking dead series of original novels set in the universe of robert

jacket cover macmillan audio april 2014 playing with fire renee graziano from the star of mob wives the number one show on vh1 reign grazi is no stranger to dangerous men her whole life they ve been there grandfathers uncles cousins she knows the difference between people who make the rules and those who break them but she has no idea why someone might want her dead fiction crime macmillan audio 4/8/2014 9781427244079 $29.99 $34.50 can cdaudio carton qty 20 1.000 lb wt other available formats hardcover isbn 9780765376190 ebook isbn 9781466849914 marketing nick fattelli is handsome sophisticated and an assassin he doesn t know who hired him to take out reign but after they meet and sparks fly he vows to protect her unless it s really him they are after thus begins playing with fire a sexy thriller by renee graziano star of vh1 s hit show mob wives the author knows this lifestyle firsthand she is the daughter of one of the most famous mobsters of our day with an exhusband now in

macmillan audio may 2014 the snow queen a novel michael cunningham read by claire danes fiction literary macmillan audio 5/6/2014 9781427233387 $29.99 $34.50 can cdaudio carton qty 20 other available formats hardcover isbn 9780374266325 trade paperback isbn 9780374970604 ebook isbn 9780374710347 marketing a darkly luminous new novel from the pulitzer prizewinning author of the hours michael cunningham s luminous novel begins with a vision it s november 2004 barrett meeks having lost love yet again is walking through central park when he is inspired to look up at the sky there he sees a pale translucent light that seems to regard him in a distinctly godlike way barrett doesn t believe in visions or in god but he can t deny what he s seen at the same time in the notquitegentrified bushwick neighborhood of brooklyn tyler barrett s older brother a struggling musician is trying and failing to write a song for beth his wifetobe who is seriously ill tyler is determined to write a

macmillan audio may 2014 tom clancy s opcenter out of the ashes created by tom clancy and steve pieczenik written by dick couch and george galdorisi read by erik bergmann fiction thrillers macmillan audio 5/13/2014 9781427241078 $39.99 $45.99 can cdaudio carton qty 20 1.000 lb wt subrights uk rights william morris endeavor translation rights william morris endeavor other available formats trade paperback isbn 9781250026835 ebook isbn 9781250026828 marketing a new tom clancy s opcenter the first in 10 years written by the new york times bestselling authors of tom clancy s act of valor featuring a chilling rippedfromtheheadlines scenario before 9/11 america was protected by a covert force known as the national crisis management center commonly known as opcenter this silent secret mantel guarded the american people and protected the country from enemies the charter was top secret and director paul hood reported directly to the president opcenter used undercover operatives with swat

macmillan young listeners may 2014 one man guy michael barakiva read by the author funny and heartfelt one man guy brings to mind the raucous family humor and gentle romance of my big fat greek wedding as told with david sedaris­style wit alek khederian should have guessed something was wrong when his parents took him to a restaurant everyone knows that armenians never eat out between bouts of interrogating the waitress and criticizing the menu alek s parents announce that he ll be attending summer school in order to bring up his grades alek is sure this experience will be the perfect hellish end to his hellish freshman year of high school he never could ve predicted that he d meet someone like ethan ethan is everything alek wishes he were confident free spirited and irreverent he can t believe a guy this cool wants to be his friend and before long it seems like ethan wants to be more than friends alek has never thought about having a boyfriend he s barely ever had a girlfriend but

jacket cover macmillan audio june 2014 that summer lauren willig read by nicola barber a compelling new novel from new york times bestselling author lauren willig about a woman who inherits a house in england and the mysterious past that comes with it 2009 when julia conley hears that she has inherited a house outside london from an unknown greataunt she assumes it s a joke she hasn t been back to england since the car crash that killed her mother when she was six an event she remembers only in her nightmares but when she arrives at herne hill to sort through the house with the help of her cousin natasha and sexy antiques dealer nicholas bits of memory start coming back and then she discovers a pre raphaelite painting hidden behind the false back of an old wardrobe and a window onto the house s shrouded history begins to open 1849 imogen grantham has spent nearly a decade trapped in a loveless marriage to a much older man arthur the one bright spot in her life is her stepdaughter

macmillan audio july 2014 how to tell toledo from the night sky a novel lydia netzer read by joshilyn jackson fiction contemporary women macmillan audio 7/1/2014 9781427244154 $39.99 $45.99 can cdaudio carton qty 20 1.000 lb wt subrights u.k rights st martin s press translation rights st martin s press other available formats hardcover isbn 9781250047021 ebook isbn 9781466847798 marketing from the awardwinning author of shine shine shine a tale of two astronomers who meet and fall in love only to find out they were raised from birth to be each other s perfect match far above the hilltops of toledo stands the toledo institute of astronomy the nation s premier center of astronomical discovery and a beacon of scientific learning for astronomers far and wide one of these is george dermont a dreamer and a man of deep faith who s trying to prove the scientific existence of a gateway to god and speaks to ancient gods and believes they speak back its newest star is irene sparks a

jacket cover macmillan audio july 2014 the bone orchard a novel paul doiron read by henry leyva in this riveting new novel from edgar award finalist paul doiron game warden mike bowditch must track down an elusive killer who s struck very close to home fiction crime macmillan audio 7/15/2014 9781427240972 $39.99 $45.99 can cdaudio carton qty 20 subrights uk rights st martin s press translation rights st martin s press other available formats hardcover isbn 9781250034885 ebook isbn 9781250034878 marketing in the aftermath of a family tragedy mike bowditch has left the maine warden service and is working as a fishing guide in the north woods but when his mentor sgt kathy frost is forced to kill a troubled war veteran in an apparent case of suicide by cop he begins having second thoughts about his decision now kathy finds herself the target of a government inquiry and outrage from the the dead soldier s platoon mates soon she finds herself in the sights of a sniper as well when

jacket cover macmillan audio august 2014 driving with the top down beth harbison read by orlagh cassidy two friends go on an antiquing roadtrip and get more than they bargained for when they pick up a third stranded woman in this hilarious and heartwarming new novel dara savvy in business but not so savvy in love has unexpectedly found success running a monthly tag sale after losing her job and inheriting her uncle s farmette in maryland colleen feeling underappreciated and in a rut with her husband and kids rents a stall at dara s tag sale and now the two women are embarking on a twoweek antiquing/thrift shopping roadtrip to florida in the hopes of finding some diamonds in the rough to fix up and sell however things take an unexpected turn when they meet jonnie a mousy woman down on her luck in a big way at a north carolina diner they offer her a ride with them to florida but they soon learn jonnie has been hiding a few key facts jonnie has poisoned her abusive husband and now she s

jacket cover macmillan audio august 2014 small blessings a novel martha woodroof fiction literary macmillan audio 8/12/2014 9781427244130 $39.99 $45.99 can cdaudio carton qty 20 1.000 lb wt subrights uk rights st martin s press translation st martin s press other available formats hardcover isbn 9781250040527 ebook isbn 9781466835887 marketing fans of major pettigrew s last stand will adore this inspiring debut featuring a smalltown college professor a remarkable bookshop girl and the tenyear old son he never knew he had tom putnam an english professor at a virginia women s college has resigned himself to a quiet and halffulfilled life for more than ten years his wife marjory has been a shutin a fragile and frigid woman whose neuroses have left her fully dependent on tom and his formidable motherinlaw agnes tattle tom considers his unhappy condition selfinflicted since marjory s condition was exacerbated by her discovery of tom s brief and misguided affair with a visiting poetess

index andrews mary kay save the date 23 archer jeffrey be careful what you wish for 5 atkinson rick d-day 42 barakiva michael one man guy 20 be careful what you wish for jeffrey archer 5 bone orchard the a novel paul doiron 32 border war lou dobbs 10 born of fury sherrilyn kenyon 27 card orson scott earth awakens 26 carsick john waters hitchhikes across america john waters 21 cast p c kalona s fall a house of night novella 33 castillo linda the dead will tell a thriller 29 clarke richard a sting of the drone 15 coes ben independence day a dewey andreas novel 22 colder war a charles cumming 35 collins jackie confessions of a wild child 3 confessions of a wild child jackie collins 3 couch