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macmi l l an audi o may 2016 the 100 year miracle ashley ream fi ction p s yc hologi cal macmillan audio 5/24/2016 9781427272782 $39.99 $45.99 can audio cd carton qty 5.1 in w 5.8 in h subrights u.k rights flatiron books translation rights flatiron books other available formats hardcover isbn 9781250082220 ebook isbn 9781250088024 audio isbn 9781427272768 m ar keting sounds of suspense promotion including -print advertising crimespree magazine,the strand mystery scene magazine -outreach to mystery/thriller blogs cross-promotion goodreads giveaways advertising targeted advertising to fans of the leftovers one hundred years of solitude audio tie-in to the flatiron marketing plans including netgalley and edelweiss promotion national review and feature attention print online select author appearances from an author praised by gillian flynn and kate christensen comes an incredibly suspenseful audiobook about a once-ina-lifetime chance in this remarkable literary suspense in the vein of we are all completely beside ourselves and state of wonder a once-in-a-lifetime natural phenomenon changes the lives of everyone it touches once a century for only six days the water around a small washington island glows like a water-bound aurora though no living person has seen it dr rachel bell is part of the scientific team that gets to study the 100 year miracle rachel has very personal reasons for wanting to learn more based on the myths and folklore of the native people who worshipped consumed and feared the water she believes she knows something about the phenomenon causing the light something that might finally stop the pain she has suffered since a childhood accident she has only six days to find the cure as she begins to experiment on herself rachel connects with harry a brilliant composer dealing with his approaching death harry s ex-wife tilda who has returned home to the island to care for harry isn t sure she likes their relationship but sharp spiky generous tilda whose greatest success may be behind her is offered a romance of her own as she figures out what to do with the next chapter of her life the miracle does things to people strange and mysterious things and as these things begin to happen rachel realizes that someone is trying to stop her from finding the cure and she has only six days before the waters go dark pr a i se the 100 year miracle is a rich enthralling novel full of great characters with an unpredictable plot and a fascinating premise built around an eternally crucial human question to what ends will people go to save themselves ashley ream is a terrific writer fluid intelligent literary and ballsy and she never loses the courage of her convictions or pulls any punches i loved this book from the riveting opening scenes to the darkly powerful ending —kate christensen author of the great man winner of the 2008 pen/faulkner award for fiction ashley ream got her first job at a newspaper when she was 16 after working in newsrooms across missouri florida and texas she gave up the deadlines to pursue fiction her debut novel losing clementine was a sutter home book club pick and was short-listed for the balcones fiction prize she and her books have appeared in la weekly los angeles magazine bust magazine the kansas city star and marathon beyond magazine among many others 15