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macmi l l an audi o jun e 2016 cracking the aging code the new science of growing old and what it means for staying young josh mitteldorf and dorion sagan science lif esciences e vo lu tion macmillan audio 6/14/2016 9781427272843 $39.99 $45.99 can audio cd carton qty 5.1 in w 5.8 in h other available formats hardcover isbn 9781250061706 ebook isbn 9781250061720 audio isbn 9781427272829 m ar keting quick dirty tips cross-promotion with everyday einstein and house call doctor dedicated e-mail blast promotion with scientific american author promotion on clip placement aligned with media audio tie-in to the flatiron marketing plans including national print and online publicity national online advertising blog outreach campaign promotion promotion a revolutionary new examination of why we age what it means for humanity and how we just might be able to fight father time what is the function of aging could it possibly be a necessity installed by evolution even when at first blush it provides no possible benefit to the individual why do most but not all species age evolutionary biology has presented us with varying theories of aging but none of them have been satisfactory until now we all know the concept of the selfish gene and darwin s theory of natural selection but what if evolution is even more complex and breathtaking then we already thought aging is generally thought of as wear and tear—a natural breaking down of the body but it serves no purpose for the individual in cracking the aging code theoretical biologist joshua mitteldorf and award-winning writer and ecological philosopher dorion sagan reveal that aging is a natural trait that evolved not to help ourselves and those like us but to support the greater good our genes are not selfish entities rather they act as part of groups—populations and ecosystems—in which genes and individual animals are expendable our genetically pre-programmed death is ultimately a means to stabilize populations this dynamic new understanding of aging opens the door to startling new means of younging —stopping slowing or reversing the aging process only by examining the true reasons behind why we age and how it works to preserve the delicate balance of our ecosystem can we consider implementing effective countermeasures theoretical biologist josh mitteldorf has a phd from the university of pennsylvania he maintains an anti-aging web page at and writes a weekly column on aging for dorion sagan is a celebrated writer ecological philosopher and theorist his essays articles and book reviews have appeared in natural history smithsonian wired new scientist bioscience the sciences and more 22