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macmi l l an audi o jun e 2016 first strike ben coes read by peter hermann fi ction t h r ill e r s p o li t i cal macmillan audio 6/28/2016 9781427272010 $39.99 $45.99 can audio cd carton qty 5.1 in w 5.8 in h subrights uk pan macmillan translation chalberg sussman other available formats hardcover isbn 9781250043177 audio isbn 9781427272027 ebook isbn 9781466841277 m ar keting print advertising library journal booklist bookpage sounds of suspense promotion including -print advertising crimespree magazine mystery scene magazine the strand -outreach to mystery/thriller sites series back ads audio tie-in to the smp marketing plans including regional author tour including new england national radio tour national print and online publicity online advertising campaign national outdoor advertising blog outreach author facebook twitter and website a radical islamic group has taken 500 american college students hostage demanding a massive arms shipment in return for their safety and only dewey andreas stands in their way a violent radical islamic group muslim dawn has launched a major military campaign to take over southern iraq better armed and better trained than their iraqi army they are making major gains but as they commit more and more public atrocities their sources for arms and munitions are drying up however their charismatic leader tristan isolda has a major card left to play which will get a new secret shipment of munitions underway dewey andreas is sent into the field to meet mallory the milan cia station chief who has explosive proof about the source of muslim dawn s original funding while muslim dawn operatives take out both mallory and his source dewey escapes with the proof muslim dawn s original munitions were provided by a black-ops program from deep within the pentagon itself the program unravels in time for the arms shipment to be stopped before it reaches its destination but isolda isn t finished he launches a bold strike into the heart of america sending a team to take over a dorm at columbia university capturing nearly 500 college students as hostages among those hostages is cia director hector calibrisi s daughter daisy for every hour that the shipment of weapons is delayed the radicals will publicly execute one student in a situation with no solutions there remains only one option dewey andreas pr a i se one of the strongest recommendations for the audiobook version of coes thriller is reader peter hermann whose voice versatility provides distinct personalities for all the principal characters —newark star-ledger on the last refuge independence day may well be the best installment of the series to date there s enough action explosions fatalities and best of all intelligence nuggets to fill a summer s equivalent of books strongly recommended —bookreporter ben coes is the author of the critically acclaimed and new york times best-selling dewey andreas books including power down coup d etat the last refuge and eye for an eye he is a former speechwriter for the george h .w bush white house was a fellow at the jfk school of government at harvard and is currently a partner in a private equity company out of boston he lives in wellesley massachusetts 25