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health fitness pain management macmillan audio 1/6/2015 9781427258137 $29.99 $34.50 can cdaudio carton qty 20 1.000 lb wt 6 cds 7 hours subrights uk rights piatkus books translation rights icm other available formats trade paperback isbn 9781250052674 ebook isbn 9781250053817 marketing macmillan audio january 2015 you are not your pain using mindfulness to relieve pain reduce stress and restore well being an eightweek program vidyamala burch and dr danny penman read by the author special sales materials new year new you promotion and mailing wellness sell sheet and landing page google keyword advertising qdt advertising and cross promotion author will guest host a qdt podcast audio tiein to the flatiron books marketing plans including national media author oped at pub time blog tour focusing on health bloggers national radio phoner campaign tiein with author speaking schedules from the coauthor of the bestselling mindfulness a practical and accessible 8week plan for

macmillan young listeners january 2015 fairest the lunar chronicles levana s story marissa meyer read by rebecca soler in this stunning bridge book between cress and winter in the bestselling lunar chronicles queen levana s story is finally told mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all fans of the lunar chronicles know queen levana as a ruler who uses her glamour to gain power but long before she crossed paths with cinder scarlet and cress levana lived a very different story ­ a story that has never been told until now in fairest marissa meyer spins yet another unforgettable tale about love and war deceit and death praise juvenile fiction fairy tales folklore general macmillan young listeners 1/27/2015 9781427258854 $24.99 $28.99 can cdaudio carton qty 20 4 cds 5 hours subrights second serial selection audio nondramatic readings other available formats hardcover isbn 9781250060556 trade paperback isbn 9781250067586 ebook isbn 9781250068743 hardcover isbn

fiction contemporary women macmillan audio 2/10/2015 9781427252395 $29.99 $34.50 can cdaudio carton qty 20 1.000 lb wt 8 hours 7 cds subrights uk rights smp translation rights rob weisbach creative management other available formats hardcover isbn 9781250051899 ebook isbn 9781466852631 marketing macmillan audio february 2015 the secrets of midwives sally hepworth a novel about three generations of midwives a woman her mother and her grandmother and the secrets they keep that push them apart and ultimately bind them together the secrets of midwives tells the story of three generations of women devoted to delivering new life into the world and the secrets they keep that threaten to change their own lives forever neva bradley a thirdgeneration midwife is determined to keep the details surrounding her own pregnancy including the identity of the baby s father hidden from her family and coworkers for as long as possible her mother grace finds it impossible to let this secret rest for

fiction technological macmillan audio 2/24/2015 9781427258113 $39.99 $45.99 can cdaudio carton qty 20 1.000 lb wt 8 cds 9 hours subrights uk translation st martin s press other available formats hardcover isbn 9781250030788 ebook isbn 9781250030771 marketing macmillan audio february 2015 signal a sam dryden novel patrick lee read by raúl esparza read by raul esparza sounds of suspense promotion back ad in runner mm paperback and ebook audio tiein to the smp marketing plans including national print publicity prepublication trade advertising extensive online advertising goodreads advertising early reviewer campaign promotion mass market tiein runner december 2014 promotion author website with runner patrick lee entered the ranks of the best actionthriller writers kirkus reviews now with signal patrick lee and sam dryden are back and at the very top of their game from the bestselling author of runner comes the next

religion christian church history macmillan audio 2/24/2015 9781427260840 $29.99 $34.50 can cdaudio carton qty 20 1.000 lb wt 5 cds 6.5 hours subrights uk inkwell/levelfivemedia translation inkwell/levelfivemedia other available formats hardcover isbn 9781250069108 ebook isbn 9781466877900 marketing macmillan audio february 2015 the jesus code david gibson and michael mckinley a companion audiobook to cnn s sixnight sixhour primetime television series that takes viewers on a forensic and archaeological journey through the bible the jesus code explores six major artifacts including the shroud of turin the true cross and the holy grail that give us the most direct evidence about the life and world of jesus the audiobook and attendant cnn series provide a dramatic way to retell the greatest story ever told while introducing a broad audience to the history the latest controversies and newest forensic science involved in sorting out facts from the fiction of wouldbe forgers and

biography autobiography political macmillan audio 3/17/2015 9781427259295 $39.99 $45.99 can cdaudio carton qty 20 1.000 lb wt 13 cds 16 hours subrights 1st ser audio fsg brit trans dram william morris endeavor entertainment other available formats hardcover isbn 9780374280307 ebook isbn 9780374711429 marketing macmillan audio march 2015 frank barney frank read by the author the autobiography of america s smartest feistiest and funniest politician how did a disheveled intellectually combative gay jew with a thick new jersey­ massachusetts accent become one of the most effective politicians of his times in this candid and witty political memoir barney frank relates his journey from the outskirts of new york city to boston s city hall and the massachusetts legislature and then to the u.s congress where he played a vital role in the struggle for personal freedom and economic fairness over four decades with his trademark directness and insight frank explores the emotional toll

juvenile fiction fantasy magic macmillan audio 3/31/2015 9781427258199 $29.99 $34.50 can cdaudio carton qty 20 1.000 lb wt 7 cds 8 hours subrights uk rights atom little brown uk translation rights trident media group other available formats hardcover isbn 9781250063861 ebook isbn 9781466868861 marketing macmillan audio march 2015 instinct sherrilyn kenyon the next novel in the bestselling chronicles of nick series from #1 new york times bestselling author sherrilyn kenyon zombies demons vampires shapeshifters another day in the life of nick gautier­ and those are just his friends but now that he s accepted the demon that lives inside him he must learn to control it and temper the very emotions that threaten the lives of everyone he cares for something that s hard to do while trying to stay off the menus of those who want his head on a platter and no one wants him more than the dark gods who created his race now that they know where he is they will stop at nothing to reclaim

juvenile fiction horror ghost stories macmillan young listeners 4/7/2015 9781427258168 $29.99 $34.50 can cdaudio carton qty 20 1.000 lb wt 5 cds 6.5 hours subrights uk rights st martin s press translation rights st martin s press other available formats hardcover isbn 9781250051622 ebook isbn 9781466866744 marketing macmillan young listeners april 2015 don t stay up late a fear street novel r.l stine the second new book in the relaunch of r.l stine s fear street series which sold 80 million copies around the world making it one of the bestselling young adult series of all time r.l stine s hugely successful young adult horror series fear street is back after almost 2 decades fear street is a worldwide phenomenon and helped to kick off the young adult craze which is still going strong today now r.l stine is back with new books in this series and the news of the series returning caused a flurry of excitement both in the press and on social media in the second new book in this

fiction suspense macmillan audio 4/14/2015 9781427252500 $39.99 cdaudio carton qty 20 1.000 lb wt 10 cds 12 hours subrights uk rights simon schuster uk translation rights simon schuster uk other available formats hardcover isbn 9781250033994 ebook isbn 9781250033987 marketing macmillan audio april 2015 you can trust me a novel sophie mckenzie read by marisa calin sounds of suspense promotion read by marisa calin back ad in close my eyes paperback and ebook audio tiein to the smp marketing plans including national print publicity online advertising campaign prepub trade campaign early reader reviews campaign email marketing campaign library marketing campaign social media campaign author website the suspicious circumstances of her best friend s apparent suicide drive a young woman to the possibility that it was murder and might involve the same man who killed her sister eighteen years ag on a quiet gray saturday morning livy arrives at her best friend julia s flat for

behind the wheel the foreign language series gain the confidence to begin speaking a new language right from the very first use with this highly effective teaching method c reated by nationally recognized foreign language instructor mark frobose the behind the wheel series teaches listeners a new language quickly and easily anywhere anytime using the program s speed immersion® system a teaching method that builds a foundation for fluency by combining the most commonly used vocabulary with an easy-to-follow sentence building technique listeners can create their own original sentences within the very first lesson of the program all behind the wheel and behind the wheel express programs feature · · · · · an english speaking instructor native speakers to demonstrate proper pronunciation a focus on high-frequency practical vocabulary english translations allowing students to use their first language as a tool for learning a companion book with grammar and vocabulary charts as well as

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