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feiwel friends · december 2013 selfhelp motivational inspirational demi lovato sé fuerte 365 días al año demi lovato es una superestrella con 21 millones de seguidores en facebook y otros 17 millones en twitter por primera vez y con sus propias palabras demi ofrece 365 reafirmaciones diarias que consolarán apoyarán e inspirarán a los lectores para que sean fuertes december feiwel friends selfhelp motivational inspirational on sale 12/3/2013 hardback 416 pages 5.000 in w 7.125 in h 1.375 in t 1.000 lb wt carton quantity 24 isbn 9781250052520 $19.99 $22.99 can demi lovato se despierta cada mañana y reafirma su compromiso consigo misma con su salud su felicidad su bienestar este compromiso es la base de su rehabilitación y de su trabajo con jóvenes que se enfrentan a los mismos problemas con los que ella vive todos y cada uno de los días de su vida demi es una cantante galardonada con discos de platino por el gran volumen de sus ventas cuyo último álbum demi

feiwel friends · january 2014 juvenile fiction social issues selfesteem selfreliance nancy tillman the crown on your head bestseller nancy tillman is the jewel in our crown now her beautiful book about what makes every child special is available in board book we know our children are special and now the incomparable nancy tillman expresses this universal feeling in the most touching of ways every child is born with a crown the crown is everything that gives us unique value our crown will always be with us wherever we go whatever we do the crown on your head is a perfect gift for baby showers graduation and for any other occasion to tell dear ones that they are loved nancy tillman is the author and illustrator of the new york timesbestselling picture book on the night you were born its companion journal the wonder of you a book for celebrating baby s first year the spirit of christmas wherever you are my love will find you also a new york times bestseller and i d know you

feiwel friends · january 2014 juvenile fiction historical military wars michael morpurgo a medal for leroy in his signature layered storytelling michael morpurgo tells a moving story of a boy who discovers the truth of his family history that spans from wwi to present day when michael s aunt passes away she leaves behind a letter entitled who i am what i ve done and who you are january feiwel friends juvenile fiction historical military wars on sale 1/14/2014 ages 10 to 14 grades 5 to 9 hardback 144 pages 5.500 in w 8.250 in h carton quantity 28 isbn 9781250039804 $16.99 it reveals a story that will change everything it starts with michael s grandfather leroy a black officer in wwi who charged into a battle zone not once but three times to save wounded men his fellow soldiers insisted he deserved special commendations for his bravery but because of racial barriers he would go unacknowledged now it s up to michael to change that inspired by the true story of walter tull the

first second · march 2014 comics graphic novels literary

henry holt and co byr · april 2014 juvenile fiction social issues manners etiquette kimberly willis holt illustrations by kyrsten brooker dinner with the highbrows a silly story about manners told with chutzpah and charm bernard has never been to dinner at a friend s house before his mother gives him quite the list of rules to follow no elbows on the table put your napkin on your lap don t talk with food in your mouth and so on but bernard is shocked to discover that the highbrows think the table is the best place for elbows and feet never put their napkins on their laps and talk with food in their april henry holt and co byr juvenile fiction social issues manners etiquette on sale 4/8/2014 ages 4 to 7 grades p to 2 hardback 40 pages 8.500 in w 10.000 in h 0.313 in t 1.000 lb wt carton quantity 30 isbn 9780805080889 $17.99 $19.99 can mouths how will bernard survive dinner with such an obnoxious crew this funny picture book about manners and etiquette turns the idea of good

roaring brook press · april 2014 juvenile nonfiction history united states/19th century don brown he has shot the president april 14 1865 the day john wilkes booth killed president lincoln the headline that shocked the nation president lincoln shot by assassin john wilkes booth one of the most exciting stories in american history told with full color illustrations the fifth installment in don brown s actual times series featuring significant days in american history covers the lincoln assassination and the ensuing manhunt in he april roaring brook press juvenile nonfiction history united states/19th century on sale 4/1/2014 ages 6 to 10 grades 1 to 5 hardback 64 pages 7.000 in w 9.000 in h 0.375 in t 1.000 lb wt carton quantity 40 isbn 9781596432246 $17.99 $19.99 can has shot the president both lincoln and booth emerge as vivid characters defined by the long and brutal civil war and set on a collision course toward tragedy with his characteristic straightforward storytelling

square fish · march 2014 juvenile fiction stories in verse nikki giovanni illustrated by ashley bryan the sun is so quiet simple poems by the famous poet nikki giovanni are paired beautifully with colorful drawings that will pull the young reader into their magic a lovely first book of poems children s literature the quiet and noisy wintery and sometimes sunny poems in the sun is so quiet will always make you smile nikki giovanni describes riding rainbows tiptoeing march square fish juvenile fiction stories in verse on sale 3/4/2014 ages 4 to 8 grades p to 3 paperback softback 32 pages 8.000 in w 10.000 in h 0.125 in t carton quantity 0 isbn 9781250046697 $7.99 $8.99 can through strawberry patches licking chocolaty fingers snuggling under covers and many other wonderful childhood moments ashley bryan s warmest most colorful illustrations make each page look like a bright beaming smile together they have created a collection that you can linger over like a peppermint

square fish · march 2014 juvenile fiction school education karen romano young stuck in the middle of middle school a novel in doodles a story about moving to a new city and starting in a new school told inventively and charmingly in the format of a girl s doodlejournal she doesn t just love doodling she needs it doreen and her family had to move from los angeles to san francisco because of her ­ she was kicked out of school she s vowed to make middle school in san francisco work for her but it s still a challenge given her adhd her younger sister s growing popularity and mounting financial stresses at home her doodle journal is her outlet for telling her story in this novelindoodles that is every bit as satisfying as the first one and will appeal to fans of dork diaries and other illustrated series karen romano young s first novelindoodles doodlebug was praised as engaging original charming and thoughtful by kirkus reviews in a starred review she is also the author of over a

priddy books · january 2014 juvenile fiction family general

priddy books · february 2014 juvenile nonfiction lifestyles city town life

sé fuerte 365 días al año demi lovato 3 searles rachel the lost planet 48 sedgwick marcus midwinterblood 175 sedgwick marcus she is not invisible 127 sekret lindsay smith 124 seven tales of trinket the shelley moore thomas 150 shadow michael morpurgo 146 she is not invisible marcus sedgwick 127 sheinkin steve the port chicago 50 disaster mutiny and the fight for civil rights 118 siegel mark sailor twain or the mermaid in the hudson 59 smart kids coral reef roger priddy 189 smile pout-pout fish deborah diesen 6 smith hope anita keeping the night watch 147 smith lindsay sekret 124 something real heather demetrios 106 sophie sleeps over marisabina russo 108 sorry you re