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square fish ยท february 2014 juvenile fiction mysteries espionage detective stories elise broach illustrations by antonio javier caparo treasure on superstition mountain the barker brothers discover a gold mine on superstition mountain in book two of this exciting new series even though henry barker and his two brothers learned firsthand that the urban legend about danger on nearby superstition mountain wasn t just a myth this doesn t stop them from planning their return along with their friend delilah the barker brothers soon find themselves entangled in more danger and mystery as they uncover a february square fish juvenile fiction mysteries espionage detective stories on sale 2/11/2014 ages 8 to 12 grades 3 to 7 paperback softback 304 pages 5.188 in w 7.625 in h 0.750 in t carton quantity 32 isbn 9781250039903 $6.99 $7.99 can real treasure but the discovery comes at a very big price they barely survive an avalanche the question remains is someone after them or is the mountain seeking revenge in her winning style elise broach weaves an action packed mystery full of nailbiting suspense elise broach is the author of the awardwinning books masterpiece and shakespeare s secret and desert crossing she holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in history from yale university and lives with her family in easton connecticut her novel masterpiece is soon to be a feature film also available praise for missing on superstition mountain a publishers weekly best book of the year an best book of the month in june 2011 a]n exciting adventure classic horror and thriller elements combine with modern touches in broach s page turner a very promising start to this series publishers weekly starred review missing on superstition mountain 9781250004772 $6.99 masterpiece 9780312608705 $7.99 9.99 can shakespeare s secret 9780312371326 $6.99 151