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square fish · march 2014 juvenile fiction school education karen romano young stuck in the middle of middle school a novel in doodles a story about moving to a new city and starting in a new school told inventively and charmingly in the format of a girl s doodlejournal she doesn t just love doodling she needs it doreen and her family had to move from los angeles to san francisco because of her ­ she was kicked out of school she s vowed to make middle school in san francisco work for her but it s still a challenge given her adhd her younger sister s growing popularity and mounting financial stresses at home her doodle journal is her outlet for telling her story in this novelindoodles that is every bit as satisfying as the first one and will appeal to fans of dork diaries and other illustrated series karen romano young s first novelindoodles doodlebug was praised as engaging original charming and thoughtful by kirkus reviews in a starred review she is also the author of over a dozen books for children she lives in bethel connecticut with her family.visit her on the web at march square fish juvenile fiction school education on sale 3/4/2014 ages 8 to 12 grades 3 to 7 paperback softback 128 pages 6.000 in w 9.000 in h carton quantity 20 isbn 9781250039972 $6.99 $7.99 can also available praise for doodlebug 9781250010209 $6.99 doodlebug 9780312561567 $14.99 16.99 can we can only hope that this amusing and touching title will soon have a sequel so that we can once again share in dodo doodlebug s world through the looking glass children s book reviews young presents the story as if it is doodlebug s notebook incorporating drawings graphs and different kinds of lettering that are an integral part of the story and make this insightful look into a middlegrader s life a pleasure to read booklist an engaging original heroine a satisfying story and lots of great pictures charming and thoughtful kirkus reviews starred review 153