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macmillan collector s library • february 2017 fiction classics mary shelley frankenstein part of the stunning macmillan collector s library february macmillan collector s library fiction classics on sale 2/7/2017 frankenstein is the most famous novel by mary shelley a dark faustian parable of science misused that was an immediate success on its publication in 1818 victor frankenstein a brilliant but wayward scientist builds a human from dead flesh and then horrified at what he has done abandons his creation the creature an outcast because of his appearance learns language and becomes civilized but when rejected by society seeks revenge on his creator so begins a cycle of destruction in which frankenstein and his monster lose all vestiges of their humanity in monomaniacal hatred hardcover 280 pages 5.9 in h 3.7 in w carton quantity 0 with an afterword by david pinching isbn 9781509827756 mary wollstonecraft godwin was born in 1797 the $12.99 daughter of two leading radical writers of the age her mother died just days after her birth and she was educated at home by her father and encouraged in literary pursuits she eloped with the romantic poet percy bysshe shelley but their life together was full of hardship the couple were ruined by disapproving parents and mary lost three of her four children although its subject matter was extremely dark her first novel frankenstein 1818 was an instant sensation subsequent works such as mathilda 1819 valperga 1823 and the last man1826 were less successful but are now finally receiving the critical acclaim that they deserve 10