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macmillan collector s library • january 2017 fiction ghost m r james complete ghost stories part of the stunning macmillan collector s library january macmillan collector s library fiction ghost on sale 1/24/2017 the art of telling a ghost story is a refined one and montague rhodes james was a master of it with gentle cunning he draws the reader into a narrative that at first seems innocuous but which by gentle turns becomes darker and darker until he transfixes you with his prose creating the most unforgettable alarming and frightening images this volume contains all his timeless masterpieces from the four collections of his eerie tales ghost stories of an antiquary 1904 more ghost stories of an antiquary 1911 a thin ghost and others 1919 a warning to the curious and other ghost stories 1925 hardcover 592 pages 5.9 in h 3.7 in w carton quantity 0 with an afterword by david stuart davies isbn 9781509827725 montague rhodes james was born in 1862 at goodnestone $12.99 parsonage kent james attended eton college and later king s college cambridge a distinguished medievalist and scholar of international status james published many works on biblical and historical antiquarian subjects his ghost story writing began almost as a divertissement from his academic work and as a form of entertainment for his colleagues he never married and died in 1936 david stuart davies is an author playwright and editor his fiction includes his wartime detective johnny hawke he is a committee member of the crime writers association editing their monthly publication red herrings and is a fellow of the royal literary fund.