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macmillan collector s library • january 2017 fiction classics h g wells the war of the worlds the classic invasion novel by h g wells january macmillan collector s library fiction classics on sale 1/24/2017 hardcover 224 pages 5.9 in h 3.7 in w carton quantity 0 isbn 9781909621541 the most famous example of invasion literature and first published in 1898 the war of the worlds has inspired countless science fiction stories and novels after a dramatic series of shooting stars are seen tearing across the night sky a gigantic cylinder descends from mars and lands near london inquisitive locals gather round only to be struck down by a murderous heat-ray giant destructive machines climb out the crater formed by the cylinder destroying everything in their path on a merciless march towards london can humanity survive this onslaught a gripping adventure written in semi-documentary style filled with scenes of flight despair and panic this is also a very human story about pride fear and the promise of recovery with a new introduction by author james blaylock $12.99 herbert george wells was born in kent in 1866 the son of a shop keeper and a lady s maid his education was interrupted when he served a brief and grueling apprenticeship to a draper he then went on to study biology under the great t h huxley he found instant literary success with the publication of his first scientific romance the time machine in 1895 followed b y the island of dr moreau in 1896 and the war of the worlds in 1898 a lifelong socialist and visionary he also wrote extensively on social issues history and science he died in 1946 james blaylock a literary pioneer of steampunk is a prolific and successful author he lives and works in california where he also teaches creative writing 6