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captain jack jill leighton • sandie mourão ideal for pre-schools and kindergartens that focus on cross-curricular and real-world topics for learning english pre-junior key features • cross-curricular topics make children more aware of the world around them • w  orksheet activities develop children’s motor and cognitive skills with more challenging activities such as matching circling and sequencing • press-outs in the pupil’s book pack bring stories to life and are suitable for different learning styles • t he captain jack parrot puppet is ideal for working on class routines and practising target language • b  oth the plus book pack and the standard pupil’s book pack include a wealth of optional extras aa multimedia pack class audio cd flashcards t teacher’s resources cd-rom captain jack is a flexible three-level story-based course suitable for every teaching situation based on the adventures of the fun-loving

laser new component now available with macmillan practice online malcolm mann • steve taylore-knowles level a1 – b2 elementary to upper intermediate key features senior • introductory sections at the beginning of every unit highlight key vocabulary and help students think about the unit topic • a  focus on lexis and lexico-grammar equipping students with topic-based phrasal verbs word formation patterns and collocations builds students’ lexical knowledge base • r egular opportunities for students to personalise the information and talk about their own opinions • a  fully comprehensive writing section which includes language lab and project planner sections providing guided support for all writing tasks • a dditional databases at the back of the book for both students and teachers include writing database word pattern database speaking database and grammar database • now available with macmillan practice online

ready for first 3rd edition new edition roy norris level b2 upper intermediate macmillan practice online key features • new content and updated material suitable for the 2015 cambridge english first exam exams • a digital element now complements the course supplying two computer-based practice tests and video material for the speaking test accessed via a macmillan practice online webcode • a special emphasis on word-building collocations and phrasal verbs helps students master some of the more challenging aspects of english • model answers provide solid preparation and support for writing tasks updated for the 2015 exam • an extended ready for writing unit in the coursebook • a complete grammar syllabus and reference section for the first exam • thorough vocabulary and skills development for the first exam • comprehensive teacher training videos given by the author roy norris ready for advanced 3rd

ecpe challenge michael reid level b2 ecpe challenge ecpe challenge student’s book key features ecpe challenge is an innovative and comprehensive course specially written for greek students on the most current ecpe examination it offers thoroughlevels preparation for the michigan • newbased smooth progression fromformat b2 to c1/c1 systematic exam-focused development of all four skills stimulating reading texts to provoke discussion and provide more opportunities for speaking michael reid ● practice • 12 motivating topic-based units maximum exploitation of the vocabulary and structures presented in all texts including listening ● and cloze more help with ideas for typical ecpe writing topics • lingua booster sections to revise and expand vocabulary ● ● student’s book exams ● ● ● ● integration of material within each unit learning and retention • stimulating reading texts toto facilitate provoke

testbuilder series jake allsop • rosemary aravanis • judith ash • tricia aspinall • anthea bazin • elaine boyd • jessica beck • sarah dymond • amanda french • liz gallivan • mark harrison • nick kenny • peter leggott • lucrecia luque-mortimer • vicki lywood last • sam mccarter • colin payton • bryan stephens • pamela vittorio level a1 – c2 beginner to proficiency key features exams • c omplete practice tests reflect exactly the level of the exam and the full range of task types the students will face • guidance pages and tips for each part of the individual exam papers • practice activities improve exam technique • a focus on common problem areas • guided analysis of sample answers • audio cd included macmillan practice online british english this popular series is designed to help improve

language practice series new edition language practice for first michael vince skills grammar vocabulary michael vince • amanda french • peter sunderland 5th edition with key 46375-2 language practice for first 5th edition with key elementary to advanced an in-depth detailed approach to english grammar and vocabulary each title in the series is a combination of two books with grammar presented clearly in the first half and vocabulary input and practice offered in the second half it is a thorough and comprehensive series that ensures students’ confidence with language develops through the levels this popular series has had two new updates language practice for first and language practice for advanced these new editions have been revised and updated for the 2015 cambridge english exam changes and are now packaged with access to macmillan practice online offering students even more practice and the ability for teachers to monitor their progress michael vince english

macmillan english grammar in context s from the traditional practice ctice exercises tion of advanced level student confidence nce history and the arts the book lish ontext macmillan english grammar in context advanced 43-7 978-1-4050-7054-6 44-4 978-1-4050-7148-2 cae cpe c1 c2 macmillan english grammar in context is a three-level grammar practice series with a difference incorporating contextual examples in grammar practice activities macmillan english grammar in context can be used both in the classroom and for self-study in context key features michael vince advanced with key c 781405 070546 d rom wi th 9 beginner to advanced advanced isbn 978-1-4050-7054-6 level a1 – c2 michael vince m acmillan e nglish g rammar macmillan english grammar in context with key skills grammar vocabulary simon clarke • michael vince • up-to-date real english informed by the corpora used for the macmillan school dictionary • includes a focus on lexical grammar with work on

gateway david spencer level a2 – b1 elementary to upper intermediate/advanced ideal for teenage schools and teachers who need an engaging and wellstructured course designed to lead teenage students to success in school exit and university entrance exams key features • ‘click’ cross-curricular literature international cultural knowledge pages use authentic texts and interesting topics to look at language from a new perspective • ‘gateway to exams’ sections focus on real exam-style activities and look at specific exam skills • ‘developing writing’ sections include model texts to help guide students to write accurately and effectively • n  ew gateway wordlists available to use with sounds the pronunciation app s student’s gateway online gateway is an academically rich five-level course designed to lead teenage students to success in school-leaving and university entrance exams and

open mind new course mickey rogers • joanne taylore-knowles • steve taylore-knowles • ingrid wisniewska • dorothy e zemach adult and young adult learners who want a course to develop the skills they need for success in the 21st century key features elementary is a ground-breaking six-level general english course for adults which targets their language needs and provides them with the professional academic and personal skills they need for success in the 21st century the key features of the series are ● life skills higher-order skills such as critical thinking organisational and learning skills that students need in order to be successful in their professional academic and everyday lives ● language sub-skills with tips to support the development of the four language skills ● step-by-step approach to grammar with grammar sections that provide a clear focus on the meaning form and function of the language ● focus on functional language to

macmillan readers new for 2014 new for 2014 new for 2014 macmillan literature collections this ‘tasty’ collection of short stories has food at its heart macmillan cultural readers readers contacts rights macmillan readers 2014 offers a classic dickens story a science fiction mystery and stories from the exciting world of thor and other viking gods for more information and to download samples please visit distribution and promotion in greece distribution and promotion varia lecto 50 omirou st athens 10672 tel +30 210 32 34 380 fax +30 210 32 34 385 email web educational consultant for greece francis baker mob 6946-101434 email macmillan hotline 210-3641311 distribution tsigaridas international bookstores alikarnassou 19 10441 athens tel +30 212 2224400 20 lines fax +30 210 2717524 mavrokordatou 1-3 10678 athens tel +30 210 3822421 fax +30 210 3844589

language practice for first is the grammar and vocabulary reference for students at b2 level this new edition has been fully revised and updated to reflect the new cambridge english first fce exam the clear grammar explanations and contextualised vocabulary sections are followed by practice exercises and regular consolidation units for revision – making it ideal for self-study or classroom use this book also gives you access to extra online grammar and vocabulary practice on this book includes • easy-to-understand explanations of key b2 level grammar • important b2 level vocabulary – including phrasal verbs • extensive practice of all language points through authentic exam style tasks • revision sections grammar index and wordlist for further study • web access to language practice for first mpo with key without key intermediate language practice 978-0-23072701-4 978-0-23072702-1 pet language practice for first