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見本請求用紙 inspection copy request form completing all sections of this form helps us serve you better ご記入漏れがございますと見本をお送りできない場合がございますのでご注意下さい either is acceptable in japanese and english 日本語/英語どちらでも結構です。 ご芳名 your name □ mr □ ms ご勤務先・教室名 your main school institution キャンパス・学部名 campus department ご送付先 address □ご自宅 home   〒 □ご勤務先 school fax 番号 fax 電話番号 tel □

coursebooks openmind 2nd edition open mind is a groundbreaking course that provides learners with the professional academic and personal skills they need not only are language skills developed in the course but also those 21st century skills that students need in order to have a better awareness of self and society new 学生に必要な、専門的・学術的および個人的なスキルを提供する画期的な英語総合 コースブック。 breakthrough plus breakthrough plus contains an up-to-date fresh design and a digital version of the student book for classroom presentation purposes as well as additional practice material with markbook functionality this has created a truly blended contentrich course covering high-interest themes in a thorough but accessible way

coursebooks get real student book 1 unit 1 the get real series is a perfect platform for the japanese false beginner student unlike other euro-centric texts get real does not overburden the student with unnecessary grammar exercises instead it simplifies language examples to build up the student’s confidence in conversation jonathan watts j j english nara take a look at digibook

reading keys new edition miles craven level a2 – b1 skills grammar elementary to intermediate key features a reading course for adult and young adult learners of american english containing • 16 topic-based units organised into eight themes • texts can be selected by topic genre reading skill or vocabulary skill • extra activity sheets key skills worksheets and a wordlist can be found at the back of the student’s book • ‘spotlight on grammar’ sections • accompanying website with printable activities audio recordings and web links related to themes in the series american english 16 unit   168 pages   6 pages unit • 8 つのテーマ、計 16 のトピックベースのユニット構成 •

language practice series updated for the 2015 exam language practice for first michael vince skills grammar michael vince • amanda french • peter sunderland 5th edition with key 46375-2 language practice for first level a2 – c1 elementary to advanced key features • new editions first and advanced come packaged with access to macmillan practice online for added computer-based practice – ideal for homework or self study • regular consolidation units check students’ understanding of the grammar and vocabulary points presented • a special focus on word-building collocations and phrasal verbs as well as other problem areas of grammar • 自習に最適なマクミラン・オンライン・プラクティスとパックになって新 登場 •

the business 2.0 john allison • jeremy townend • paul emmerson • rachel appleby • edward de chazal level b1 – c1 pre-intermediate to advanced business english ideal for students who want a topic-based and flexible route to business english particularly at college and tertiary level key features • the business 2.0 eworkbook – a cutting-edge self-study programme • the flexible approach and modular structure allow you to ‘pick and mix’ your course • builds up strength in four key areas language skills new technologies business skills and interpersonal skills • 最先端の自習用プログラム「the business 2.0 eworkbook」が付属 •

testbuilder for toefl® ibt pamela vittorio level b1 – c1 key features • detailed answer key with detailed explanations so students learn as they check and correct their tests 192 pages cd self-study cd testbuilder for the toeic®tests adult american english • students are familiarized with the exam and know what to expect • 実際の試験を想定した演習問題を通し、試験形式に慣 れることが可能。 • 授業用教材としても、自習用教材としても使える、解答と 詳しい解説付き。 jessica beck level b1 – b2 key features • designed to improve students’ exam performance and increase language competence on the toeic test 208 pages american english

next move new amanda cant • mary charrington • viv lambert ideal for schools and teachers looking for a highly visual course with a very flexible component mix young learners key features • a highly adaptable programme with extension activities and digital components offers flexibility to suit a wide range of class types and situations • unique unit openers give teachers a highly visual emotionally engaging topic with instructions in the teacher’s edition pack on how to expand this into a full lesson • culture videos in the interactive classroom pack extend children’s knowledge • 多様な形式のクラスに柔軟に対応する、デジタル教材を含む英語コース • teacher’s edition pack

read smart readers [レベル別]英語ポケット文庫 日本人のレベルや興味に合わせて 編集された英文リーダーシリーズ readers 4「英検」の級を基に設定した 4 there are a total of five levels based on the “eiken” test 5 つのレベルで構成 4 日本語訳全文が無料でダウンロード可能 4 巻末の単語リストを確認しながら 4 full japanese translations of the text are available for free download 4 a mini english-japanese glossary of the key words is at the back of the book 精読用としても活用できる culture shock in

プライスリスト price list 2015 年度新刊 global upper intermediate student book standard ewb student book business ewb business ewb stand-alone teacher’s book pack ¥2,800 9780230443785 ¥2,800 9780230443792 9780230033252 ¥2,000 ¥4,000 class cd 9780230033221 ¥5,000 global advanced student book standard ewb 9780230033306 ¥2,800 student book business ewb 9780230444621 ¥2,800 9780230444638 9780230033344 ¥2,000 ¥4,000 9780230033313 ¥5,000 business ewb stand-alone teacher’s book pack class cd i isbn 9780230422100 ¥2,400 study skills pack 9780230425798 ¥2,400 teacher’s book 9780230425804 ¥3,000 class cd 9780230425811 ¥5,000 student book 9781405080750 ¥2,400 study skills pack 9781405080781 ¥2,400 teacher’s book 9781405080798 ¥3,000 class cd 9781405080804 ¥5,000 ielts introduction student book 9780230422780 ¥2,400 study skills pack 9780230425743