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the parts of the dictionary again and again difference with class 5 and class 20 tool the material type and the use of it 20 tools the material type and the use of it examples of the 3 kinds of catalogue get ready for international business b1 class audio cd 2 bec new american inside out beginners the plays the thing game the great wall of china the plays the thing the rest of my life what are the kinds of meaning of art what is the difference between a 5 the magic of the numbers inside out upper intermediate telephone english john hughes new american inside out english for secondary school read it play it great wall of china step by step where can you find a call number importance of different kinds of reference book the story of my life dvd record to dvd recorders example of comprehension and extension of terms the wizard of oz my book of letters and numbers of mice and men board to board heart to heart 5 both to 5 both parts of the body name of one by one left to left parts of the book and their uses long and long dictionary of collocations macmillan macmillan english language book 5 at the zoo macmillan back to school catalogue how to make catalogue different parts of catalogue how to order new catalogue how to order catalogue parts of the card catalogue how to order this catalogue ready for ielts ready for fce inside out intermediate advanced language practice inside out beginners business communication skills extra class audio cd

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inside o2 out new in company the series gateway trends 2nd edition business skillful business english macmillan exam resources macmillan digital resources viewpoints essentials inside out beginner mpo digital onestopenglish beginner 1 other macmillan resources macmillan readers starter beginner viewpoints 1 openmind 1 mpo beginner straightforward mpo inside out mpo digital global digital cefr a1 mpo macmillan english campus onestopenglish foundation ard on macmillan coursebooks laser new edition a1 global elementary digital elementary elementary 2 a2 preintermediate 1 3 preintermediate e preintermediate b1 4 new trends 5 2 viewpoints 3 code b1 mpo gateway b1 mpo interactive classroom openmind 3 mpo pre-intermediate straightforward mpo inside out mpo digital global digital in company mpo cefr b1 mpo macmillan english campus onestopenglish macmillan english grammar in context intermediate speaking of speech writing paragraphs meetings in english networking in english telephone

the breakthrough plus global inside out straightforward and mind series offer resource sites for teachers with interactive activities cefr checklists downloadable worksheets interactive wordlists and role-plays breakthrough plus and mind series also have dedicated student areas macmillan business online contains monthly podcasts powerpoint presentations and sample business dilemmas that enhance the macmillan business english titles methodology teacher support digital online young adult business courses see p105 for selected teacher support resources the macmillan books for teachers series has an accompanying website packed full of webinars by series authors videos of author workshops accompanied by powerpoint presentations and handouts

this is a series that develops both language skills and competencies for life preparing children to be successful inside and outside the classroom children are exposed to different text types and interaction and communication are promoted through meaningful and relevant tasks all these elements motivate children to learn and encourage a positive attitude towards the language 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 a1 a1 a1 a2 a2 a2 b1 b1 b1 book 2 pre-a1 activi ty 1 cefr angela llanas and libby williams cenni angela llanas libby williams 1 activity book primary angela llanas libby williams lorena peimbert annette flavel frances carmichael ir_ab1_cover_mabierto.indd 1 key features an ge la lla nas lib by wil liam s activity book 4/20/12 7:08 pm • an activity book designed to provide children with activities in three different learning environments and angel a llanas and libby william s which activate their background knowledge using tasks self-assessment a picture dictionary and extra activity

primary carol read and donna shaw beautifully illustrated and appealing to both children and teachers footprints provides a strong emphasis on cross-curricular content with clearly identified language aims that acknowledge the increasing trend towards content-based learning cenni 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 cefr pre-a1 a1 a1 a1 a2 a2 a2 b1 b1 b1 for students pupil’s book pack the pupil’s book provides extensive cross-curricular and content-based material the clear language progression throughout the syllabus follows the cefr and cambridge young learners exams while intercultural learning in every unit reflects the increasing importance of this aspect of the cefr the strong story element uses a series of clues to lead learners to the following episode in order to solve a puzzle levels 1-2 take children on a magical journey with fairy-tale characters in search of the treasure at the end of the rainbow levels 3-4 continue the quest in a mystery-adventure context to match

secondary british english mary bowen liz hocking and wendy wren english world is a visually stunning 10-level course taking students through primary and secondary it combines best practice methodology with innovative features for the modern classroom active whole-class learning is supported by the teacher’s digibook while extensive grammar and skills work is applied in natural contexts through dialogs and crosscurricular material cenni 1 2-4 5-7 8-10 11-13 14-16 17-19 cefr pre-a1 a1 a2 b1 b2 c1 c2 the four secondary levels 7-10 begin at a2 and build on the systematic language development and consistent approach to skills covered by levels 1-6 of english world see p38 while also developing important real world skills comprehension activities place an emphasis on students’ personal responses and include critical thinking questions key features • this 10-level course combines a first language approach to learning english with the needs of young non-native speakers

depuis leur implantation au mexique en 2010 les editions maison des langues ont organisé 2 rencontres de professeurs de fle au mexique les statistiques parlent d’ellesmêmes 97 de 200 participants à cette formation la recommanderaient à leurs collègues les editions maison des langues sont aussi régulièrement présentes dans tous les congrès et les salons nationaux exposant leur fonds éditorial animant conférences et ateliers et présentations de nouveautés ces moments d’échanges leur permettent de mieux connaître les attentes des institutions et des enseignants au mexique et ainsi de personnaliser au mieux leur acccompagnement pédagogique et leur offre éditoriale adultes une offre complète et variée pour les adultes adolescents deux collections à votre disposition ■ pourquoi pas 1 2 3 4 Édition spéciale mexique ■ club @dos 1 2 3 french language teaching formation french language french

young adult sue kay and vaughan jones with ceri jones tania bastow amanda jeffries and philip kerr new american inside out builds on the recognized strength and success of the original series it combines a renewed commitment to meaningful presentation meaningful practice and meaningful communication resulting in one of the most relevant and exciting general english courses available new inside out is the british english version cenni 1 2-4 5-7 cefr pre-a1 a1 a2 8-10 11-13 14-16 17-19 b1 b2 c1 c2 sue kay vaughan jones one of our main objectives is to ensure that the language our students spend time rehearsing in the classroom is transferable to the real world for students student’s book the student’s book provides the skills grammar and vocabulary foundation for each level all four skills have fully developed syllabi and the grammar presentations are inductive with a new grammar extra section at the back of the book for extended explanations and further practice lexical

the bec testbuilder is designed to equip students’ with the tools and techniques necessary for success in the cambridge business english certificate bec exam exam resources the ielts testbuilder following the same format as other books in this series this title is designed to help students have success in the international english language testing system ielts advice and examples are given about how to answer specific question types exam-style questions have the same format and layout as the cambridge esol exams practical tips and language suggestions show how to tackle the tasks in the exams visual material has the same format used in the real exams pet testbuilder isbn chart ket for pet for bec ket schools pet schools preliminary bec vantage bec higher testbuilder audio cd with key 9781405069762 9780230407114 9781405063012 9780230407121 9781405018333 9781405018364 9780230717039 testbuilder audio cd without key 9780230409699 – 9781405063029 – – –

reading material contact us no matter where you are macmillan is there for you throughout latin america and the caribbean our regional offices are here to help mexico central america costa rica el salvador guatemala mexico d f insurgentes sur 1886 col florida 01030 tel +52 55 5482-2200 toll free 01 800 614-7650 honduras nicaragua panama south america puebla puebla 7 poniente 314 planta alta int 3 col centro 72000 tel +52 22 2264-2422 toll free 01 800 006-4100 bolivia chile ecuador venezuela the caribbean monterrey n l jose benitez 2425 col obispado 64050 tel +52 81 8347-6227 toll free 01 800 006-4100 puerto rico dominican republic guadalajara jal amado nervo 154 col ladrón de guevara 44600 tel +52 33 3165-5763 toll free 01 800 006-4100 leon gto plateros 120 col valle del campestre 37150 tel +52 47 7779 4873 toll free 01 800 006-4100 brazil

macmillan collocations dictionary 1 2-4 5-7 cefr pre-a1 a1 a2 dictionaries cenni 8-10 11-13 14-16 17-19 b1 b2 c1 c2 this two-color dictionary of collocations is designed for upper intermediate to advanced students to help them write more natural and idiomatic english the dictionary derives its information from a two billion-word corpus using cutting-edge software with all entries drafted and edited by an expert team comprising the best elt lexicographers in the uk what makes the macmillan collocations dictionary special • collocations are presented for over 4,500 carefully selected key words • the dictionary focuses on students’ productive needs by helping them to identify contexts and hence produce natural word combinations to indicate which meaning of a word or collocate is intended • within each entry collocations are grouped in semantic sets for easy identification examples from real english are incorporated for each set to show how collocations are used