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about macmillan macmillan education you can rely on us for exceptional elt materials whether you’re helping a child learn english with the bebop app teaching teenagers with beyond buying the study skills handbook ready for university or supporting an ambitious ceo online with in company 3.0 global… you’re never far away from one of our expert elt consultants teacher trainers or distributors you’ll find macmillan education in over 130 countries take a look at pages 124-127 to discover where to find a macmillan representative near you we might be a global publisher but the local touch is what helps us really get close to you and the elt community we work with teachers students parents and ministries of education to make sure our courses are as relevant as they can be like interface for poland hot spot in mexico or topics for abu dhabi macmillan education isn’t just about publishing great courses teacher training is a huge part of what we do our trainers

blog open dictionary got a suggestion for a word or phrase that you think should be entered into the dictionary submit your entry to our crowd-sourced open dictionary and be a language pioneer from time to time we select words from the suggestions to be entered into the macmillan dictionary itself – next time it could be yours gadgets about macmillan written by expert authors teachers and linguists – including jonathan marks and stan carey – the macmillan dictionary blog offers language tips pragmatics lessons and interesting posts on all the latest lexical news and debate there’s a range of gadgets available to help make it easier and faster to use our dictionary including our double-click dictionary plug-in – a clever little tool that enables learners to double-click on any word on any website and see a pop-up of its definition and example usage – direct from the macmillan dictionary buzzword from bagel to chick noir learners can explore all

brainwave cheryl pavlik • andrea harries key features • media-rich blended-learning course • homework zone on student’s resource centre • teacher development programme • interactive posters and display animations a1 teacher’s dvd-rom student’s resource centre teacher’s resource centre a1 a2 a2 b1 children • progress journals for student self-assessment exciting theme-based lessons combined with media-rich content reflect the realities of the modern classroom brainwave incorporates print and digital components in its lessons while units offer literacy development clil content project work and a ‘grammar watch’ feature a teacher’s technology pack accompanies the course as well as a teacher’s resource centre and a student’s resource centre b1 american english macmillan next move amanda cant • mary charrington • viv lambert macmillan next move is a highly adaptable six-level

teenage gateway to success gateway to success gateway to success is an edition which has been specifically adapted with due regard to cultural sensitivities in the middle east this five-level academically rich general english course equips teenage students with the skills to be successful in school-leaving/university entrance examinations and prepares them for university and the world of work cultureview cultureview offers a window into contemporary culture and life in britain with engaging videos for the teenage student

adult open mind look inside to find out all about the groundbreaking course which provides vital life skills along with its thorough grammar and functional skills syllabus combining digital and print materials to create a flexible teaching and learning environment open mind opens doors the way we teach and learn is changing technology is making it possible to create classrooms without walls online learning programmes can now take away many of the time-consuming tasks teachers face such as marking grading and level testing giving them more time for communicative classroom activities data can be used to accurately monitor student engagement and performance helping teachers to address their students’ needs in a personalised way flexible blended learning models can give teachers much more freedom to choose what they want to do in the class and what they want the students to do online outside of the classroom new ideas abound such as adaptive learning personalised learning and

exams ready for series a comprehensive and supportive exam series by authors with a wealth of exam knowledge the series combines traditional teaching materials with interactive practice updated for 2015 testbuilders updated for 2015 64 this series helps improve students’ exam performance and increase their language

laser malcolm mann • steve taylore-knowles key features • mapped to the cefr • regular opportunities for personalisation • writing section including language lab and project planner sections supports writing tasks a1 code a1 student’s cd-rom a2 b1 b1 teacher’s dvd-rom b2 class audio b2 c1 digibook c2 british english exams • additional sections at the back of the book include writing word pattern speaking and grammar databases laser is a five-level course the topic-based units cover the lexical and grammatical syllabus of the elementary to upper intermediate levels of the council of europe’s common european framework the student’s book comes with a macmillan practice online and cd-rom with unit specific exercises the workbook is complete with an audio cd the teacher’s book includes a dvd-rom with tests a test generator and teacher support videos along with a separate disc providing access to the digibook the digibook is a

cite them right 9th edition the essential referencing guide success in academic writing trevor day richard pears • graham shields • explains how to reference just about any source whether in print or electronic form • takes the reader through the complete writing process from understanding the task through research and planning to drafting and finalising copy • s  ources covered include books journals websites media art conference papers legal documents performing arts logos text messages podcasts twitter facebook packaging graffiti and unpublished work • includes several self-study exercises throughout • p  rovides guidance on avoiding plagiarism • new edition with updated and new examples in apa harvard mhra oscola and vancouver referencing styles how to write better essays 3rd edition critical thinking skills 2nd edition developing effective analysis and argument bryan greetham palgrave study skills how to write third edition better

readers readers macmillan readers a1–b2 with over 180 titles in the series macmillan readers include retold versions of popular classics as well as contemporary fiction and non-fiction titles most books are available with audio cds and as ebooks and include accompanying exercises and glossaries there are two new titles for 2015 othello and agnes grey more information about our readers is available in the readers catalogue view it online at macmillan cultural readers a2–b2 macmillan cultural readers are factual readers focusing on countries of the world and include chapters on history traditions daily life cities nature and sport these colour-rich photographic titles encourage readers to interact with and explore the text through handy fact boxes new titles for this year are australia and italy macmillan literature collections c2 this advanced-level series contains original short stories written by famous classic and modern writers all

sound foundations adrian underhill methodology sound foundations is an ideal introduction to the english phonological system and an invaluable resource whether you are teaching full pronunciation courses or whether you’d simply like to improve the quality of your work on teaching pronunciation key features • concise coverage of the english phonological system describing how sounds are produced • creative classroom activities • audio cd contains clearly recorded examples of the sounds described in the book ebook available audio cd-rom mobile app sounds the pronunciation app an award-winning app based on adrian underhill’s sound foundations phonemic chart download a sample at british english phonemic chart based on adrian underhill’s well-known methodology title this ebook for english language teachers contains a full phonemic chart it includes a guide on how to use the chart an invaluable resource whether you teach full