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it’s a pleasure to welcome you to this 2014 macmillan catalogue whether you’re a teacher looking for print or digital material an educational institution wishing to combine excellent content with top-quality training services for your staff or a student hoping to find new ideas to try out i’m sure you’ll find plenty to interest you as ever we are able to offer you the very best in pedagogical value by offering a range of new titles in addition to a full catalogue of existing favourites our materials reflect 170 years of history years in which macmillan has gained a position at the forefront of education and research we’ve come a long way since the macmillan brothers founded the company in 1843 our macmillan science and education division now operates in 120 countries and continues to be driven by a vision to push the frontiers of learning and discovery by delivering quality content and innovative teaching solutions tailored to the differing needs of

macmillan dictionary online macmillan dictionary online free free online dictionary and thesaurus with a large community of regular users look up words and swap between our dictionary and thesaurus with one click of a button macmillan offers free dictionary access wherever you are through the web and mobile language games play and learn with our language games test your knowledge of irregular verbs synonyms and frequently used words with fun and engaging games phrasal verbs irregular verb wheel phrasal verbs may seem obvious to native english language speakers but for learners they can be mystifying knowing your phrasal verbs brings you much closer to speaking fluently and our phrasal verbs games can help you on your way 10 there are some things in english that can only really be learnt through practice irregular verbs are tricky and inconsistent this game allows you to practise conjugating irregular verbs by spinning the verb wheel

the macmillan dictionary online contains a buzzword section these provide endless possibilities for fun in the elt classroom use them to • get your students to write their own definitions and see whose is closest • play fictionary a word game in which players guess the definition of an obscure word visit to find a whole host of free buzzword-related adults resources

eoi/adults digital materials book pack the teacher’s resource the teacher’s book pack and centre includes class and workbook offers a digital version of the audio streamable video and video student’s book with embedded worksheets and teacher’s notes audio video pop-up answers additional life skills lessons and interactive tools this makes communicative wrap-ups cefr it perfect as a class presentation checklists and a test generator tool either via an iwb or through a plus placement tests laptop and projector combination ideal with student’s resource centre teacher’s resource centre online workbook presentation kit page 54 this is uniquely available with page 50 accessible through the teacher’s page 45 presentation kit page 10 teacher’s resource centre page 51 open mind digital book elementary

move eoi/adults a2 b1 b2 c1 bill bowler jon hird angela holman sue kay peter maggs bruce milne ideal for sue parminter rebecca robb benne barbara webb short intensive courses the intensive coursebook that makes progress fast or longer courses with fewer teaching hours • each coursebook is split into three self-contained modules which can be easily distributed to cover differing time requirements • topics are engaging and immediately accessible for adult student’s materials coursebook cd-rom students • move can be easily extended through extra practice activities interactive extension tasks on the cd-rom and photocopiable resources in the teacher’s book • the cd-rom is ideal for self-study and revision meaning that students can consolidate their learning independently as they teacher’s materials teacher’s book class audio cd progress through the course • each module provides a minimum of 15 hours of classwork interactive

the business 2.0 john allison jeremy townend paul emmerson karen richardson john sydes marie kavanagh e io n ideal for students ne w d it b1 b2 c1 in tertiary education who need a building the next business generation topic-based and flexible route to business english • builds up strength in four key areas language skills new technologies business skills and interpersonal skills • ‘the business fundamentals’ section offers student’s materials an introduction to business with language and topics student’s book including business organisation financial control cvs eworkbook and covering letters teacher’s materials • the dual syllabus addresses language development development service supply chain management sales teacher’s book with resource disk and marketing enterprise finance and international video resource dvd whilst covering core business areas such as personal trade • the flexible approach and modular structure

ready for b1 b2 c1 ideal for the ready for series offers comprehensive exam preparation alongside structured complete exam preparation programmes with a focus language and skills development the new editions of ready for first and ready on both language and for advanced are tailored to the requirements of the updated 2015 examinations exam-skills development included with the editions there are brand-new digital features that enhance the print content each coursebook is packaged with a code to access macmillan practice online mpo providing students with extra practice material ready for first 3rd edition new • updated in line with the 2015 cambridge english first exam this fully prepares students for the new exam content and format • a digital element complements the course supplying two computer-based practice tests and video material for the speaking test accessed online with automated tracking tools for teachers • a special emphasis on word-building collocations

code b1 b2 rose aravanis ideal for the code to success in any exam • the topic-based units cover general topics schools looking for a coursebook for teenage students with a true focus on international exam preparation common to international exams • lexical and grammatical syllabus based on the cefr levels • practice in pet and fce type exam tasks • particular focus on collocations word patterns student’s materials word formation phrasal verbs and easily confused student’s book words workbook plus • developing skills emphasis on modelling and structuring spoken and written texts • cross-curricular content and ‘can do’ areas for self-evaluation • free audio cd • free code practice online code practice online teacher’s materials teacher ‘s book • teacher’s notes • extra activities • extra resource material vocabulary and grammar quizzes digital materials communicative

skills level chart a1 a2 b1 b2 c1 ne w io n new new ne w d it e e d it c2 io n new new

supplementary materials macmillan literature collections original unsimplified short stories this series of readers containing original unsimplified short stories new written by famous classic and modern writers now features four new titles all the collections come with substantial support material for each story to ease students’ transition from graded readers to authentic reading giving them the joy of feeling that they are finally reading and studying literature just as it was written food stories is the latest addition to the series readers website social media now even easier to navigate the readers website offers support materials for teachers to use in class as well as a wealth of resources written for students and independent learners • worksheets and answer keys • tests for every reader • sample chapters and sample audio • wordlists • author data sheets • the using graded readers in the classroom guide • the book corner club