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inside out sue kay tania bastow vaughan jones amanda jeffries ceri jones philip kerr a1 a2 b1 b2 c1 ideal for make the english language your language new inside out ensures that language becomes memorable for adult students by drawing on their own interests and experiences to deliver language in a • ‘useful phrases’ and ‘vocabulary extra’ sections provide meaningful way real-world language meaning that students of all levels are able to communicate in an authentic manner • expanded grammar sections offer comprehensive coverage student’s materials of key language points whilst ‘grammar extra’ sections student’s book recycle and review key language points this structured free cd-rom model of language delivery ensures that students acquire workbook new language whilst consistently building upon and free audio cd reinforcing prior knowledge practice online • the comprehensive all-in-one teacher’s book facilitates lesson planning and classroom management it includes teacher’s notes practical teaching tips photocopiable activities and a test cd containing editable tests • the cd-rom is the ideal tool for teachers to manage new inside out practice mixed-ability classes it contains interactive practice and online – bespoke materials extension activities trackable markbook and videos teacher’s materials teacher’s book • teacher’s notes • grammar notes • methodology sections • photocopiable resources • cefr checklist test cd class audio cds website new inside out digital page 55 page 54 page 51 s page 50 26 t ideal with page 45 key features page 10 new inside out digital