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it’s a pleasure to welcome you to this 2014 macmillan catalogue whether you’re a teacher looking for print or digital material an educational institution wishing to combine excellent content with top-quality training services for your staff or a student hoping to find new ideas to try out i’m sure you’ll find plenty to interest you as ever we are able to offer you the very best in pedagogical value by offering a range of new titles in addition to a full catalogue of existing favourites our materials reflect 170 years of history years in which macmillan has gained a position at the forefront of education and research we’ve come a long way since the macmillan brothers founded the company in 1843 our macmillan science and education division now operates in 120 countries and continues to be driven by a vision to push the frontiers of learning and discovery by delivering quality content and innovative teaching solutions tailored to the differing needs of is the macmillan hub for elt teachers in spain our textbook materials and course-related resources are just one of the many ways in which we support teachers in the classroom as a macmillan teacher you benefit from a whole range of online services which provide all the tools you need to plan and manage your classes visit us online to download additional resources to support your coursebook consult and download programaciones link to all macmillan teachers’ resource sites find out more about our products and services sign up for author webinars and teacher’s days consult the ask macmillan for up-to-date information about local and national legislation and to download sign up for our monthly related documentation to support macmillan materials etoolkits emailing service visit our helpdesk for support in the use of our designed to provide you with varied up-to-the-minute content for your lessons products get in touch with the

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