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minotaur books september 2013 the edge of normal carla norton norton has given us living breathing characters that we know and understand and who inhabit our imaginations after we ve finished this book jeffery deaver in many ways reeve leclaire looks like a typical twenty-two year old girl she s finally landed her own apartment she waitresses to pay the bills and she wishes she wasn t so nervous around new people she thinks of herself as agile not skittish as serious not grim but reeve is anything but normal ten years ago she was kidnapped and held captive after a lucky escape she s spent the last six years trying to rebuild her life a recovery thanks in large part to her indispensable therapist dr ezra lerner but when he asks her to help another girl rescued from a similar situation reeve realizes she may not simply need to mentor this young victim she may be the only one who can protect her from a cunning predator who is still out there watching every move from the author of

minotaur books september 2013 hearts of sand a gregor demarkian novel jane haddam the endearing and brilliant publishers weekly gregor demarkian digs into a cold case that brings violence to a wealthy suburb alwych is the stereotypical old money connecticut beach town the best families live in mini-mansions on beach drive their children go to alwych country day school and the parents have memberships to the atlantic club and chapin waring is the worst thing that ever happened to this town she was a well turnedout debutante from one of the richest families in alwych until thirty years ago when the young debutante destined to attend the right school marry the right man and have the right life was revealed to be a bank robber and a murderer she disappeared never to be heard from again but alwych has never forgotten her or let her friends and family forget so when after a day of being spotted around town chapin turns up dead stabbed to death in her family s old home it s not only

minotaur books september 2013 detroit shuffle d e johnson will anderson and elizabeth hume get caught up in the political turmoil over women s suffrage in the fourth book in johnson s critically acclaimed 1910s detroit series will anderson inadvertently breaks up a key suffrage rally when he thwarts a gunman set on killing his lover elizabeth hume no one else saw the man and elizabeth believes he hallucinated the entire incident a side effect of the radium treatment he received at eloise hospital she asks him to sit on the sidelines while she and her companions try to get the women s suffrage amendment passed by michigan voters fiction mystery detective minotaur books 9/3/2013 9781250006769 $25.99 $29.99 can hardback 352 pages carton qty 20 5.500 in w 8.250 in h 1.188 in t subrights uk rights trident media translation trident media other available formats ebook isbn 9781250036483 marketing instead will sets out to protect elizabeth and prove his sanity will s nemesis

minotaur books october 2013 three can keep a secret a joe gunther novel archer mayor the new york times bestselling joe gunther series returns with a complex case involving two corpses one escaped mental patient and a long-held secret that binds them together three can keep a secret if two of them are dead ben franklin joe gunther and his team the vermont bureau of investigation vbi are usually called in on major cases by local vermont enforcement whenever they need expertise and back-up but after the state is devastated by hurricane irene the police from one end of the state are taxed to their limits leaving joe gunther involved in an odd seemingly unrelated series of cases in the wake of the hurricane a seventeen year old gravesite is exposed revealing a coffin that had been filled with rocks instead of the expected remains at the same time an old retired state politician turns up dead at his high-end nursing home in circumstances that leave investigators unsure that he wasn t

minotaur books october 2013 pagan spring a mystery g m malliet there are certain things you want in a village mystery a pretty setting a tasteful murder an appealing sleuth malliet delivers all that marilyn stasio the new york times g m malliet has charmed mystery lovers cozy fans and agatha christie devotees everywhere with wicked autumn and a fatal winter the criticallyacclaimed mysteries that introduced former spy turned cleric max tudor now max returns to the small english village of nether monkslip where some new residents cause quite a stir fiction mystery detective minotaur books 10/8/2013 9781250021403 $24.99 $28.99 can hardback 304 pages carton qty 20 5.500 in w 8.250 in h 1.063 in t subrights uk rights constable robinson translation rights st martin s press other available formats ebook isbn 9781250021397 marketing national print publicity indiebound campaign online promotions a read-it-first.com selection featured title on criminal element library

minotaur books october 2013 skating under the wire a mystery joelle charbonneau in the fourth delightful roller skating mystery featuring rebecca robbins joelle charbonneau delivers a thoroughly enjoyable cozy rebecca robbins has pulled the rink she inherited off the market she s decided to stay in indian falls for good rebecca is certain that if she can get her maid of honor duties fulfilled and thanksgiving dinner cooked life will finally settle down to normal but when rebecca is hired to look into a string of home invasions and a dead body turns up at the bridal shower she is forced to put aside her hopes for a quiet holiday season with the help of her elvis-loving grandfather and her sexy commitment-seeking large animal vet boyfriend rebecca has to track down thieves that have eluded the cops for years solve a murder get her friend safely married and somehow cook dinner for an ever expanding guest list without getting herself killed boasting the drama of both madcap wedding

jacket cover minotaur books november 2013 an old betrayal a charles lenox mystery charles finch fiction mystery detective minotaur books 11/12/2013 9781250011619 $25.99 $29.99 can hardback 320 pages carton qty 20 6.125 in w 9.250 in h other available formats ebook isbn 9781250038395 marketing in the seventh book of finch s bestselling series of victorian mysteries a case of mistaken identity has charles lenox playing for his highest stakes yet the safety of queen victoria herself on a spring morning in london 1875 charles lenox agrees to take time away from his busy schedule as a member of parliament to meet an old protégé s client at charing cross but when their cryptic encounter seems to lead days later to the murder of an innocuous country squire this fast favor draws lenox inexorably back into his old profession soon he realizes that far from concluding the murderer s business this body is only the first step in a cruel plan many years in the plotting where will he

minotaur books november 2013 the raven s eye a brock and kolla mystery barry maitland dci david brock and di kathy kolla of scotland yard find themselves pulled into a case of murder a mysterious death among the houseboats that line the canals around greater london di kathy kolla of scotland yard is called in as a matter of course by the local paddington police when a woman turns up dead in what appears to be an accident on her houseboat vicky hawks is found by one of her neighbors having apparently succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning due to improper ventilation of the narrowboat s heating system but while the cause of death seems apparent and there s no reason for kolla to think otherwise something about this death still bothers her meanwhile her boss dci brock is wrestling with harsh budget cuts and a new commander who is determined to make fundamental changes to the system including limiting resources devoted to investigations struggling against the limitations imposed by the

minotaur books december 2013 murder as a second language a claire malloy mystery joan hess claire malloy now a married woman of leisure tries her hand at volunteering but instead lands her right in the middle of another murder investigation longtime bookseller and single mother claire malloy has recently married her long term beau and moved out of her less than opulent apartment into a sprawling newly remodeled house her daughter caron is making plans for college all of which leaves claire with something she hasn t had in quite a while spare time fiction mystery detective minotaur books 12/17/2013 9781250011961 $25.99 $29.99 can hardback 320 pages carton qty 20 6.125 in w 9.250 in h subrights uk rights doninick abel literary agency translation rights dominick abel literary agency other available formats ebook isbn 9781250030016 marketing when her attempts to learn french cooking start getting mixed reviews she agrees to help caron and her best friend inez in fluffing up

minotaur books december 2013 murder and moonshine a mystery carol miller a debut mystery set in the heart of moonshine country and brimming with southern charm all small towns have secrets and plenty of them as every small town waitress knows daisy is no different a young recently-separated waitress at h&p s diner in sleepy southwestern virginia she hears more than her fair share of neighborhood gossip while serving plates of hash and peach cobbler but when a reclusive old man dickerson shows up at the diner one day only to drop dead a few minutes later daisy quickly learns that some secrets are more dangerous to keep than others especially when there s money and moonshine involved daisy finds herself caught between whiskey and guns a handsome atf agent and a moonshine-brewing sweet talker and a painful past and a dangerous present not sure any longer who she can trust daisy must turn sleuth while also protecting her sick mother and keeping a handle on aunt emily her goading