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minotaur books january 2014 moriarty returns a letter a baker street mystery michael robertson a case that would confound holmes himself new in this beloved series perfect for fans of sherlock and elementary michael robertson has delighted mystery readers and sherlock holmes aficionados everywhere with his charming and innovative baker street mystery series where brothers reggie and nigel heath are charged with answering letters to holmes that arrive at their law office located at 221b baker street now reggie and nigel are back in a case that would confound even sherlock himself an exhibition of vintage sherlock holmes letters has opened at the marylebone hotel as reggie and his beloved laura embark on a prewedding trip someone from reggie and nigel s past someone whom they thought was long gone reappears causing a whole slew of new problems for the brothers written with robertson s characteristic charm this is a standout mystery in a muchloved series perfect for fans of the smash hit

minotaur books january 2014 nypd puzzle a puzzle lady mystery parnell hall the puzzle lady cora felton storms new york city in this hilarious mystery featuring new puzzles by will shortz when young attorney becky baldwin hires cora felton to accompany her to new york city to meet a new client in his penthouse apartment the puzzle lady jumps at the chance cora is just coming off a bad breakup and finding out that chief harper testified at a parole hearing for a killer she helped put away has her feeling old but when she and becky arrive at the apartment they find the man is dead there s a puzzle on his chest and a prowler is searching the bedroom cora pulls her gun and gets off a shot as the intruder ducks out the window the nypd now think cora is the murderer getting her off should be a breeze for becky but when the fatal bullet is too badly damaged to identify cora is lucky to get out on bail meanwhile a diabolical killer is leaving puzzle clues if only they were just sudoku puzzles

minotaur books february 2014 raiders of the nile steven saylor in egypt during the late roman republic the young gordianus finds himself involved in a raid to steal the golden sarcophagus of alexander the great in 88 b.c it seems as if all the world is at war from rome to greece and to egypt itself most of civilization is on the verge of war the young gordianus a bornandraised roman citizen is living in alexandria making ends meet by plying his trade of solving puzzles and finding things out for pay he whiles away his time with his slave bethesda waiting for the world to regain its sanity but on the day gordianus turns twentytwo bethesda is kidnapped by brigands who mistake her for a rich man s mistress if gordianus is to find and save bethesda who has come to mean more to him than even he suspected he must find the kidnappers before they realize their mistake and cut their losses using all the skills he learned from his father gordianus must track them down and convince them that he

minotaur books february 2014 a killing of angels a novel kate rhodes following her brilliant debut crossbones yard kate rhodes takes readers deeper into the heart of crime and punishment in her dazzling new psychological thriller featuring alice quentin the first death looked like a suicide but someone had tucked a picture of an angel and a handful of white feathers into the banker s pocket before pushing him in front of a train a killer is stalking the square mile the financial district in london an avenging angel intent on punishment but why these victims what were their sins psychologist alice quentin swore she d never get involved with police work again her duty is to the living not the dead but she owes detective don burns a favor he was the one who would sit for hours when the last case they worked on together had landed her in the hospital that case had clearly taken its toll on him and his career too so when he comes begging for help how can she refuse in order to find the

minotaur books february 2014 murder in the afternoon frances brody frances brody s refreshingly complex heroine kirkus reviews tackles an unusual case where a secret from her past makes it her most dangerousand delicateinvestigation yet not since jacqueline winspear has a writer captured the traditional british mystery as wonderfully as frances brody in her kate shackleton novels a winning combination of both intricate plotting and nostalgic postwwi english country setting murder in the afternoon will appeal to fans of both classic murder mysteries in the vein of agatha christie as well as readers of historical mystery series set in 1920s england two popular subgenres young harriet and her brother austin have always been scared of the quarry where their stonemason father works so when they find him dead on the cold ground they rush off quickly to look for help but when help arrives the quarry is deserted and there is no sign of the body were the children mistaken is their father

minotaur books march 2014 precious thing colette mcbeth for fans of sister and before i go to sleep comes a stunning suspense novel about two childhood best friends reunited as adults and then ripped apart i know her inside out i know what she s thinking i know what she wants so i can t give up on her she knows i never will some friendships fizzle out rachel and clara promised theirs would last forever they met in high school when rachel was the shy awkward new girl and clara was the friend everyone wanted instantly they fell under one another s spell and nothing would be the same again now in their late twenties rachel has the television career the apartment and the boyfriend while clara s life is spiraling further out of control yet despite everything they remain inextricably bound then rachel s news editor assigns her to cover a police press conference and she is shocked when she arrives to learn that the subject is clara reported missing is it abduction suicide or something else

minotaur books march 2014 the revenant of thraxton hall the paranormal casebooks of sir arthur conan doyle vaughn entwistle arthur conan doyle is enlisted by a mysterious aristocrat to investigate a future death one that her prophetic dream has foretold her own arthur conan doyle has just killed off sherlock holmes in the final problem and he immediately becomes one of the most hated men in london so when he is contacted by a medium of some renown and asked to investigate a murder he jumps at the chance to get out of the city the only thing is that the murder hasn t happened yet the medium one hope thraxton has foreseen that her death will occur at the third séance of a meeting of the society for psychical research at her manor house in the english countryside along for the ride is conan doyle s good friend oscar wilde and together they work to narrow down the list of suspects which includes a mysterious foreign count a levitating magician and an irritable old woman with a

minotaur books april 2014 destroyer angel an anna pigeon novel nevada barr topten new york times bestseller nevada barr returns with the latest riveting anna pigeon novel a vacation trip to the iron range in minnesota which goes harrowingly wrong anna pigeon a ranger for the u.s park services sets off on vacation an autumn canoe trip in the to the iron range in upstate minnesota with anna is her friend heath a paraplegic heath s fifteenyearold daughter elizabeth leah a wealthy designer of outdoor equipment and her daughter katie who is thirteen for heath and leah this is a shakedown cruise to test a new cutting edge line of camping equipment the equipment designed by leah will make camping and canoeing more accessible to disabled outdoorsmen on their second night out anna goes off on her own for a solo evening float on the fox river when she comes back she finds that four thugs armed with rifles pistols and knives have taken the two women and their teenaged daughters captive with

minotaur books april 2014 the axe factor a jimm juree mystery colin cotterill the best new international mystery series since the no 1 ladies detective agency booklist on killed at the whim of a hat since jimm juree moved under duress with her family to a rural village on the coast of southern thailand she misses the bright lights of chiang mai most of all she s missed her career as a journalist which was just getting started in chiang mai she was covering substantial stories and major crimes but here in maprao jimm has to scrape assignments from the local online journal the chumphon gazette and be happy about it when she gets one this time they are sending her out to interview a local farang european writer a man in his late fifties originally from england who writes awardwinning crime novels one conrad coralbank at the same time several local women have left town without a word to anyone leaving their possessions behind these include the local doctor dr sumlak who never returned

minotaur books april 2014 the poor boy s game dennis tafoya from critical darling dennis tafoya a former u.s marshal s life turns upside down when the most dangerous criminal she s ever faced her father escapes from prison when us marshal frannie mullen gets one of her best friends shot during a routine apprehension her career is over still reeling from the loss frannie is trying to sort out her feelings for wyatt the reformed outlaw who loves her and to support her newlysober sister mae as she struggles with the fallout of their unstable violent childhood their father patrick mullen is a thug a vicious enforcer for a corrupt philadelphia union and when he escapes from prison bodies of exrivals and witnesses begin piling up now frannie is suspected as an accomplice in his escape and targeted by shadowy killers from the philadelphia underworld unsure who to trust drawing on the skills she s learned as a marshal and her training as a boxer frannie is forced to fight to protect her

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