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the past present and future of america s most famous family the kennedy legacy vincent bzdek jack bobby and ted s individual stories can be seen as essentially one each successive brother striving to fulfill the interrupted promise of the brother before the closing of ted kennedy s chapter in america s political and cultural life means that for the first time perhaps the real measure of the kennedy legacy can finally be taken this is a story of a brotherhood in three acts act i is john f kennedy s presidency as seen from ted s front-row seat act ii is robert kennedy s five brief years as the family standard bearer including his tenure in the senate with his brother ted and the memorable 82-day presidential campaign that redefined the kennedy legacy act iii is ted s 40-plus years in the senate as keeper of the flame how did the brothers pass the torch to each other what have the three brothers left us collectively and who carries the torch forward now the kennedy legacy compellingly

praise for finding your religion this is an entertaining gentle and affirming book publishers weekly mclennan offers wise commentary and anecdotes that gently guide the individual seeker toward finding a religious home cleveland plain dealer if blind belief has driven you to blind disbelief or if you feel your life is in spiritual disarray or if you simply want to read something thoughtful and sensitive try this book scotty mclennan is an experienced guide on a variety of paths leading to what we all need a greater spiritual awareness reverend william sloane coffin author of a passion for the possible rev scotty mclennan is the dean for religious life at stanford university he was the university chaplain at tufts university from 1984 to 2000 and a senior lecturer at the harvard business school for ten of those years mclennan received his b.a from yale university in 1970 as a scholar of the house working in the area of computers and the mind he received his m.div and j.d

a lively insightful exploration of charles dickens early years and creative influences charles dickens the making of a literary giant christopher hibbert praise for christopher hibbert hibbert is a remarkably prolific popular historian who can take on almost anything from dickens to general wolfe from agincourt to garibaldi the observer hibbert is a superbly skillful historical writer the spectator with passion and wit christopher hibbert details the crucial years that formed dickens the writer and dickens the man he explains how dickens transferred the smallest fragments of his experience to his fiction and how he interpreted his youth for both himself and his readers throwing a clear light on the creative process and sources of literary imagination an illuminating look at a complex and baffling person fans of literary biography will relish hibbert s acclaimed style as he delivers the fascinating tale of dickens development m ay marketing · national print publicity · online

the rich and evocative story of pioneering italian immigrants and their astonishing triumph against all odds when the rivers ran red the great dawn of the american wine industry vivienne sosnowski today millions of people around the world enjoy california s legendary wines unaware that 90 years ago the families who made these wines and in many cases still do turned to struggle and subterfuge to save the industry we now cherish when prohibition took effect in 1919 three months after one of the greatest california grape harvests of all time violence and chaos descended on northern california federal agents spilled thousands of gallons of wine in the rivers and creeks gun battles erupted on dark country roads and local law enforcement officers sympathetic to their winemaking neighbors found ways to run circles around the intruding authorities for the state s winemaking families many of them immigrants from italy surviving prohibition meant facing impossible decisions whether to give up

great generals series now in paperback jim lacey foreword by general wesley k clark lacey s contribution to the great generals series substantially redresses the balance in pershing s favor by focusing on his achievements booklist this persuasive biography sheds light on the nation s first modern combat commander who set the standard for today s four-star officers though the u.s entered wwi with inadequate forces in just over a year pershing had built and hurled a millionman army against forty battle-hardened german divisions defending the hellish meuse-argonne and turning the tide of the war with focus and clarity lacey traces the development of pershing from indian fighter to warrior against the philippines insurgency to victorious commander in wwi pershing hc 0-230-60383-1 isbn-13 978-0-230-60383-7 june jim lacey is an analyst at the institute for defense analyses biography military history and a professor at johns hopkins university he was an embedded 0-230-61445-0 isbn-13

the digital revolution continues not even the printed word is safe print is dead books in our digital age jeff gomez makes a telling argument that there is a generation coming through that has less patience with books interesting for the questions it raises brian clegg popular science a great and relevant new book gomez does a good job of reviewing the brief history of the first ebook revolution makes a great case books 24 x for over 1500 years books have weathered numerous cultural changes remarkably unaltered through wars paper shortages radio tv computer games and fluctuating literacy rates the bound stack of printed paper has somewhat bizarrely remained the more robust and culturally relevant way to communicate ideas now for the first time since the middle ages all that is about to change hc 0-230-52716-7 isbn-13 978-0-230-52716-4 now in paperback june marketing · national print publicity · blog outreach · author speaking engagements · marketing outreach to

a compelling history of failed foreign intervention in afghanistan from the bbc s developing world correspondent in afghanistan 200 years of foreign occupation david loyn afghanistan has been a strategic prize for foreign empires for more than 200 years the british russians and americans have all fought across its beautiful and inhospitable terrain in conflicts variously ruthless misguided and bloody this violent history is the subject of david loyn s magisterial book it is a history littered with misunderstandings and broken promises in which the british the russians and later the americans constantly underestimated the ability of the afghans in afghanistan brilliantly brings to life the personalities involved in afghanistan s relationship with the world chronicling the misunderstandings and missed opportunities that have so often led to war with 30 years experience as a foreign correspondent david loyn has had a front-row seat during afghanistan s recent history in afghanistan draws

organized around leading a new world a revolutionary leadership course general zinni developed and taught at the terry sandford institute of public policy at duke university leading the charge makes a convincing case that leaders must · change with the times to be relevant · be ready for crisis mode at any given time · have a moral compass and the ability to steer the company in the right direction · be forward thinking not reactive to provide innovation and creativity · develop great leaders general tony zinni praise for the battle for peace a warning that deserves serious consideration the new york times zinni is a distinctly non-ideological man in an era when ideology is running rampant both home and abroad michael abramowitz the washington post zinni is one of the more interesting men produced by the american military with a supple mind that quickly adjusted to the new realities brought about by the collapse of the soviet empire philip caputo the new york times

key backlist politics politics continued memoir darfur a new history of a long war julie flint and alex dewaal african arguments 2008 336 pp 16 pp b&w illus $18.00 pb isbn 1-84277-950-8 isbn-13 978-1-84277-950-7 zed books pure goldwater john w dean and barry m goldwater jr this has happened an italian family in auschwitz piera sonnino translated by ann goldstein april 2009 224 pp 8 pp b/w illus $12.95 pb c$14.50 isbn 0-230-61399-3 isbn-13 978-0-230-61399-7 2008 416 pp 30 b&w photos $27.95 hc c$30.95 isbn 1-4039-7741-0 isbn-13 978-1-4039-7741-0 the new cold war putin s russia the threat to the west edward lucas 2008 272 pp $26.95 hc c$29.95 isbn 0-230-60612-1 isbn-13 978-0-230-60612-8 case of a lifetime a criminal defense lawyer s story abbe smith 2008 256 pp $24.95 hc c$27.95 isbn 0-230-60528-1 isbn-13 978-0-230-60528-2 green your place in the new energy revolution jane hoffman and michael hoffman 2008 272 pp $15.95 pb c$17.95 isbn 0-230-60544-3 isbn-13

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