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few westerners will ever be able to understand muslim or afghan society unless they are part of a muslim family twenty years old and in love phyllis chesler a jewish-american girl from brooklyn embarked on an adventure that has lasted for more than a half-century in 1961 when she arrived in kabul with her afghan bridegroom authorities took away her american passport chesler was now the property of her husband s family and had no rights of citizenship back in afghanistan her husband a wealthy westernized foreign college student with dreams of reforming his country reverted to traditional and tribal customs chesler found herself unexpectedly trapped in a posh polygamous family with no chance of escape she fought against her seclusion and lack of freedom her afghan family s attempts to convert her from judaism to islam and her husband s wish to permanently tie her to the country through childbirth drawing upon her personal diaries chesler recounts her ordeal the nature of gender

the talent mandate why smart companies put people first andrew benett an insightful argument for why ceos need to retake the reins of talent marketing · national print and broadcast publicity · author speaking engagements · marketing coordination with havas worldwide · online marketing campaign our employees are our greatest asset it s a cliché companies feel obliged to spout some may even believe it but as with eating healthy food and getting exercise lip-service doesn t make goals come true in this groundbreaking book andrew benett explores how truly talent centric organizations thrive in today s changing economy based on original research and in-depth interviews with outstanding leaders of talent-driven organizations such as zappos dreamworks animation skg nestle dow chemical the motley fool answerlab and more benett uncovers emerging trends and benchmarks and shows why it is so important to invest in and develop tomorrow s talent readers will come away with a clear lesson

what chinese want culture communism and the modern chinese consumer tom doctoroff an invaluable primer on the culture and buying patterns of the chinese fortune brilliantly written colorful witty and well signposted financial times i highly recommend the landmark and essential book what chinese want by tom doctoroff to any business leaders entrepreneurs public officials trade organizations and members of the general public who are seeking a deeper and more profound understanding of the chinese market and its consumers than is found anywhere else business world now in paperback marketing · national print and broadcast publicity · marketing coordination with j walter thompson · blog outreach today most americans take for granted that china will be the next global superpower but despite the nation s growing influence the average chinese person is still a mystery to most of us or at best a baffling set of seeming contradictions here tom doctoroff the guiding force of

the famine plot england s role in ireland s greatest tragedy tim pat coogan to many mr coogan [is the voice of modern irish history makes a compelling case for why we should revisit our current understanding of [the famine the economist horrific heart-breaking detail backed up by impressive research coogan s examining the moral dimensions of [england s policies and how they fueled the horrors on the ground represents his greatest contribution the boston globe acclaimed irish historian coogan opens up the truth about the irish potato famine and it s uglier than you thought the full story is just now unfolding this book is a great start kirkus reviews now in paperback marketing · national print and broadcast publicity · online marketing campaign · blog outreach history isbn 978-1-137-27883-8 $17.00 pb c$19.00 61/8 x 91/4 288 pp includes 8-page b&w insert hc isbn 978-0-230-10952-0 during a biblical seven years in the middle of the nineteenth century fully a

before john f kennedy became a legendary young president he was the junior senator from massachusetts the senate was where jfk s presidential ambitions were born and first realized in the first book to deal exclusively with jfk s senate years author john t shaw looks at how the young senator was able to catapult himself on the national stage tip o neill once quipped that kennedy received more publicity for less accomplishment than anyone in congress but o neill didn t understand that kennedy saw a different path to congressional influence and ultimately the presidency unlike lyndon johnson the democratic leader in the senate jfk never aspired to be the master of the senate who made deals and kept the institution under his control instead he envisioned himself as a historianscholar-statesman in the mold of his hero winston churchill which he realized with the 1957 publication of profiles of courage that earned jfk a pulitzer prize and public limelight smart dashing irreverent and

cartel the coming invasion of mexico s drug wars sylvia longmire one-stop shopping for basic knowledge about us-mexican narcotics diplomacy kirkus reviews in cartel sylvia longmire furthers our understanding of a very complex health and national security issue south of the border and within the united states itself malcolm beith author of the last narco now in paperback marketing · national print and broadcast publicity · online marketing campaign · blog outreach the drug war has claimed thousands of lives in mexico and now the violence has crossed the border into the united states nearly 40,000 people have already lost their lives south of the border and now the cartels have moved their operations north and into our cities having followed mexico s cartels for years security expert sylvia longmire takes us deep into the heart of their world to witness a dangerous underground where people will do whatever it takes to deliver drugs to willing american consumers including using

the world has always been fascinated with ancient egypt when the romans conquered egypt it was really egypt that conquered the romans cleopatra captivated both caesar and marc antony and soon roman ladies were worshipping isis and wearing vials of nile water around their necks what is it about ancient egypt that breeds such obsession and imitation egyptomania explores the burning fascination with all things egyptian and the events that fanned the flames from ancient times to napoleon s egyptian campaign to the discovery of tutankhamen s tomb by howard carter in the 1920s for forty years bob brier one of the world s foremost egyptologists has been amassing one of the largest collections of egyptian memorabilia and seeking to understand the pull of ancient egypt on our world today in this original and groundbreaking book with twenty-four pages of color photos from the author s collection he explores our three-thousandyear-old fixation with recovering egyptian culture and its meaning he

the meaningful brand how strong brands make more money nigel hollis why a meaningful different salient brand is key to unlocking financial value growth in today s hypercompetitive marketplace marketing · national print and broadcast publicity · marketing coordination with millward brown · online marketing campaign · blog outreach business finance isbn 978-0-230-34226-2 $28.00 hc c$32.00 61/8 x 91/4 240 pp why do consumers pay a premium price for a brand is it better quality the look and feel or is it the brand s social standing author nigel hollis believes the answer to all those questions is yes yet the vast majority of brands today trade on past equity and transient buzz and marketers focus on plan execution rather than creating meaningful differentiation rooted in the brand experience this lack of meaning is creating a market full of commodities rather than products that instill loyalty but loyalty i.e repeat business is the key to long term success and that requires

the new democrats and the return to power al from foreword by bill clinton from the founder of the influential democratic leadership council a behind-the-scenes look at the rise of the new democrats and how they built the foundation for a new generation of progressive leaders it would be hard to think of a single american citizen who as a private citizen has had a more positive impact on the progress of american life in the past 25 years than al from bill clinton marketing · national print and broadcast publicity · marketing coordination with the democratic leadership council · online marketing campaign after barack obama s solid win in the 2012 election it s easy to forget that there was a time not long ago when the democrats were shut out of power for over a decade but al from remembers in 1984 he led a small band of governors us senators and members of congress to organize the democratic leadership council dlc their mission to rescue the party from the political wilderness

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