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praise for the third industrial revolution jeremy rifkin argues that green energy and the internet will revolutionize society and the environment with the european union already on board this is a big idea with backbone nature an indispensable roadmap arianna huffington the capitalist era is passing not quickly but inevitably rising in its wake is a new global collaborative commons that will fundamentally transform our way of life ironically capitalism s demise is not coming at the hands of hostile external forces rather the zero marginal cost society argues capitalism is a victim of its own success intense competition across sectors of the economy is forcing the introduction of ever newer technologies bestselling author jeremy rifkin explains that this competition is boosting productivity to its optimal point where the marginal cost of producing additional units is nearly zero which makes the product essentially free in turn profits are drying up property ownership is becoming

predictive leadership avoiding the 12 critical mistakes that derail growth-hungry companies kirk dando leadership and growth expert kirk dando points out the most common mistakes successful businesses make while scaling up and how to avoid them marketing · national print and broadcast publicity · author speaking engagements · marketing coordination with dando advisors · social media campaign · online marketing campaign surprisingly most companies fail not because demand is low or conditions are difficult but simply because they don t know how to manage nurture or even maintain their own growth and success at each developmental stage they become vulnerable to chaos no matter how strong or expert their leaders most leaders feel a sense of isolation assuming they have to know it all and end up making critical mistakes dando calls these critical mistakes the 12 warning signs of success and he helps leaders across industries identify anticipate and avoid them on the way from

persian pictures from the mountains to the sea gertrude bell celebrated writer gertrude bell shares her journeys through persia and its inspiration on her life s work marketing · national print publicity · online marketing campaign · blog outreach her remarkable intellectual abilities and masculine demeanour make persian pictures all the more interesting geoffrey nash author of from empire to orient travellers to the middle east travel isbn 978-1-78076-692-8 $17.95 pb c$19.95 5 x 7¾ 208 pp when gertrude bell s uncle was appointed minister in tehran in 1891 she declared that the great ambition of her life was to visit persia several months later she did and so began a lifetime of travel and a lifelong enchantment with what she saw as the romance of the east which evolved into a deep understanding of its cultures and people originally published in 1894 and then reprinted in 2005 this updated edition features a new foreword by acclaimed author janet wallach of desert queen the

the rise of the new east business strategies for success in a world of increasing complexity ben simpfendorfer influential author and financial times columnist ben simpfendorfer on the next generation of thinking on the east and how business leaders can operate in a world in which there is no east and west marketing · national print and broadcast publicity · author speaking engagements · marketing coordination with silk road associates taking the reader on a tour of the fast-changing east the rise of the new east provides simple business strategies for dealing with the world s growing complexity from china to india to dubai powerfully disruptive forces have resulted from the east s resurgence and the clash of these forces has had unexpected economic political and social outcomes influential author ben simpfendorfer leads the next generation of commentary on emerging markets to take it beyond simple straight-line outcomes arguing that the business world should respond to the

the wealth choice success secrets of black millionaires dennis kimbro kimbro aims to empower encourage and educate readers to rethink their relationships with money filled with good advice this faith-based primer will cheer readers up and on success magazine readers of all races and ethnicities will appreciate these inspiring stories and insights on overcoming obstacles and achieving wealth booklist now in paperback marketing · national print and broadcast publicity · author speaking engagements · marketing coordination with napoleon hill foundation · online marketing campaign approximately 35 percent of african americans had no measurable assets in 2009 and 24 percent of these same households had only a motor vehicle dennis kimbro observing how the weight of the continuing housing and credit crises disproportionately impacts the african american community takes a sharp look at a carefully cultivated group of individuals who ve scaled the heights of success and how others

sicily a literary guide for travellers andrew edwards and suzanne edwards the first literary guide to sicily told through the collective voice of the famous writers who made an indelible mark on the popular island marketing · national print and broadcast publicity · online marketing campaign · blog outreach rising up from the heart of the mediterranean sicily has a rich and ancient history spanning over 2,000 years a bounty prized by invaders from the greeks romans and vandals to the byzantines arabs and normans sicily s violently beautiful landscapes are haunted by a vibrant mix of cultures and her soil has always been fertile ground for the literary and artistic imagination this compelling guide uncovers the island s multifaceted personality through the experiences of those literary figures who have managed to get under her skin including pindar cicero aeschylus shakespeare cervantes dh lawrence coleridge oscar wilde truman capote tennessee williams ezra pound and lawrence

the curve ahead discovering the path to unlimited company growth dave power how do you sustain growth in a company and become as successful as google or facebook marketing · national print and broadcast publicity · author speaking engagements · social media campaign · online marketing campaign why do most growth companies stop growing what can their leaders do to overcome the barriers to growth the curve ahead tackles these questions focusing in on gazelles defined as high-growth companies that grow revenue 20 percent annually their challenge is to transition from entrepreneurial focus to a repeatable process for innovation and sustained growth and the stakes are high the curve ahead utilizes the power of storytelling to teach company leaders how to sustain longterm growth dave power explores examples of the curve in many relevant companies including lojack which soared to success only to be brought down by competitors such as onstar myspace which was quickly overshadowed by

the new rules of retail competing in the world s toughest marketplace robin lewis and michael dart a second fully revised edition of the essential guide to the modern retail industry there is not a more crucial time to assess the current retail model and explore creative alternatives in driving the success than there is today a credible insider in our industry kenneth cole marketing · national print and broadcast publicity · online marketing campaign · blog outreach · social media campaign business isbn 978-1-137-27926-2 $27.00 hc c$31.00 61/8 x 91/4 272 pp second edition in the new rules of retail industry gurus robin lewis and michael dart explained how unprecedented consumer power enabled by technology and globalization is revolutionizing retail they warned that survival in these dynamic times called for a business model based on three distinct competencies preemptive perpetual distribution a neurological customer connection and total control of the value chain in the years

death in the baltic the world war ii sinking of the wilhelm gustloff cathryn j prince in describing the experiences of survivors whom she has been adept in tracing cathryn prince gives voices to `ordinary people who suffered during extraordinary times and does so with scrupulous empathy an engaging study of a shocking tragedy now in paperback marketing · national print and broadcast publicity · online marketing campaign · blog outreach the spectator kirkus reviews winner of the 2013 military writers society founders award january 1945 the outcome of world war ii has been determined the third reich is in free fall as the russians close in from the east berlin plans an eleventh-hour exodus for the german civilians trapped in the red army s way more than 10,000 women children sick and elderly pack aboard the wilhelm gustloff a former cruise ship soon after the ship leaves port three soviet torpedoes strike it inflicting catastrophic damage and throwing passengers into the

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