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we re all familiar with choice overload whether on a trip to the grocery store or while flipping through satellite tv channels and while it s human to want all of the options the surprising truth is that the more choice we have the less satisfied we are and nowhere is this more true or more dangerous than in our investments despite the troubled global economy there are tens of thousands of mutual funds hedge funds exchange-traded funds and other vehicles waiting to take your money for help individual and institutional investors alike turn to financial managers though they are often no better equipped than the average person to assess and manage risk in the investor s paradox hedge fund expert brian portnoy explains how to sift through today s diverse investment choices and solve even the most daunting portfolio problems drawing on cutting-edge research in behavioral economics social psychology and choice theory portnoy lays bare the biases that interfere with good decision-making

archduke franz ferdinand lives a world without world war i richard ned lebow publishing for the world war i centennial an intellectually invigorating set of hypotheticals about the twentieth century had we been smart enough to avoid wwi the great war claimed nearly 40 million lives and set the stage for world war ii the holocaust and the cold war one hundred years later historians are beginning to recognize how unnecessary it was in archduke franz ferdinand lives acclaimed political psychologist richard ned lebow examines the chain of events that led to war and what could reasonably have been done differently to avoid it in this highly original and intellectually challenging book he constructs plausible worlds some better some worse that might have developed he illustrates them with what-if biographies of politicians scientists religious leaders artists painters and writers sports figures and celebrities including scenarios where there is no israel neither john kennedy nor barack

song of the vikings snorri and the making of norse myths nancy marie brown the most influential writer of the middle ages wasn t chaucer or malory or the writers of arthurian romances but a politically powerful icelander called snorri sturluson song of the vikings puts the works and the man together his life deserves to be better known thomas shippey the wall street journal an important undertaking the first english-language book published on snorri in 30 years readers will feel affected by the loss of this powerful and complicated man kirkus reviews now in paperback marketing · national print and broadcast publicity · online marketing campaign · blog outreach history isbn 978-1-137-27887-6 $17.00 pb c$19.00 61/8 x 91/4 256 pp 17 b/w illus interspersed hc 978-0-230-33884-5 an indie next pick for december 2012 song of the vikings brings to life snorri sturluson wealthy chieftain wily politician witty storyteller and the sole source of viking lore for all of

resurgence the four stages of market-focused reinvention gregory s carpenter gary f gebhardt and john f sherry jr a proven procedure for companies to successfully reinvent themselves and even eclipse their past success marketing · national print and broadcast publicity · author speaking engagements · online marketing campaign · blog outreach based on a multi-year study with several large companies resurgence reveals how some of the most interesting and notable brands in the world have managed to stage remarkably successful comebacks following periods of decline the core of this book is a smart simple four-part framework for reinvention plus compelling advice distilled for general business readers yet it also features fascinating insider accounts of the change process with stories from a core group of leaders at companies such as motorola alberto culver harley-davidson and others as they considered the question how do we reinvent a firm that does not recognize the need for radical

the silk road china and the karakorum highway jonathan tucker a beautifully illustrated guide for travelers interested in exploring one of the most wellknown routes on the silk road now in paperback marketing · national print publicity · online marketing campaign · blog outreach this beautifully illustrated book is intended as background reading for travelers on one of the most popular sections of the silk road the xian to kashgar route through china linking with the karakorum highway through northern pakistan the ancient trade routes between europe and the orient specifically between rome and the old chinese capital of xian endured for almost two thousand years along with trade goods came new ideas religions medical knowledge and scientific and technological innovations passed in both directions and the silk road became a great network of veins and arteries carrying the life-blood of nations across the known world the silk road is a concise more portable version of jonathan tucker

defending the city of god a medieval queen the first crusades and the quest for peace in jerusalem sharan newman a fresh and highly accessible history of the holy lands during the middle ages revealing a rich and diverse culture and the fight to save jerusalem from the crusaders jerusalem sits at the crossroads of three continents and has been continuously invaded for millennia yet in the middle of one of the region s most violent eras the crusades an amazing multicultural world was forming templar knights muslim peasants turkish caliphs jewish merchants and the native christians along with the children of the first crusaders blended cultures while struggling to survive in a land constantly at war defending the city of god explores this fascinating and forgotten world and how a group of sisters daughters of the king of jerusalem whose supporters included grand masters of the templars and armenian clerics held together the fragile treaties understandings and marriages that allowed for

love in bloomsbury frances partridge the longest living member of the bloomsbury group frances partridge recounts her vivid victorian upbringing and the infamous star-crossed quartet marketing · national print publicity · online marketing campaign · blog outreach her diaries were distinguished by the honesty humour and plain curiosity about human nature that were the outstanding qualities of frances partridge s writing the independent a writer blessed with style and an unflinching gaze her diaries and memoirs provide a vivid engaging and often touching account of a way of life that now seems impossibly remote the daily telegraph memoir isbn 978-1-78076-690-4 $18.00 pb c$20.00 5 x 7¾ 256 pp 8 pp b/w insert the bloomsbury group was as well known for its love affairs as for the work that was produced by its members of all the romantic entanglements the love quadrangle between frances partridge her husband ralph partridge his first wife dora and lytton strachey was one of

beauty queen inside the reign of avon s andrea jung deborrah himsel an inside look at the rise and fall of former avon ceo andrea jung and what it can teach us about twenty-first century leadership marketing · national print and broadcast publicity · author speaking engagements · social media campaign · online marketing campaign · blog outreach 32 business isbn 978-1-137-27882-1 $26.00 hc c$30.00 61/8 x 91/4 240

kipling and the sea voyages and discoveries from north atlantic to south rudyard kipling edited by andrew lycett available for the first time the complete collection of rudyard kipling s nautical voyages marketing · national print publicity · online marketing campaign · blog outreach kipling may be best known as a commentator on the british empire but he was also a vivid observer and chronicler of the sea and of ships and all who sailed in them for him the sea was the glue which bound the british empire together so kipling wrote copiously about his own voyages to india across the pacific and atlantic down to south africa and australia and about the voyages of others sailors were particular heroes of his as adventurers who braved every kind of element and danger in order to reach distant lands in writing about them he was enthralled by the romance of the sea touching on everything from pirates to technical changes in ships at all stages of his life kipling peppered his many letters

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