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the invention of numerals is perhaps the greatest abstraction the human mind has ever created virtually everything in our lives is digital numerical or quantified the story of how and where we got these numerals which we so depend on has for thousands of years been shrouded in mystery finding zero is an adventure filled saga of amir aczel s lifelong obsession to find the original sources of our numerals aczel has doggedly crisscrossed the ancient world scouring dusty moldy texts cross examining so-called scholars who offered wildly differing sets of facts and ultimately penetrating deep into a cambodian jungle to find a definitive proof here he takes the reader along for the ride the history begins with the early babylonian cuneiform numbers followed by the later greek and roman letter numerals then aczel asks the key question where do the numbers we use today the so-called hindu-arabic numerals come from it is this search that leads him to explore uncharted territory to go on a grand

demokrasi indonesia in the 21st century hamish mcdonald a sweeping look at modern indonesia a rising economic and political force in the world indonesia a nation of thousands of islands and almost 250 million people straddles the junction of the pacific and indian oceans current president susilo bambang yudhoyono has presided over 6 per cent average yearly growth of its economy to surpass $1 trillion if this rate continues indonesia will join the world s ten biggest economies in a decade or so just behind the so-called bric countries the much-discussed recent documentary the act of killing revived some of its darker past and barack obama s reminiscences about the childhood years he spent there briefly shone the spotlight on a country many americans know little about yet as indonesia approaches its 2014 parliamentary and presidential elections its future is wide open though the largest muslim nation by population it remains a receiver of wisdom from the arab world rather than a

operation chowhound the most risky most glorious us bomber mission of wwii stephen dando-collins the true story of a little-known yet remarkable world war ii operation which had all the hallmarks of a suicide mission beginning with a crazy plan hatched by a suspect prince and an even crazier reliance on the word of the nazis operation chowhound was devised between may 1 and may 8 1945 2,268 military units flown by the usaaf dropped food to 3.5 million starving dutch civilians in german-occupied holland it took raw courage to fly on operation chowhound as american aircrews never knew when the german aaa might open fire on them or if luftwaffe fighters might jump them flying at 400 feet barely above the tree tops with guns pointed directly at them they would have no chance to bail out if their b-17s were hit and yet over eight days 120,000 german troops kept their word and never fired on the american bombers as they flew grateful dutch civilians spelled out thanks boys in the tulip

the liberty trap reclaim the american dream and stop squandering your freedom rick newman a lot of people complain about fading prosperity and lost opportunity without realizing they are forfeiting their own economic freedom this is a phenomenon known as the liberty trap americans are increasingly dismayed with a broken political system and the big institutions they blame for a darwinian economy in which it s getting harder to get ahead what they ve lost sight of is the importance of selfreliance and personal initiative in every individual s quest for prosperity the liberty trap pushes past the usual go-nowhere policy prescriptions to probe what ordinary people can do to build their own self-reliance and enhance their odds of success in a wry and entertaining narrative rick newman embarks on a quest to improve his own self-reliance by camping with doomsday preppers deconstructing the rugged individualist that politicians so often invoke and detailing the ways we unnecessarily

enemy in the east hitler s secret plans to invade the soviet union rolf-dieter müller using previously unpublished sources a behind the scenes look at the wehrmacht high command operation barbarossa hitler s invasion of the soviet union in 1941 led to one of the most brutal campaigns of world war ii of the estimated 70 million people who died in the war over 30 million died on the eastern front although it has previously been argued that the campaign was a pre-emptive strike in fact hitler had been planning a war of intervention against the ussr ever since he came to power in 1933 using previously unseen sources acclaimed military historian rolf-dieter müller shows that hitler and the wehrmacht had begun to negotiate with poland and had even considered an alliance with japan soon after taking power despite the signing of the molotov-ribbentrop pact at the declaration of war in september 1939 military engagement with the red army was still a very real and imminent possibility in

taft is the sort of leader finance needs as it emerges from the crisis matthew bishop new york bureau chief the economist after the crisis of 2008 the social contract between the financial industry and everyone else was badly broken perhaps it seemed irrevocably since then banks have paid out billion-dollar settlements and congress has passed some new laws but a deeper rapprochement is still missing john taft has gathered some of the greatest financial minds of our time to explore how the industry can harness the same creative energy that invented credit default swaps and channel it towards the public good in the form of a stable retirement system investment strategies that protect the environment and reward responsible corporate behavior and a financial industry with a culture of ethics integrity and client focus these perspectives from a who s who of leaders in the field offer a blueprint for a new kind of responsible finance that secures the future for everyone contributors

college disrupted the great unbundling of higher education ryan craig there is a revolution happening in higher education and this is how it s unfolding for nearly two decades pundits have been predicting the demise of higher education in the united states our colleges and universities will soon find themselves competing for students with universities from around the world with the advent of massive open online courses moocs over the past two years predictions that higher education will be the next industry to undergo disruption have become more frequent and fervent currently a university s reputation relies heavily on the four rs in which the most elite schools thrive rankings research real estate and rah i.e sports but for the majority of students who are not attending these elite institutions the four rs offer poor value for the expense of a college education craig sees the future of higher education in online degrees that unbundle course offerings to offer a true bottom

the game believes in you how games can make our kids smarter greg toppo usa today journalist and former public school teacher greg toppo defies the technologyresistant attitude of today s educators and shows how game designers are revolutionizing learning what if schools from the wealthiest suburban nursery school to the grittiest urban high school thrummed with the sounds of deep immersion more and more people believe that can happen with the aid of video games the game believes in you presents the story of a small group of visionaries who for the past 40 years have been pushing to get game controllers into the hands of learners among the game revolutionaries you ll meet in this book · a game designer at the university of southern california leading a team to design a video-game version of thoreau s walden pond · a young neuroscientist and game designer whose research on math without words is revolutionizing how the subject is taught especially to students with limited english

shocking paris soutine chagall and the outsiders of montparnasse stanley meisler a vivid look at the intense emigree art world of paris between the wars and two of its most striking figures russian jewish painter chaim soutine and his contemporary marc chagall for a couple of decades before world war ii a group of immigrant painters and sculptors including amedeo modigliani marc chagall chaim soutine and jules pascin dominated the new art scene of montparnasse in paris art critics gave them the name the school of paris to set them apart from the french-born and less talented young artists of the period modigliani and chagall eventually attained enormous worldwide popularity but in those earlier days most school of paris painters looked on soutine as their most talented contemporary willem de kooning proclaimed soutine his favorite painter and jackson pollack hailed him as a major influence soutine arrived in paris while many painters were experimenting with cubism but he had no time

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