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nbm/papercutz • october 2017 comics graphic novels horror guest edited by larry hama tales from the crypt #2 the classic horror series gets an all-new modern spin that will appeal to fans of everything from goosebumps to the walking dead edited by comics legend larry hama september nbm/papercutz comics graphic novels horror on sale 9/19/2017 ages 13 to 16 hardcover 96 pages 6.8 in w 10.3 in t carton quantity 0 isbn: 9781629916217 $17.99 $23.99 can also available tales from the crypt #1 the stalking dead 9781629914619 $17.99 24.99 can meet “etienne the strangler.” in medieval france he’s the massive brute that serves as the town’s executioner but what happens when he becomes out of control who executes the executioner when alice accidentally bumps a person in front of an oncoming subway train she thinks she ll get away with it until she has to answer to “the ghost in the closet.” in a conan-like tale of sword-and-sorcery

charmz • december 2017 juvenile fiction comics graphic novels created by cathy cassidy written by veronique grisseaux art by anna merli sweeties #2 “summer/coco” the spotlight switches to two more of the tanberry sisters what s going on with summer and coco december charmz juvenile fiction comics graphic novels on sale 12/26/2017 ages 10 to 14 trade paperback 96 pages 9 in h 6 in w carton quantity 50 isbn: 9781629918372 $9.99 $13.99 can also available the story of the sweetest family around continues in this volume readers will meet summer and coco tanberry summer’s trying out for a prestigious ballet school but no one not even her own twin sister really seems to understand how much pressure she faces no one except for her friend tommy anyway then there’s the youngest sister coco she’s a friend to all animals but when her favorite horse is sold coco is devastated how can she be sure he’s in good hands now based on the popular

papercutz • september 2017 juvenile fiction comics graphic novels media tie-in stefan petrucha allen gladfelter hotel transylvania graphic novel vol 1 “kakieland catastrophe checking in here s a treat for halloween all-new graphic novel set between the hit films the debut hotel transylvania graphic novel based on the movies horror author stephen cling visits hotel transylvania to try and prove monsters are still dangerous dracula his daughter and her family and the drac pack are anything but however when a human child goes missing it is up to drac mavis and the rest of the hotel crew to locate the child before their monstrous reputation gets them chased out of town september stefan petrucha is the author of such ya series as papercutz juvenile fiction comics graphic novels media tie-in on sale 9/12/2017 timetripper split and the rule of won as well as nancy drew diaries power rangers papercutz slices ages 7 to 11 hardcover 64 pages 6 in w 9 in t carton quantity

papercutz • november 2017 juvenile fiction comics graphic novels peyo the smurfs friends #3 it s another great collection of peyo rarities including the first appearance of peewit and a smurfs tale that s perfectly timed for the holidays johan’s sidekick the now-court jester peewit debuts in “the goblin of rocky wood.” the smurfs celebrate yuletide festivities and benny breakiron must complete twelve daunting tasks to win land for a trusted friend in “the twelve trials of benny breakiron.” plus more smurfs and pussycat gags november papercutz juvenile fiction comics graphic novels on sale 11/7/2017 ages 7 to 11 hardcover 192 pages 11 in h 8.5 in w carton quantity 0 isbn: 9781629918105 $24.99 $34.99 can also available the smurfs friends #2 9781629916422 $24.99 34.99 can smurfs friends the 9781629911991 $19.99 22.99 can 56 pierre culliford born in belgium in 1928 was the cartoonist known as peyo peyo began his career working with some

papercutz • november 2017 juvenile fiction comics graphic novels marketing early arc mailing – to capture kirkus foreward reviews and other long leads print advertising in pw book trailer on youtube major trade and consumer promotion at ala comiccon international baltimore comiccon brooklyn book fair new york comiccon and miami book fair

papercutz • december 2017 juvenile fiction comics graphic novels media tie-in marketing print advertising in pw and slj cross-promotion with other barbie licensees cross promotional campaign with dreamworks tied to tv series launch comiccon international bbf nycc mbf other consumer shows featured in booth

papercutz • december 2017 juvenile fiction comics graphic novels thea stilton ryan jampole thea stilton graphic novels #8 “ the thea sisters and the big storm” extreme weather tests the survival skills of the thea sisters thea stilton sends colette paulina violet pamela and nicky on a school project exploring in and around whale island in search of treasure when a bad storm interrupts their scavenger hunt separated the thea sisters must rely on their individual knowledge and skills to make it through the storm and realize the true treasure is being themselves thea stilton writes for the rodent s gazette mouse december island s most famouse newspaper which is edited by her papercutz juvenile fiction comics graphic novels on sale 12/26/2017 from mouseford academy and is a visiting professor of ages 7 to 11 hardcover 56 pages 9 in h 6.5 in w carton quantity 0 famouse brother geronimo stilton ms stilton graduated journalism today she is the author of numerous

index artibani francesco x-mickey #3 the thirteenth piano .52 54 barbie #4 sarah kuhn 36 38 cassidy cathy sweeties #2 “summer/coco” 22 24 cazanove christophe sea creatures #3 “shell life” 40 chloe #2 the new girl greg tessier 14 16 davis jim the garfield show #7 “desperately seeking pooky” desperately seeking pooky 25 disney great parodies #2 planetary wars guido martina .68 70 disney minnie and daisy #3 don’t send that text 48 50 dracula marries frankenstein an anne of green bagels story susan schade 41 esquivel eric nickelodeon pandemonium #4 77 80 gaines bill tales from the crypt #2 2 gallaher david high moon vol 1 “bullet holes and bite marks” bullet holes and bite marks 6 8 garfield