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picador august 2013 the scientists a family romance marco roth riveting part mystery part tragedy part spiritual and intellectual autobiography it s beautifully written and as honest as a book can be chad harbach author of the art of fielding a gorgeous memoir no one will be able to put down mary karr author of lit biography autobiography personal memoirs picador 8/27/2013 9781250039453 $15.00 $17.00 can paperback softback 208 pages carton qty 36 5.500 in w 8.250 in h 0.500 in t subrights brit union books trans dram elyse cheney literary associates audio fsg other available formats hardcover isbn 9780374210281 ebook isbn 9781466825840 marketing the precocious only child of a doctor and a classical musician marco roth was able to share his parents new york theirs was a world that revolved around house concerts a private library of literary classics and discussions of the latest advances in medicine and one that ended when marco s father started to suffer the worst

picador september 2013 our harsh logic israeli soldiers testimonies from the occupied territories 2000 2010 breaking the silence israeli soldiers speak out for the first time about the truth of the palestinian occupation in one of the most important books on israel/palestine in this generation new york review of books the very name of the israel defense forces suggests that its primary mission is the defense of the country s territory indeed both internationally and within israel support for the occupation of palestinian territory rests on the belief that the army s actions and presence in the west bank and gaza are essentially defensive and responsive aimed at protecting the country from terror but israeli soldiers themselves tell a profoundly different story in this landmark work which includes more than a hundred soldiers testimonies collected over a decade what emerges is a broad policy that is as much offensive as defensive in their own words the soldiers reveal in human and

picador september 2013 it s fine by me per petterson translated by don bartlett an inspiring insightful coming-of-age tale from the bestselling author of out stealing horses fans of per petterson s other books in english will be delighted by this opportunity to observe arvid jansen in his youth from a fresh perspective in it s fine by me arvid befriends a boy named audun on audun s first day of school he refuses to talk or take off his sunglasses there are stories he would prefer to keep to himself audun lives with his mother in a working-class district of oslo he delivers newspapers and talks for hours about jack london and ernest hemingway with arvid but he s not sure that school is the right path for him and feels that life holds other possibilities sometimes tender sometimes brutal it s fine by me is a brilliant novel from the acclaimed author of out stealing horses and i curse the river of time praise fiction literary picador 9/24/2013 9780312595340 $15.00 paperback softback

picador october 2013 the cursing mommy s book of days a novel ian frazier a hilarious and delightfully profane novel about the daily frustrations of family life based on his widely read columns for the new yorker ian frazier s uproarious first novel the cursing mommy s book of days centers on a profoundly memorable character sprung from an impressively fertile imagination structured as a daybook of sorts the book follows the cursing mommy beleaguered wife of larry and mother of two young boys as she offers tips on how to do various tasks around the home only to end up on the ground cursing surrounded by broken glass her voice is somewhere between phyllis diller s and sylvia plath s a hilariously desperate housewife with a taste for swearing and large glasses of red wine who speaks to the frustrations of everyday life in the cursing mommy s book of days frazier colors his fiction with grace and aplomb as well as an extra helping of his trademark wicked wit the cursing mommy s failures

picador october 2013 the good house a novel ann leary new york times and usa today bestseller a riveting novel in which an engaging irreverant woman is in complete denial about herself her drinking and her love for a man she s known all her life the good house tells the story of hildy good who lives in a small town on boston s north shore hildy is a successful real-estate broker good neighbor mother and grandmother she s also a raging alcoholic hildy s family held an intervention for her about a year before this story takes place if they invite you over for dinner and it s not a major holiday she advises run for your life and now she feels lonely and unjustly persecuted she has also fooled herself into thinking that moderation is the key to her drinking problem as if battling her demons wasn t enough to keep her busy hildy soon finds herself embroiled in the underbelly of her new england town a craggy little place that harbors secrets there s a scandal some mysticism babies old

picador october 2013 the heat of the sun a novel david rain an exuberant debut that sweeps across the twentieth century beginning where the famous love story madame butterfly left off to introduce us to another with sophie tucker belting from his hand-crank phonograph and a circle of boarding-school admirers surrounding him ben trouble pinkerton first introduces himself to his orphaned schoolmate woodley sharpless and changes the boy s life forever the son of lieutenant benjamin pinkerton and the geisha madame butterfly trouble is being raised in the united states by his father now an american senator and his american wife kate although over time trouble s and woodley s paths diverge they also collide to dramatic effect from greenwich village in the roaring twenties to wpa labor during the great depression and from secret work at los alamos to a revelation on a nagasaki hillside by the sea the heat of the sun is a high-wire act of sustained invention as playful as it is ambitious as

picador november 2013 winter journal paul auster from the acclaimed novelist comes a new york times bestselling meditation on the body time and language itself that is where the story begins in your body and everything will end in the body as well facing his sixty-third winter internationally acclaimed novelist paul auster sits down to write a history of his body and its sensations both pleasurable and painful biography autobiography literary picador 11/5/2013 9781250009098 $15.00 paperback softback 240 pages carton qty 32 5.500 in w 8.250 in h subrights brit trans dram carol mann agency 1st ser 2nd ser audio electronic reprint holt other available formats audio isbn 9781427225764 hardcover isbn 9780805095531 mass market isbn 9781250035752 ebook isbn 9780805095562 marketing thirty years after the publication of the invention of solitude in which he wrote so movingly about fatherhood auster gives us another unconventional highly personal piece of writing in which he

picador november 2013 great expectations the sons and daughters of charles dickens robert gottlieb the strange and varied lives of the ten children of the world s most-beloved victorian novelist charles dickens famous for the indelible child characters he created from little nell to oliver twist and david copperfield was also the father of ten children and a possible eleventh what happened to those children is the fascinating subject of robert gottlieb s great expectations with sympathy and understanding he narrates the highly various and surprising stories of each of dickens s sons and daughters from kate who became a successful artist to frank who died in moline illinois after serving a grim stretch in the royal canadian mounted police each of these lives is fascinating on its own together they comprise a unique window into victorian england as well as a moving and disturbing study of dickens as a father and as a man praise biography autobiography literary picador 11/26/2013

picador june 1998 emma who saved my life a novel wilton barnhardt big funny engaging unsentimental delightful new york post this is an immensely winning book thomas mallon los angeles times book review wilton barnhardt s novel of coming of age in new york city brims with energy surprise irresistible humor and the heady rush of youth its hero gil freeman a midwestern aspiring actor comes to the city in search of stardom but instead encounters the perils of alphabet city the desperation of off-off-off-broadway theater and the exhilarating exasperating absolutely unique emma around whom his life comes to turn charming and engaging quintessentially american emma who saved my life is one of the extraordinary fiction debuts of our time praise fiction coming of age picador 9780312191184 $16.00 $18.50 can paperback softback 496 pages carton qty 16 5.350 in w 7.780 in h 1.305 in t other available formats ebook isbn 9781250047212 with a polished assurance rare in a first novel wilton

picador movietie -i n june 2013 as cool as i am movie tie-in edition a novel pete fromm now a major motion picture starring claire danes james marsden and sarah bolger pete fromm is one of america s best-kept literary secrets thom jones as a teenager pretty much left to raise herself while her parents struggle to do the same lucy diamond is a narrator with a radiant yet guarded heart as she races at breakneck space toward womanhood everything is at stake for her producing an urgency and dread that she holds at bay with humor and grace but while lucy charges ahead her mother s youth is fading providing juxtaposition steeped with tension and love simultaneously embracing and resisting their similarities both women s emotional vulnerabilities and their deep need for each other are revealed conveyed through dialogue that is both laugh-aloud funny and true lucy s character will stand out in the canon of contemporary literature for her large heart and inimitable grit praise fiction

index affairs of others the a novel amy grace loyd 2 as cool as i am movie tie-in edition a novel pete fromm 34 at home in the world a memoir joyce maynard 35 auster paul day/night travels in the scriptorium and man in the dark 25 auster paul winter journal 24 barnhardt wilton emma who saved my life a novel 31 barnhardt wilton gospel a novel 30 barnhardt wilton show world a novel 33 binelli mark detroit city is the place to be the afterlife of an american metropolis 22 bolaƱo roberto woes of the true policeman 19 book of men the eighty writers on how to be a man 32 breaking the silence our harsh logic israeli soldiers testimonies from the occupied territories 2000 2010 8 cloudstreet a novel tim winton 29