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picador paperbackoriginal april 2014 the bridesmaids true tales of love envy loyalty and terrible dresses eimear lynch series editor hanya yanagihara what do a former fashion model an exnun and a frat boy have in common virtually nothing except that each has been a bridesmaid each year 11 million bridesmaids lead their best friends down the aisle most wear matching dresses and nearly all have a thing or two to say about the bride in this uproarious oral history editor and journalist eimear lynch offers us an intimate glimpse at the moments the wedding photographer failed to capture from the accidental bridesmaid who helped sew the bride into her designer gown to the tomboy who struggled to carry princess diana s twentyfive foot train the bridesmaids lifts the veil on the big day opening with her own experiences as a fivetime maid eimear gives us stories that are by turns heartfelt funny scandalous and sometimes downright strange an ode to the good the bad the strapless chiffon

picador may 2014 the devil in her way a novel bill loehfelm maureen coughlin is the most engaging cop to battle the bad guys of the crescent city since james lee burke s dave robicheaux in bill loehfelm s exhilerating sequel to the devil she knows loehfelm s storytelling shines amid the muted action and the nuance the story of maureen coughlin in new orleans the most engaging cop to battle the bad guys of the crescent city since james lee burke s dave robicheaux has just begun the new orleans timespicayune maureen coughlin s life has changed in more ways than one she has left staten island for a fresh start in new orleans as a newly minted member of the police force but her transition from cocktail waitress to cop hasn t been as seamless as she had hoped much to her commanding officer s amusement maureen kicks off her final week of field training by taking a punch to the face as a panicked suspect flees an apartment building leaving behind several guns and a stash of pot but out

picador may 2014 a chance to win an excon a little league team and the quest to redeem an american city jonathan schuppe a pulitzer prize­winning journalist follows an embattled little league team in innercity newark revealing the complex realities of life in one of america s most dangerous cities when rodney mason an excon drug dealer from newark s rough south ward was shot and paralyzed he vowed to turn his life around a former highschool pitching ace with a 93 mph fastball mason decided to form a little league team to help boys avoid the street life that had claimed his youth and mobility predictably the players struggle they endure poverty unstable family lives with few positive male role models failing schools and dangerous neighborhoods but through the fists and tears lopsided losses and rare victories this bunch of misfits becomes a team and in doing so gives the community something to root for with indepth reporting fascinating characters and vivid prose jonathan schuppe s

picador may 2014 the looking glass brother the preposterous moving hilarious and frequently terrifying story of my gilded age long island family my philandering father and the homeless stepbrother who shares my name peter von ziegesar the fascinating true story of peter von ziegesar s life of privilege mirrored by that of his half brother of the same name a homeless schizophrenic man and former violin prodigy biography autobiography personal memoirs picador 5/27/2014 9781250050144 $16.00 $18.50 can paperback softback 336 pages carton qty 5.500 in w 8.250 in h 1.000 lb wt subrights u.k rights st martin s press translation rights st martin s press other available formats hardcover isbn 9780312592981 ebook isbn 9781429989909 marketing · next selection · national print and online coverage · select author events · digital marketing targeted outreach to leading literary sites reading group promotion and online reading group guide www.petervonziegesar.com peter von ziegesar had

picador may 2014 horace and me life lessons from an ancient poet harry eyres a wise and witty revival of the roman poet who taught us how to carpe diem how do we fill the void created by the excesses of a superficial society how do we confront the inevitability of death in horace and me life lessons from an ancient poet poet and critic harry eyres reexamines the roman poet horace s life legacy and verse with a light lyrical touch deployed in new fresh versions of some of horace s most famous odes and a keen critical eye eyres reveals a lively relevant horace whose society rome at the dawn of the empire is much more similar to our own than we might want to believe eyres s study is not only intriguing he retranslates horace s most famous phrase carpe diem as taste the day but enlivening through horace eyres meditates on how to live well mounts a convincing case for the importance of poetry and relates a moving tale of personal discovery by the end of this remarkable journey the reader

picador june 2014 the sunshine when she s gone a novel thea goodman a bold and funny novel about trust and love one frigid january morning in manhattan a new father racked by sleep deprivation decides to let his wife sleep in then spontaneously flees lower manhattan with the baby for a weekend in the caribbean it wasn t a kidnapping he wasn t leaving his wife he just wanted to spend a little time with the baby and give his wife a break when the wife awakes truly rested for the first time in nearly a year she feels great and embarks on a city adventure as misguided in its own way as her husband s impulsive escape told from the couple s alternating points of view the story unfolds across one lifechanging long weekend the wife tries to recapture who she was before the baby the husband struggles to care for his daughter far from the special homemade formula and highend diapers she requires parenting had seemed like such a doable idea until they tried to do it lucky highly educated

picador june 2014 the fire witness a novel lars kepler translated from the swedish by laura a wideburg the outrageously entertaining authors of the hypnotist and the nightmare deliver their most thrilling novel yet you ll need a dark swedish fix before the summer s out newsday flora hansen makes her living masquerading as a medium but when a young woman is murdered at a rural home for wayward girls hansen begins to suffer visions that are all too real she calls the police claiming to have seen a ghost but only one detective puts aside his skepticism long enough to listen joona linna the case seems clear on the face of it one of the girls escaped from the home in the middle of the night leaving behind a body in a bloody bed and a hammer under the pillow but hansen insists that the murder weapon was in fact a stone and something strange was discovered beneath the dead girl s fingernail a darkred grain of sand almost like a splinter from a ruby as linna refuses to accept the easy

picador july 2014 the art of joy a novel goliarda sapienza translated from the italian by anne milano appel foreword by angelo pellegrino the tumultuous twentieth century told through the life of a single extraordinary woman rejected by a series of publishers abandoned in a chest for twenty years goliarda sapienza s masterpiece the art of joy survived a turbulent path to publication it wasn t until 2005 when it was released in france that this novel received the recognition it deserves at last sapienza s remarkable book is available in english the art of joy centers on modesta a sicilian woman born in 1900 whose strength and character are an affront to conventional morality impoverished as a child modesta believes she is destined for a better life she is able through grace and intelligence to secure marriage to an aristocrat without compromising her own deeply felt values and revels in upsetting the rules of her fascist patriarchal society.this is the history of the twentieth century

picador newinpaperoverboard august 2014 the kills sutler the massive the kill and the hit richard house an epic masterwork of international intrigue set in the ashes of wartorn iraq naples italy and places in between the kills is an epic novel of crime and conspiracy told in four books it begins with a man on the run and ends with a burned body moving across continents characters and genres there won t be a more ambitious or exciting novel published in 2014 originally published in four separate volumes and as an innovatively enhanced ebook by picador in the great britrain the kills became a surprise hit garnering rave reviews and landing on the booker longlist when it was subsequently published as a hardcover fourinone omnibus · longlisted for the man booker prize · for readers of roberto bolaño john le carré and olen steinhauer praise fiction war military picador 8/5/2014 9781250052438 $35.00 hardback 1024 pages carton qty 12 6.125 in w 9.250 in h 1.000 lb wt subrights

picador august 2014 the woman before wallis prince edward the parisian courtesan and the perfect murder andrew rose a riveting the wall street journal story of seduction and murder in the 1920s featuring edward the future king of england his first love and the murder of an arab playboy never told before this is the story of edward the prince of wales future king of england and eventual duke of windsor his first great love and the murder of an arab playboy it takes place in luxurious châteaus in the french countryside in paris in the ritz amidst the demimonde and in the savoy hotel in london where the murder was committed this major royal scandal superbly covered up by the royal family the government and the british courts has remained secret ever since the woman before wallis is the fascinating result of several years research includes previously unpublished documents and photographs and serves as a vivid account of the social and political history of the era wall street journal

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