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picador newinhardcover january 2014 the exiles return a novel elisabeth de waal with a foreword by edmund de waal set in the ashes of post­world war ii vienna a powerful subtle novel of five people as they return home fifteen years after being exiled by hitler s deadly reign elisabeth de waal s stunning novel follows a number of exiles each returning has come to terms with a city in painful recovery kuno adler a jewish research scientist is tired of his drab existence in america theophil kanakis a wealthy greek businessman seeks to plunder some of the spoils of war marietheres a brooding teenage girl has been sent by her parents in hopes that the change of scene will shake her out of her funk and prince bimbo grein a handsome young man with a title divested of all its social currency in the exiles return de waal captures a city rebuilding and relearning its identity and the people who have to do the same with immaculate precision and sensitivity as mesmerizing as stefan zweig s

picador paperbackoriginal december 2013 the red pole of macau an ava lee novel ian hamilton ava lee returns to rescue her family from gangsters and bankruptcy in the third book in this seductive and intriguing bookgasm crime series family ties are stressed to the limit when intrepid forensic accountant ava lee must rescue her halfbrother michael and his business partner simon from a disastrous multimilliondollar realestate deal in macau when the developers turn out to be gangsters michael and simon are threatened with bankruptcy and much worse ava struggles to salvage the deal and her family s money but then simon is kidnapped and the rules of the game abruptly change determined to keep her mentor uncle out of the affair ava is forced to turn to a former client the cunning and seductive may ling wong for help with time running out ava must use all her skills to outwit the gangsters rescue simon and save her family s future · hamilton s ava lee series is steadily gaining many fans

picador backinprint newlyrepackaged january 2014 with child a novel laurie r king for the first time in trade paperback the third kate martinelli mystery by new york timesbestselling edgar award­winner laurie r king adrift in mistshrouded san francisco mornings and alcoholfogged nights homicide detective kate martinelli can t escape the void left by her departed lover who has gone off to rethink their relationship but when twelveyearold jules cameron comes to kate for a professional consultation kate s not sure she s that desperate for distraction jules is worried about her friend dio a homeless boy she met in a park dio has disappeared without a word of farewell and jules wants kate to find him reluctant as she is kate can t say no and soon she finds herself forming a friendship with the bright quirky girl when jules disappears while taking a trip with kate a desperate search begins and kate knows all too well the odds of finding the child alive · 2014 is the twentieth anniversary

picador newinhardcover january 2014 the orphan choir a novel sophie hannah from master of psychological suspense sophie hannah comes a shocking new work of domestic horror that will take you to a new level of hair raising terror louise beeston is haunted louise has no reason left to stay in the city she can t see her son joseph who is away at boarding school where he performs in a prestigious boys choir her troublesome neighbor has begun blasting choral music at all hours of the night and to make matters worse she s the only one who can hear it hoping to find some peace louise convinces her husband stuart to buy them a country house in an idyllic sundappled community called swallowfield but it seems that the haunting melodies of the choir have followed her there against the pleas and growing disquiet of her husband louise starts to suspect that this sinister choir is not only real but a warning but of what and how can it be when no one else can hear it in the orphan choir sophie

picador february 2014 shouting won t help why iand 50 million other americanscan t hear you katherine bouton a heartfelt [and evocative account of hearing loss the washington post and what we can do to overcome it fascinating profound and important katherine bouton s journey from acceptance to action is inspiring an astonishing book caroline leavitt author of pictures of you and is this tomorrow audiologists agree that we re experiencing a national epidemic of hearing loss at present 48 million americans 17 percent of the population suffer some degree of loss more than half are under age fiftyfive in cases like katherine bouton s who experienced sudden onset in early adulthood the cause is unknown bouton began to lose her hearing at the age of thirty and it continued to deteriorate during her twentytwoyear career as an editor at the new york times in this deftly written and deeply felt look at a widespread and widely misunderstood phenomenon bouton recounts her own journey into

picador december 2013 the faithful executioner life and death honor and shame in the turbulent sixteenth century joel f harrington the extraordinary story of a renaissanceera executioner and his world based on a rare and previously undiscovered journal in a dusty german bookshop the noted historian joel f harrington stumbled upon a remarkable document the journal of a sixteenthcentury executioner the journal gave an account of the 394 people meister frantz schmidt executed and the hundreds more he tortured flogged or disfigured over fortyfive years in the city of nuremberg but the portrait of schmidt that gradually emerged was not that of a monster could a man who practiced such cruelty also be insightful compassionate even progressive in the faithful executioner harrington teases out the hidden meanings and drama of schmidt s journal deemed an official outcast meister frantz sought to prove himself worthy of honor and free his children from the stigma of his profession harrington

picador february 2014 the fun parts stories sam lipsyte a wise bold and hilarious new collection of stories from the new york times bestselling author of the ask and the greatest satirist of his generation new york magazine sublime mayhem lipsyte expertly works the line between hilarity and pathos ben fountain the new york times book review a boy eats his way to selfdiscovery while another must battle the reality brandishing monster preying on his fantasy realm elsewhere an aerobics instructor the daughter of a holocaust survivor makes the most shocking leap imaginable to save her soul these are just a few of the characters you ll encounter in sam lipsyte s richly imagined world populated by a grizzled and possibly deranged male birth doula a doomsday hustler who must face the multi universal truth of the realass jumbo and a tawdry glimpse of a high school at a shotputting circuit in northern new jersey circa 1986 lipsyte s tales combine the tragicomic brilliance of his beloved

picador february 2014 the secretary a journey with hillary clinton from beirut to the heart of american power kim ghattas the first insider account to be published about hillary clinton s time as secretary of state the secretary is the first book of its kind a foreign correspondent and author with both an insider and a global perspective kim ghattas had unparalleled access to clinton and her entourage for four years she draws on extensive interviews with clinton administration officials and other players around washington and overseas to paint an intimate portrait of one of the most powerful global politicians in the world the secretary tells the story of hillary clinton as america s envoy to the world in compelling detail from the first days of the obama administration to the drama of wikileaks and the arab spring uprisings viewed through ghattas s vantage point as a halfdutch halflebanese citizen who grew up in the crossfire of the lebanon civil war the book offers a closeup of

picador april 2014 a fort of nine towers an afghan family story qais akbar omar a rare and profoundly moving memoir of afghanistan a tale that deserves to rank with the kite runner ronald e neumann former u.s ambassador to afghanistan twentythree years ago kabul was a garden where sevenyearold qais akbar omar flew kites from the roof of his grandfather s house but then came the hollow sounds of rocket fire as the mujahedin selfproclaimed holy warriors took over afghanistan civil war erupted and omar s family fled to an old fort leaving everything behind soon after narrowly escaping death his father decided that the family must leave the country but the journey proved more difficult than anticipated and the taliban s victory over the mujahedin made little difference to the afghan people in this stunning comingofage memoir omar offers a moving recollection of these events a story of daily hardships relieved by moments of joy and immense beauty inflected with folktales and steeped in

picador april 2014 hour of the red god a detective mollel novel richard crompton it s an unusual feeling for a mystery fan to get in on a new series this good the only downside is the wait for the second the cleveland plain dealer from the moment we meet mollel we enter an entirely fresh world this is a smashing debut as fleetfooted as the warrior himself it will make you long for the next installment financial times london nairobi 2007 in africa s sprawling megacity a small elite holds power over an impoverished restless majority with kenya s presidential elections looming on the horizon tensions in the city have reached an alltime high so when the body of a prostitute is discovered inside uhuru park the police are too preoccupied to care but detective mollel does deeply he is a former maasai warrior and the dead girl was maasai too as he ventures from slums to skyscrapers from suburbs to sewers in search of the killer mollel is confronted with his turbulent past and the

index abundance the a novel amit majmudar 35 afrika tatamkhulu bitter eden a novel 22 american isis the life and art of sylvia plath carl rollyson 19 and man created god a history of the world at the time of jesus selina o grady 27 autobiography of us a novel aria beth sloss 15 bitter eden a novel tatamkhulu afrika 22 book of men the eighty writers on how to be a man 3 book of my lives the aleksandar hemon 16 bouton katherine shouting won t help why i and 50 million other americans can t hear you 18 bug music how insects gave us rhythm and noise david rothenberg 33 crompton richard hour of the red god a detective mollel novel 34 de waal elisabeth the exiles return a novel 4 ensler eve in the body of the world a memoir 23 exiles return the