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picador paperbackoriginal january 2015 how to age anne karpf a fascinating and surprising guide to why we fear the act of aging and how we can learn to do it mindfully society has a deep fear of aging and showing your age is increasingly one of our most pervasive taboos old age in modern life is widely viewed as either a time of inevitable decline or something to be resisted denied or overcome in how to age sociologist and awardwinning journalist anne karpf urges us to radically change our narrative exploring how our outlook on aging is historically determined and culturally defined she draws upon revealing case studies to suggest how aging can be an actively enriching time of immense growth she argues that if we can recognize growing older as an inevitable part of the human condition then the great challenge of aging turns out to be none other than the challenge of living in how to age learn how aging isn t about your wardrobe or physical fitness but a determination to live fully at

picador newinhardcover march 2015 caring economics conversations on altruism and compassion between scientists economists and the dalai lama edited by tania singer and matthieu ricard with a foreword by his holiness the dalai lama a collection of internationally renowned scientists and economists in dialogue with his holiness the dalai lama addressing the need for a more alturistic economy can the hyperambitious bottomlinedriven practices of the global economy incorporate compassion into the pursuit of wealth or is economics driven solely by materialism and selfinterest in caring economics experts consider these questions alongside the dalai lama in a wideranging scientificbased discussions on economics and altruism begun in 1987 the mind and life institute arose out of a series of conferences held with the dalai lama and a range of scientists that sought to form a connection between the empiricism of contemporary scientific inquiry and the contemplative compassionbased practices of

picador january 2015 why i read the serious pleasure of books wendy lesser from one of america s most significant cultural critics stephen greenblatt comes an exhilarating volume that will delight all readers and reading groups wendy lesser s extraordinary alertness intelligence and curiosity have made her one of america s most significant cultural critics writes stephen greenblatt in why i read lesser draws on a lifetime of pleasure reading and decades of editing to describe a life lived in and through literature as lesser examines work from such perspectives as character and plot novelty grandeur and intimacy and authority the reader will discover a definition of literature that is as broad as it is broadminded in addition to novels and stories lesser explores plays poems and essays along with mysteries science fiction and memoirs her passion for reading is infectious and it resonates on every page iconoclastic conversational and full of insight why i read will delight

picador january 2015 the orphan choir a novel sophie hannah from master of psychological suspense sophie hannah comes a shocking new work of domestic horror that will take you to a new level of hairraising terror louise beeston is haunted louise has no reason left to stay in the city she can t see her son joseph who is away at boarding school where he performs in a prestigious boys choir her troublesome neighbor has begun blasting choral music at all hours of the night and to make matters worse she s the only one who can hear it hoping to find some peace louise convinces her husband stuart to buy them a country house in an idyllic sundappled community called swallowfield but it seems that the haunting melodies of the choir have followed her there against the pleas and growing disquiet of her husband louise starts to suspect that this sinister choir is not only real but a warning but of what and how can it be when no one else can hear it in the orphan choir sophie hannah brings us

picador february 2015 a cruel and shocking act the secret history of the kennedy assassination philip shenon jawdropping scenes involving the destruction and manipulation of evidence a persausive deeply researched account the washington post in a taut pageturning narrative veteran investigative reporter philip shenon rewrites the history of the kennedy assassination and speaks to the questions that have haunted our nation for half a century was the president killed by a single gunman was lee harvey oswald part of a conspiracy did the warren commission discover the whole truth of what happened on november 22 1963 shenon a bestselling author who spent most of his career at the new york times finally provides many of the answers in writing a cruel and shocking act shenon discovered startling information that was withheld from the warren commission by the cia fbi and others in power in washington shenon s book features some of the most compelling figures of the twentieth century bobby

picador february 2015 the headmaster s wife thomas christopher greene a truly remarkable novel richard russo the headmaster s wife is a haunting and deeply affecting portrait of one couple at their best and worst an immensely talented writer whose work has been described as incandescent kirkus reviews and poetic booklist thomas christopher greene turns in a more literary direction with the headmaster s wife his most ambitious work to date inspired by a personal loss greene explores the way that tragedy and time assail one man s memories of his life and loves like his father before him arthur winthrop is the headmaster of vermont s elite lancaster school it is the place he feels has given him his life but is also the site of his undoing as events spiral out of his control found wandering naked in central park he begins to tell his story to the police but his memories collide into one another and the true nature of things a narrative of love of marriage of family and of a

picador march 2015 overwhelmed how to work love and play when no one has the time brigid schulte from a pultizer prize­winning reporter comes a book for lean in fans and everyone who feels overwhelmed booklist now a new york times bestseller according to the leisure studies department at the university of iowa true leisure is that place in which we realize our humanity if that s true argues brigid schulte then we re doing dangerously little to realize it in overwhelmed schulte asks the question that haunts many working parents whether our brains our partners our culture and our bosses make it impossible for us to experience anything but contaminated time seeking insights answers and inspiration schulte speaks to neuroscientists sociologists and above all parents and teases out the factors that contribute to our collective sense of being overwhelmed she investigates progressive offices trying to invent a new kind of workplace she travels across europe to get a sense of how

picador march 2015 mad as hell the making of network and the fateful vision of the angriest man in movies dave itzkoff gave me chills itkoff s engrossing unfolding narrative contains the perfect amount of insidebaseball moviemaking stories and anecdotes about stars rob lowe the new york times book review i m mad as hell and i m not going to take this anymore those words spoken by an unhinged anchorman named howard beale took america by storm in 1976 when network became a sensation with a superb cast including faye dunaway william holden peter finch and robert duvall directed by sidney lumet the film won four academy awards and indelibly shaped how we think about corporate and media power in mad as hell dave itzkoff of the new york times recounts the surprising and dramatic story of how network made it to the screen the movie was the creation of paddy chayefsky the tough driven oscarwinning screenwriter whose vision outlandish for its time is all too real today itzkoff uses new

picador march 2015 an idea whose time has come two presidents two parties and the battle for the civil rights act of 1964 todd s purdum excellent an astute wellpaced and highly readable playby play of the bill s journey to become a law the atlantic it was a turbulent time in america a time of sitins freedom rides a march on washington and a governor standing in the schoolhouse door when john f kennedy sent congress a bill to bar racial discrimination in employment education and public accommodations countless civil rights measures had died on capitol hill in the past but this one was different because as one influential senator put it it was an idea whose time has come in a powerful narrative layered with revealing detail todd s purdum tells the story of the civil rights act of 1964 recreating the legislative maneuvering and the largerthanlife characters who made its passage possible from the kennedy brothers to lyndon johnson and from martin luther king jr to hubert humphrey and

picador april 2015 revolutionary russia 1891 1991 a history orlando figes insightful and convincing a major contribution [from a master of historical narrative financial times in this elegant and incisive account orlando figes offers an illuminating new perspective on the russian revolution while other historians have focused their examinations on the cataclysmic years immediately before and after 1917 figes shows how the revolution while it changed in form and character nevertheless retained the same idealistic goals throughout from its origins in the famine crisis of 1891 until its end with the collapse of the soviet regime in 1991 figes traces three generational phases lenin and the bolsheviks who set the pattern of destruction and renewal until their demise in the terror of the 1930s the stalinist generation promoted from the lower classes who created the lasting structures of the soviet regime and consolidated its legitimacy through victory in war and the generation of 1956