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2 · march picture book nonfiction redwoods written and illustrated by jason chin discover the redwoods an ordinary train ride becomes an extraordinary trip to the great ancient forests a subway trip is transformed when a young boy happens upon a book about redwood forests as he reads the information unfolds and with each new bit of knowledge he travels all the way to california to climb into the redwood canopy crammed with interesting and accurate information about these great natural wonders jason chin s first book is innovative nonfiction set within a strong and beautiful picture storybook jason chin worked as a children s bookseller he has illustrated several books but this is his authorillustrator debut he lives in brooklyn new york a neal porter book jacketed hardcover 4-8 years 7 1/2 x 11 inches 40 pages territory world subrights first serial second serial audio book club electronic reprint commercial merchandising performance british translation agent c/o roaring brook press

nonfiction march · 7 boy on the lion throne by elizabeth cody kimmel from humble beginnings to world leader a new biography focuses on the childhood of the dalai lama as his country remains at the center of the world stage on a quiet winter morning in 1937 several men on horseback rode into the tiny tibetan village of taktser disguised as peasants the high lamas were on a secret mission soon they would identify 3year-old llamo thondup as the 14th reincarnation of the dalai lama with a foreword by the dalai lama himself this dramatic narrative follows his remarkable childhood illuminating the story of tibet and introducing a remarkable world figure to a new generation elizabeth cody kimmel has written numerous books for young readers an admirer of the dalai lama she will contribute a portion of the proceeds from this book to tibet aid she lives in cold spring new york jacketed hardcover 8-12 years 6 x 9 inches 160 pages territory world subrights first serial second serial book club

picture book april · 11 the secret circus written and illustrated by johanna wright the greatest little show on earth a circus so secret only the mice know how to find it beneath the sparkling lights of paris is a tiny secret circus floating by balloon across a parisian cityscape the mice travel to the grand performance where tiny acrobats form mouse pyramids and giant housecats are tamed wright s simple expressive lines over glowing textures make this a captivating and adorable book debut not to mention one great show johanna wright lives in portland oregon this is her first book a neal porter book jacketed hardcover 2-6 years 7 3/4 x 10 inches 32 pages territory world subrights first serial second serial audio book club reprint british translation agent james proimos/pleasantsquirrel industries isbn-13 978-1-59643-403-5 isbn-10 1-59643-403-1 $16.95 18.95 canada

16 · april nonfiction/novelty one small step celebrating the first men on the moon the walk that changed the world removable patches stickers foldouts and keepsakes plus stunning lenticulars celebrate man s first steps on another world this celebration of the 40th anniversary of the apollo 11 moon landing is a collection of keepsakes and memories that bring america s historic moment of pride and accomplishment to life for a new generation a stunning lenticular cover animates man s first steps on the moon an embossed textured page reproduces footprints in lunar soil stickers replicas mission patches fold-out newspaper pages collecting cards removable novelties and more complete this spectacular commemorative book hardcover/paper-over-board 6-10 years 10 x 11 3/4 inches 24 pages territory us/p/c/om subrights first serial second serial book club reprint agent david mcmillan/templar publishing isbn-13 978-1-59643-491-2 isbn-10 1-59643-491-0 $24.95 27.95 canada

20 · april fiction something wickedly weird book 3 the silver casket written and illustrated by chris mould missing harry potter pick up mould s new series it s deliciously wickedly weird the horn book he might have survived the first two books but stanley buggles has hardly found a quiet life now there are two more dead pirates out to find stanely and this time there s an army with them they want the precious key to the silver casket stanley doesn t know what s inside the silver casket and he and his friends will do everything in their power to not find out will appeal to young readers who like their fiction fast-paced and a bit scary booklist fine fare for fans of the likes of paul stewart and chris riddell kirkus reviews chris mould lives with his family in yorkshire england hardcover/paper-0ver-board 10-14 years · 4 7/8 x 7 inches · 192 pages territory us/p/om no eu subrights first serial second serial book club electronic reprint agent andrew sharp/hachette children s books

24 · april nonfiction why is snot green by glenn murphy laugh and learn scientific answers to mysteries kids really want to know a lot of kids want to grow up to be astronauts but according to scientist glenn murphy even more kids want to know what happens to astronaut farts short answer not good things and they want to know why don t all fish die from lightning storms why haven t we all been sucked into a black hole do animals talk told in a back-and-forth conversational style why is snot green presents science just the way kids want to learn it with lots of laughter glenn murphy gathered many of the questions he includes in this book from his years on the explainer team at the science museum in london he now lives in raleigh north carolina trade paperback 8-12 years 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 inches 240 pages territory us/p/om no eu subrights first serial second serial book club reprint agent macmillan children s books isbn-13 978-1-59643-500-1 isbn-10 1-59643-500-3 $9.95 ncr

picture book may · 29 tiny and hercules written and illustrated by amy schwartz as different as can be yet together they make the perfect team five stories about friendship five fast and funny chapters of the lives of two rather unusual friends tiny an elephant with a fear of ice skating and a newfound love of knitting and hercules a mouse with a heart of gold and a desire to learn to paint young readers setting out on their own with books will cheer for this funny and touching duo amy schwartz is the author-illustrator of many distinguished books for children and winner of a new york times best illustrated book of the year award she lives with her husband and son in brooklyn new york a neal porter book jacketed hardcover 4-8 years · 8 3/4 x 9 inches · 32 pages territory world subrights second serial audio book club electronic reprint british translation agent jane feder/jane feder literary agency isbn-13 978-1-59643-253-6 isbn-10 1-59643-253-5 $16.95 18.95 canada also by amy

picture books may · 33 also by rÉgis faller the adventures of polo isbn-13 978-1-59643-160-7 isbn-10 1-59643-160-1 · $17.95 22.95 canada polo the runaway book isbn-13 978-1-59643-189-8 isbn-10 1-59643-189-x · $16.95 22.95 canada

38 · may graphic novel the eternal smile by gene luen yang illustrated by derek kirk kim from two masters of the graphic novel three magical tales explore the borderline between fantasy and reality the story of a prince who defeats his greatest enemy only to discover that maybe his world is not what it had seemed the story of a frog who finds that just being a frog might be the way to go the story of a women who receives an e-mail from prince henry of nigeria asking for a loan to help save his family and gives it to him derek kirk kim and gene luen yang test the boundaries between fantasy and reality exploring the ways that the world of the imagination can affect real life gene luen yang is the author of american born chinese winner of the michael l printz award the eisner award and a finalist for the national book award he teaches high school in san francisco derek kirk kim is the author of same difference and other stories the winner of the trifecta of comics awards the eisner the

42 · june graphic novel tiny tyrant the ethelbertosaurus by lewis trondheim illustrated by fabrice parme a real treat for classic cartoon fans of many ages the tiny tyrant returns in a new format though he has a handful of advisors this miniscule monarch is the one who calls the shots demanding to see santa claus to ask if he really has to eat a balanced diet testing out his new bodyguard by putting a price on his own head and replacing all the kids in the kingdom with robot doubles of his own royal self this volume offers the first six stories from the original book great reading for kids just getting into chapter books booklist lewis trondheim has created numerous wonderfully received graphic novels he lives in montpellier france fabrice parme works in animation and lives in paris france also by lewis trondheim a.l.i.e.e.e.n deluxe paperback isbn-13 978-1-59643-095-2 isbn-10 1-59643-095-8 · $12.95 17.95 canada kaput and zÖsky deluxe paperback isbn-13 978-1-59643-132-4