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the end of pain breaking the cycle of chronic pain and depression dr gary kaplan do with donna beech one of the country s top integrative doctors radically rethinks why we get sick how we stay sick and how we recover about 100 million americans live with some form of chronic pain more than the combined number who suffer from diabetes heart disease and cancer but chronic pain has always been a mystery it often returns at the slightest provocation even when doctors can t find anything wrong oddly enough whether the pain is physical or emotional traumatic or slight our brains register all pain as the same thing and these signals can keep firing in the nervous system for months even years in the end of pain dr gary kaplan argues that we ve been thinking about disease all wrong drawing on dramatic patient stories and cutting-edge research the book reveals that chronic physical and emotional pain are two sides of the same coin new discoveries show that disease is not the result of a single

irules syncing family values with the digital age janell burley hofmann tech enlightenment and empowerment enabling parents to create irules for their own families as janell burley hofmann mother of five wrapped her 13-year-old s iphone on christmas eve she was overwhelmed by questions will my children learn to sit and wonder without googling should i know their passwords for online accounts will they experience the value of personal connection without technology to address her concerns she outlined boundaries and expectations in a contract for her son to sign upon receiving his first cell phone when hofmann s editor at the huffington post posted the contract now known as irules it resonated on a massive scale and went viral resulting in a tsunami of media coverage and requests it quickly became apparent that people across the country were hungry for more in irules hofmann provides families with the tools they need to find a balance between technology and human interaction through a

may isbn 978­1­62336­374­1 paperback $14.99 16.99 can memoir/self-help/aging 51/2 3 87/16 256 pages e-book isbn 978­1­60961­348­8 marketing ·print feature campaign ·online publicity and promotions ·promoted on author s web site now in paperback counterclockwise my year of hypnosis hormones dark chocolate and other adventures in the world of anti-aging lauren kessler a frank funny exploration of the anti-aging movement and what staying young really takes and means at this moment one in three americans is entering midlife and many are wondering how did i get to be this old plenty will turn to miracle creams injections fillers and surgery to reverse the hands of time but kessler investigates the largely unexplored side of anti-aging what it takes to be younger not just look younger guided by an open but pleasantly skeptical mind a thirst for adventure and a sense of humor she investigates america s youth obsession and decides on a very personal

shape up sisters what it took for my town in america s fattest and poorest state to lose 15,000 pounds linda fondren straight talk and a simple easy-to-maintain diet and exercise plan for people who think they don t have the money or time to lose weight linda fondren one of 11 children born to a single mother in the poorest and fattest state in america watched the consequences of obesity ruin her sister s life and was motivated to open an all-female gym in her hometown of vicksburg ms with the motto positively reshaping women then witnessing how many middle and low-income vicksburg residents were brought up short in their fitness and health efforts by limited budgets time and access to resources fondren responded by striking at the root problem in 2009 she spearheaded shape up vicksburg a city hall­supported program in which she convinced the local hospital to offer free health screenings restaurants to create healthy low-cal menu options and walmart to host weigh-in stations

wheat belly lose the wheat lose the weight and find your path back to health william davis md the mega-bestselling cardiologist s plan to eliminate wheat from the diet to lose weight and reverse myriad health problems when wheat belly was first published in 2011 it caused a huge sensation and changed the national conversation about health and weight loss and dr davis provocative indictment of one of the biggest staples in our diet continues to inspire countless people to lose the wheat now this #1 new york times bestseller is finally available in paperback over 200 million americans consume food products made of wheat every day as a result over 100 million experience some form of adverse health effect ranging from minor rashes to high blood sugar to unattractive stomach bulges that preventive cardiologist william davis calls wheat bellies according to dr davis that excess fat has nothing to do with gluttony sloth or too much butter it s due to the whole-grain wraps we eat for

february isbn 978­1­62336­179­2 hardcover $27.99 31.99 can business 6 3 9 320 pages e-book isbn 978­1­62336­180­8 enhanced e-book isbn 978­1­62336­181­5 marketing ·npr interview campaign ·national print features and reviews ·online publicity and promotions ·promoted in rodale magazines and e-newsletters and on web sites ·promoted on author s web site ·tie into author speaking engagements at natural products expo west and other trade shows natural prophets from health foods to whole foods how the pioneers of the industry changed the way we eat and reshaped american business joe dobrow lessons from the unprecedented success and a few failures of the natural foods revolution from a handful of idealistic farmers and local co-ops in the 1960s to juggernauts like whole foods the wild success of the natural and organic foods industry proves that principled business is not just possible but profitable with nearly unfettered double-digit annual growth

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photograph by quentin bacon from the family cooks by laurie david may 2014 distributedbymacmillanbroad way groupweinspireandenablepeople to impr ov etheirlivesandtheworldaroundthemro da lebooks .c omisbn 9 78 -1 6 2 3 3 6 3 1 2 3 tc 2 0 0 4 9