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the supercharged hormone diet a 30-day accelerated plan to lose weight restore metabolism feel younger longer dr natasha turner the new york times bestselling program to balance hormones and lose weight is now in paperback in this busy world we want to lose weight sooner and faster the hormone diet taught readers the ins and outs of how and why their hormones play the biggest part in their weight-loss woes now in the supercharged hormone diet dr natasha turner gives readers the information they need to get their hormones back on track in 30 days flat this highly praised plan addresses readers most popular concerns in a fabulous easy-to-follow program that includes §§ the best body assessment for setting now in paperback your goals §§ the hormonal health profile to identify fat-packing hormonal imbalances §§ recommended blood tests to take to your january isbn 978­1­62336­509­7 paperback $16.99 ncr diet 61/2 3 91/8 · 384 pages e-book isbn 978­1­62336­290­4 doctor

lose the clutter lose the weight the 6-week total-life slim down peter walsh the ultimate step-by-step guide to uncluttering your life while controlling your weight from the world s top organizing expert a houseful of clutter may not be the only reason people pack on extra pounds but research proves that it plays a big role a recent study showed that people with supercluttered homes were 77 percent more likely to be overweight or obese why author peter walsh thinks it s because people can t make their best choices their healthiest choices in a cluttered messy disorganized home in lose the clutter lose the weight organizing guru walsh comes to the rescue with a simple 6-week plan to help readers §§ clear their homes of excess stuff as they discover their vision for their personal space §§ clear their bodies of excess pounds as they follow a healthy supersimple eating and exercise plan §§ clear their minds and spirits of the excess weight of too many possessions all the pieces

r runner s world run your best life the sports doctor s complete guide to healthy injury-free running jordan d metzl md with claire kowalchik discover the newest cutting-edge medical secrets to injury prevention and treatment for runners every runner at every level wants to run faster stronger and pain-free injury prevention is essential to the athlete focused on achieving his or her highest level of performance remaining injury-free can lead runners through a lifetime of roads and trails that offer fun challenge victory camaraderie solace good health good attitude and as some like to point out the freedom to enjoy good food dr metzl s savvy up-to-date book will take the reader on a heel-to-head tour of the specific kinetic chain involved in running and provide a friendly accessible and illustrated view of the muscles bones and joints used and impacted he ll help runners define their kinetic style so that they are best equipped to adapt metzl s injury-prevention advice to their

castoffs to champions how a team of no-names took on the powerhouses of college golf and won it all twice josh gregory with tripp bowden an inspiring underdog tale of augusta state university s unlikely rise to the top of the college golf world in castoffs to champions coach josh regory with the help of writer tripp bowden tells g the improbable inspiring story of how he led the golf team at tiny commuter college augusta state university a team with virtually no budget and comprised mostly of players who weren t even recruited in their own home state or country to upset victories over college golf s most powerful and prestigious schools en route to consecutive division i national championships 2010 and 2011 becoming the first team to repeat as champions since 1984­85 castoffs is the story of a team forged as a sort of brotherhood and of the power of collective belief it s also about coach gregory s unorthodox but highly effective coaching methods which empower young men to achieve

m men s health workout war lose pounds gain muscle destroy your opponents jim cotta cscs foreword by shaquille o neal a blueprint for setting up weight-loss competitions to spur motivation competition motivates men and scientific research proves that competition and rewards m otivate people to stick to exercise and diets former los angeles lakers strength coach jim cotta harnesses men s passion for one-upmanship with an innovative get-in-shape program in men s health workout war this book features a highly effective 60-day exercise and diet program broken up into quarters and an overtime round the unique hook is that it makes the fitness instruction much more effective by turning it into a friendly weight-loss war that uses locker-room-style trash talking and cash prizes to drive dramatic results basketball great shaquille o neal who penned the book s foreword used a shirts off competition against charles barkley on national television to spur his own body transformation and cotta

w women s health lift to get lean a beginner s guide to weight lifting for weight loss in 3 simple steps holly perkins cscs and the editors of women s health a weight-lifting workout program for a leaner stronger body designed specifically for women by a top female trainer research shows that building muscle helps the body burn more calories 24/7 and that resistance training is the most effective way to torch body fat yet that message is still lost on many women who fear that weight lifting will make them bulky turn their skin green and give them incredible hulk muscles like their boyfriends women have more options than step aerobics or running on a treadmill to shed pounds they can weight-train in a very specific manner designed to make the most of a woman s unique physiology lift to get lean is the first beginner s guide to strength training from women s health that is written specifically for women by a woman holly perkins is a certified strength and conditioning specialist cscs

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l we inspire and enable people to improve their lives and the world around them distributed by macmillan broadway group visit us at cover photograph of skye © farm sanctuary from living the farm sanctuary life by gene baur with gene stone april 2015 isbn 978-1-62336-531-8 tc