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seven seas entertainment january 2018 miss kobayashi’s dragon maid kanna’s daily life vol 1 story by coolkyoushinja art by mitsuhiro kimura the all-new miss kobayashi’s dragon maid spin-off series starring the fan favorite dragon kanna a fter leaving her otherworldly home to find her fellow dragon tohru young kanna found herself unofficially adopted by tohru and her human companion miss kobayashi from attending elementary school to making new friends kanna learns to adjust to the human world with the curiosity and cuteness that only a young dragon could have c • anime adaptation the miss kobayashi’s dragon maid anime from reknowned studio kyoani—known for titles such as the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya and lucky star—aired in 2017 and is currently streaming on crunchyroll and funimation not over final new series manga trade paperback isbn 978-1-626927-51-3 rated teen 13 on sale january 2 2018 5” x 7.125” 180 pages $12.99/us

seven seas entertainment january 2018 a certain scientific accelerator vol 7 story by kazuma kamachi art by yamaji arata the most popular villain from a certain scientific railgun turns anti-hero in his own manga series cover in development w elcome to a world where mysticism and science collide and supernatural powers are derived from either science or religion at the heart of this world is academy city an advanced metropolis whose population is comprised mostly of students the majority of students are enrolled in the city’s “power curriculum program,” where they must learn to master their latent psychic powers • spin-off follows one of the most popular characters from the new york times’ bestselling series a certain scientific railgun ongoing manga trade paperback isbn 978-1-626926-68-4 rated teen 13 on sale january 16 2018 5” x 7.125” 180 pages $12.99/us $14.99/can total volumes [unknown frequency every 6-7 months kazuma kamachi is a

seven seas entertainment january 2018 non non biyori vol 9 story and art by atto the all-ages manga series that inspired multiple hit anime seasons w elcome to the countryside village of asahigaoka a quaint town far removed from the hustle-and-bustle of the big city you couldn’t imagine a more isolated setting in all of japan so when tokyo-raised elementary school student hotaru ichijo transfers to the tiny asahigaoka branch school due to her father’s job she’s in for the culture shock of her life join hotaru and her new friends the eccentric renge and the mischevious sisters natsumi and komari as they share daily adventures in the idyllic japanese countryside no l ver o fina c • anime adaptation non non biyori has had multiple anime seasons all currently streaming on crunchyroll and released on disc by sentai filmworks t ongoing manga trade paperback isbn 978-1-626926-77-6 rated all ages on sale january 23 2018 5” x 7.125” 148 pages $12.99/us

seven seas entertainment february 2018 sleeping beauty vol 2 story and art by yumi unita a modern day fairy tale from the creator of the critically-acclaimed bunny drop h em ba rg oe d igh school student yaneko loves to sleep so much that she can barely wake up of her own accord that is until she is roused from her slumber by a sleep spirit known as nerim yaneko must accompany the benevolent spirit on his daily work route as he grants the gift of comfortable sleep to people and animals of all ages but just what is his true purpose and why has he chosen yaneko to be his assistant this could very well be the beginning of a beautiful friendship cover in development • beloved creator the newest series from the creator of bunny drop yumi unita • for fans of spirited away mushishi and fushigi yūgi ongoing manga trade paperback isbn 978-1-626926-96-7 rated teen 13 on sale february 13 2018 5” x 7.125” 180 pages $12.99/us $14.99/can total volumes [unknown

seven seas entertainment february 2018 hollow fields color edition vol 2 story and art by madeleine rosca the award-winning steampunk series now in glorious full color l cover in development ittle lucy snow was supposed to attend a prestigious elementary school however a macabre twist of fate finds her enrolled instead at miss weaver’s academy for the scientifically gifted and ethically unfettered also known as hollow fields located on the outskirts of nullsville and run by the insidious engineers the grim boarding school dedicates itself to raising the next generation of mad scientists and evil geniuses classes include live taxidermy cross-species body part transplantation and killer robot construction for her own survival lucy must master her lessons quickly―at the end of each week the student with the lowest grades is sent to the old windmill for detention and so far no child has ever returned ongoing graphic novel full color trade paperback isbn 978-1-626926-91-2

seven seas february 2018 clockwork planet vol 1 story by yuu kamiya tsubaki himana art by shino from the creator of no game no life comes an all-new steampunk light novel series that inspired an anime the earth has died but the entire planet has been reconstructed using gears and clockwork one thousand years later a mysterious black box crashes into the house of a high school gearhead named naoto miura a machine otaku who is obsessed with tinkering the box contains the broken body of an automaton girl when naoto repairs the automaton and she becomes his clockwork companion naoto’s world will never be the same again new series light novel trade paperback isbn 978-1-626927-55-1 rated teen 13 on sale february 27 2018 5.875” x 8.25” 320 pages $13.99/us $15.99/can total volumes [unknown frequency every 4 months • adaptations clockwork planet has been adapted into a manga and anime series both released in north america in 2017 • for fans of no game no life

seven seas entertainment march 2018 dna doesn’t tell us vol 1 story and art by mintarou these adorable animals may walk like us and talk like us but can they learn to live like us a cross the planet animals are turning into humans well mostly human anyway these animal-featured new individuals must learn how to live in their new bodies and amongst one other it’s for this reason some are sent to animalium—an all-girls school specifically for this new species—and it’s there these girls will learn all they need to know about themselves and each other • genre crossover combining two of seven seas’ best selling genres—monster girls and yuri • for fans of girl friends a centaur’s life and non non biyori c not l over fina new series manga trade paperback isbn 978-1-626927-61-2 rated teen 13 on sale march 20 2018 5” x 7.125” 180 pages $12.99/us $14.99/can total volumes [unknown frequency [unknown mintarou is a

seven seas entertainment march 2018 there’s a demon lord on the floor vol 5 story and art kawakami masaki an all-new supernatural comedy series to sate manga readers’ appetites a cover in development mon patricia is a powerful demon lord who one day finds herself on the recieving end of a vicious attack by the clan of light fleeing to fight another day patricia finds herself in the human world looking to blend in she immediately seeks work and finds herself on the doorstep of the humming dining restaurant she falls in love with their cooking immediately and now the head chef has plenty more on his plate as he must sate the demon lord’s appetites while shaping her into the perfect employee • for fans of the devil is a part-timer ongoing manga trade paperback isbn 978-1-626927-07-0 rated teen 13 on sale march 27 2018 5” x 7.125” 180 pages $12.99/us $14.99/can total volumes [unknown frequency every 5 months kawakami masaki is a japanese manga

seven seas entertainment march 2018 alice zoroku vol 4 story and art by tetsuya imai a thrilling supernatural manga series with a 2017 anime adaptation a group of young girls possesses a mysterious power known as “alice’s dream,” which gives them the ability to turn their thoughts into reality detained and experimented upon these youths are locked away in secret until one of them manages to escape her name is sana—a girl with the power to ignore the very laws of physics when this willful powerhouse crosses paths with a stubborn old man named zoroku his carefully-ordered life will never be the same again • anime adaptation an anime adaptation began airing in april 2017 and is currently available on crunchyroll c • award winning won the new face award in the 17th japan media arts festival awards not l over fina ongoing manga trade paperback isbn 978-1-626927-33-9 rated teen 13 on sale april 10 2018 5” x 7.125” 180 pages $12.99/us

seven seas entertainment april 2018 not lives vol 8 story and art by wataru karasuma an ongoing manga series about a deadly virtual reality game for fans of no game no life h igh school student mikami has always been an eccentric oddball who doesn’t quite fit in little do his classmates know mikami moonlights as a game designer extraordinaire his mission is simple create the ultimate romance game sounds easy right when mikami decides to play a mysterious game that he comes across things take a turn for the bizarre as he suddenly is thrust into a survival game and transformed into a beautiful girl inside the game if mikami loses it’s not only his female avatar that’s on the line but his very own life c • for fans of no game no life and sword art online not l over fina ongoing manga trade paperback isbn 978-1-626927-25-4 rated teen 13 on sale april 3 2018 5” x 7.125” 180 pages $12.99/us $14.99/can total volumes 10 frequency every 5 months wataru

seven seas entertainment april 2018 perfect blue awaken from a dream written by yoshikazu takeuchi the original novel that inspired the classic anime film by satoshi kon m cover in development ima kirigoe is a member of the popular j-idol band cham feeling like she needs more in life mima chooses to break away from idol stardom to pursue an acting career when strange occurrences begin to happen around her—haunting both her personal and work life and eventually leading to multiple deaths— mima’s mental state begins to deteriorate blurring the lines of reality and fantasy • anime adaptation the novel was adapted into the film perfect blue by famed director satoshi kon and remains one of the best known anime films to this day • never before released seven seas will release this haunting psychological drama in english for the first time stand-alone novel trade paperback isbn 978-1-626927-41-4 rated older teen 16 on sale april 24 2018 5.875” x