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roaring brook

august auracle gina rosati debut author trapped outside her body anna sees and hears but cannot touch the one she longs to hold anna has a secret she can astrally project out of her body but when there s an accident and her classmate taylor gets into anna s body what was an exhilarating gift threatens to become a terrifying reality anna and her best friend rei form a plan to set things right but they don t anticipate the feelings that are beginning to grow between them this exciting sensual novel explores the relationship between body and soul and the power of a single touch gina rosati lives in new hampshire with her husband and two children auracle is her first novel young adult fiction on sale 8/7/2012 ages 12 up · grades 7 up hardcover · 304 pages · 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 carton qty 20 isbn 978-1-59643-710-4 · $16.99 18.99 can mcpg rights first serial second serial audio british translation territory world agent harvey klinger inc 21 roaring brook

july before you go james preller and anytime you feel the pain hey jude refrain james preller s ya debut is perfect for those pining for a relatable and heartbreaking story have your tissues ready the summer before his senior year jude yes he s named after the beatles song gets his first job falls in love for the first time and starts to break away from his parents jude s house is kept dark no one talks much it s been that way since his little sister drowned in a swimming pool when jude was supposed to be watching her he was watching her he looked away for just a moment he was only nine years old and he s never truly grieved for her or for the emotional deaths of his parents who refuse to talk about what happened seven years later jude is finally finally starting to live really live and then life spins out of control again acclaimed author james preller explores life death love faith and resilience in a story that will grip readers from the book s dramatic first few pages to its

july working mummies joan horton illustrated by drazen kozjan all moms are working mums especially in the monster world get ready for giggles and ghouls in this celebration of hardworking mommies who also happen to be mummies here you ll find a doctor mum curing raspy spooks with coffin syrup and a fang-filing dentist completely wrapped up in her dangerous work you ll also meet a librarian mummy who has her hands full with book worms a writer mum conjuring spells for readers and many others with visual and verbal puns galore this scream of a book helps illuminate the mysterious world where so many mommies disappear every day and may also explain why some of them come home slightly unraveled praise for math attack author joan horton s rhyming narrative sets a hilariously hyperbolic scene an ingenious riff on the rigors of multiplication the text gains even more energy from kyrsten brooker s dynamic oil paint and collage illustrations familyfun magazine joan horton s math attack

july holding on to zoe george ella lyon when reality memories and delusions collide a teen mother will go far to save her child and herself after sixteen-year-old jules has her baby zoe it doesn t matter anymore that her mother thinks she s a drama queen or that her father left them years ago or even that zoe s father is gone too she and her baby make a family now she doesn t need anyone else in the world except zoe though it s tough being a new mom balancing zoe s needs with working at the toyota factory and thinking about how to finish school jules is sure she ll figure it out still she wonders why can t anyone be happy for her and zoe and why does her mom refuse to believe that zoe s real george ella lyon is an award-winning poet and author she has written more than thirtyfive books for young readers including the schneider family book award picture book the pirate of kindergarten and the young adult novel sonny s house of spies as well as numerous books for adults she lives in

august b is for brooklyn selina alko take an abc tour of brooklyn a famous and fascinating place to live visit and explore what do prospect park coney island and atlantic avenue have in common they are all located in brooklyn new york a magical place where you can listen to jazz music eat bagels and lox and sit on the stoop of a brownstone and daydream children will recognize aspects of their own neighborhoods in this celebration of urban culture and community selina alko has illustrated several picture books and is the creator of i m your peanut butter big brother she lives in brooklyn with her family selinaalko.com picture book nonfiction christy ottaviano books on sale 8/21/2012 full-color illustrations throughout ages 2­6 · grades pres­1 hardcover · 40 pages · 10 x 10 carton qty 30 isbn 978-0-8050-9213-4 · $16.99 18.99 can mcpg rights first serial second serial british translation territory world agent writer s house llc 90 henry

the beginning of a brilliant new series from shadow bone the darkling spread his arms and terror washed through me as i saw his palms filling with something black that pooled and curled through the air like ink in water now he said in that same soft conversational voice as if we were sitting together drinking tea as if i did not stand before him shaking let s see what you can do he brought his hands together and there was a sound like a thunderclap i gasped as undulating darkness spread from his clasped hands spilling in a black wave over me and the crowd i was blind the room was gone everything was gone i cried out in terror as i felt the darkling s fingers close around my bare wrist suddenly my fear receded it was still there cringing like an animal inside me but it had been pushed aside by something calm and sure and powerful something vaguely familiar i felt a call ring through me and to my surprise i felt something in me rise up to answer i pushed it away pushed it down

may the girl who circumnavigated fairyland in a ship of her own making catherynne m valente illustrated by ana juan a new york times bestseller think the phantom tollbooth crossed with the wizard of oz infused with the absurdity of alice s adventures in wonderland school library journal twelve-year-old september lives in omaha and used to have an ordinary life until her father went to war and her mother went to work one day september is met at her kitchen window by a green wind taking the form of a gentleman in a green jacket who invites her on an adventure implying that her help is needed in fairyland the new marquess is unpredictable and fickle and also not much older than september only september can retrieve a talisman the marquess wants from the enchanted woods and if she doesn t then the marquess will make life impossible for the inhabitants of fairyland september is already making new friends including a book-loving wyvern and a mysterious boy named saturday with

may the girl is murder kathryn miller haines the first in a series of commercial ya novels featuring 15-year-old iris anderson whose father has been injured in world war ii and desperately needs her help with his fledgling detective agency praise for the girl is murder what makes this such a standout is the cast sounding like they re right out of the 1940s the characters young and old pop off the pages iris intriguing and infuriating captures the tension inherent in the teenage years no matter what the decade this joint is jumping booklist starred review h kathryn miller haines is an actor mystery writer and award-winning playwright she lives in western pennsylvania with her husband son and their three dogs the author of the popular rosie winter mystery series this is her first novel for young adults kathrynmillerhaines.com it s the fall of 1942 and iris s world is rapidly changing her pop is back from the war with a missing leg limiting his ability to do the physically grueling

featured backlist awards and honors william c morris finalist yalsa excellence in nonfiction awards charles and emma deborah heiligman $18.95 21.95 can 978-0-312-66104-5 tp 978-0-8050-8721-5 hc schneider family book award winner award winner claudette colvin phillip hoose $9.99 10.99 can 978-0-312-66105-2 tp also available in hc hold me closer necromancer by lish mcbride $16.99 18.99 can 978-0-8050-9098-7 hc see pages 148­149 award finalist django bonnie christensen $7.99 8.99 can 978-1-59643-696-1 tp also available in hc national book award winners the canning season polly horvath $7.95 8.95 can 978-0-374-41042-1 tp also available in hc see page 147 claudette colvin phillip hoose $9.99 10.99 can 978-0-312-66105-2 tp also available in hc a day of pleasure isaac bashevis singer photographs by roman vishniac $9.99 $10.95 can 978-0-374-41696-6 tp holes louis sachar $18.00 19.95 can 978-0-374-33266-2 hc when zachary beaver came to town kimberly willis holt $6.99 7.99 can

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