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the beginning of a brilliant new series from shadow bone the darkling spread his arms and terror washed through me as i saw his palms filling with something black that pooled and curled through the air like ink in water now he said in that same soft conversational voice as if we were sitting together drinking tea as if i did not stand before him shaking let s see what you can do he brought his hands together and there was a sound like a thunderclap i gasped as undulating darkness spread from his clasped hands spilling in a black wave over me and the crowd i was blind the room was gone everything was gone i cried out in terror as i felt the darkling s fingers close around my bare wrist suddenly my fear receded it was still there cringing like an animal inside me but it had been pushed aside by something calm and sure and powerful something vaguely familiar i felt a call ring through me and to my surprise i felt something in me rise up to answer i pushed it away pushed it down somehow i knew that if that thing got free it would destroy me nothing there the darkling murmured i realized how very close he was to me in the dark my panicked mind seized on his words nothing there that s right nothing nothing at all now leave me be and to my relief that struggling thing inside me seemed to lie back down leaving the darkling s call unanswered not so fast he whispered i felt something cold press against the inside of my forearm in the same moment that i realized it was a knife the blade cut into my skin leigh bardugo was born in jerusalem raised in los angeles and graduated from yale university she is fond of glamour ghouls and costuming and gets to indulge all of these fancies in her other life as a makeup artist she currently lives in los angeles and can occasionally be heard singing with her band captain automatic marketing · · · · · · · · · author tour national media pitch prepublication advertising campaign national consumer advertising campaign industry buzz mailing promotional item for giveaway video book trailer extensive online promotion blog tour · featured at major school and library conferences · macmillan extra e-newsletter feature sign up at mackids.com teness herman