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s t mart in s griff in sept emb e r 2016 rfk jr robert f kennedy jr and the dark side of the dream jerry oppenheimer from new york times bestselling author jerry oppenheimer comes a sensational biography of the son of the legendary senator and troubled standard bearer of america s most fabled political dynasty biog ra p h y au tobiog ra p h y p o li t i cal st martin s griffin 9/13/2016 9781250096661 $17.99 $24.99 can trade paperback 432 pages carton qty 8.3 in h 5.5 in w includes one 8-page black-and-white photograph section subrights uk rights st martin s press translation rights st martin s press other available formats hardcover isbn 9781250032959 ebook isbn 9781250032966 audio isbn 9781427264336 audio isbn 9781427264343 m ar keting national print publicity online publicity promotion robert f kennedy jr inherited his assassinated father’s piercing blue eyes and brahmin style earning a reputation as the nation’s foremost environmental activist and lawyer—the “toxic avenger”—battling corporate polluters but in this the most revelatory portrait ever of a kennedy oppenheimer places bobby jr leader of the third generation of america’s royal family under a journalistic microscope exploring his compulsions and addictions from his use of drugs to his philandering that he himself blamed on what he termed his “lust demons,” and tells the shocking behind-the-scenes story of the curious events leading to the tragic may 2012 suicide of his second of his three wives mother of four of his six children if his late cousin jfk jr was once dubbed “prince charming,” rfk jr might have earned the sobriquet “the big bad wolf.” based on scores of exclusive candid on-the-record interviews public and private records and correspondence jerry oppenheimer paints a balanced objective but often shocking portrait of this virtually unaccounted for scion of the kennedy dynasty like his slain father the iconic senator and presidential hopeful rfk jr was destined for political greatness why it never happened is revealed in this first-ever biography of him pr a i se “a bombshell unauthorized biography tells the haunting past that kept kennedy from following in his father’s footsteps.” —new york daily news “jerry oppenheimer delves into bobby’s upbringing — or lack thereof — to understand why the scion of our greatest political family has never accomplished much oppenheimer contrasts bobby’s upbringing to that of john f kennedy jr.” —the new york post “a harrowing tell-all biography of one of the political dynasty’s most controversial members highly readable.” —toronto star jerry oppenheimer is the new york times bestselling author of crazy rich power scandal and tragedy inside the johnson johnson dynasty as well as unauthorized biographies of hillary and bill clinton anna wintour rock hudson martha stewart barbara walters ethel kennedy jerry seinfeld and the hilton family he has also worked in several different capacities as a journalist including as an investigative reporter and a producer of television news programs and documentaries 27