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s t mart in s griff in oc tober 2016 unstoppable harnessing science to change the world bill nye edited by corey s powell new york times bestselling author of undeniable and former host of bill nye the science guy issues a new challenge to today’s generation to make a cleaner more efficient and happier world for over twenty years bill nye has inspired legions of fans with an empowering message the combination of scientific curiosity and human ingenuity can transform obstacles into opportunities and unlock a future of endless possibilities science g l o bal w ar ming cli m at echange st martin s griffin 10/18/2016 9781250109446 $16.99 $23.99 can trade paperback 384 pages carton qty 24 8.3 in h 5.5 in w subrights uk st martin s press translation st martin s press other available formats hardcover isbn 9781250007148 audio isbn 9781427271730 ebook isbn 9781466869899 audio isbn 9781427271747 now in unstoppable harnessing science to change the world bill applies his message of technological optimism to the serious challenge facing our species climate change with a scientist’s rigorous understanding of how things are and an engineer’s vision of how things could be bill completely re-frames the issue he sees today’s environmental crisis not as the end of progress but as an opportunity for a tremendous new beginning—a moment for our society rethink the way we live and to create a cleaner healthier smarter world we need not remain shackled to the inefficient technologies of the industrial revolution we need not accept pollution and environmental ruin as the inevitable costs of a vibrant economy above all we need not leave our children a planet that is depleted and overheated the urgent task here is not saving the earth it’s saving the earth for us—for humanity we can do that but the moment to begin is now when you are done reading you will be enlightened and inspired you will see a new path forward you will be ready to join bill and change the world pr a i se “unstoppable is what you get when you melt down bill nye the science guy and turn him into a book containing rich scientific insights on ourselves our society and our world the book is a must-read for anybody who needs to be scientifically literate in the 21st century and that’s of course everybody.” —neil degrasse tyson ph.d astrophysicist at the american museum of natural history bill nye holds a bs in mechanical engineering from cornell university and worked as an engineer at boeing before creating and hosting his emmy award-winning pbs/discovery channel show he holds six honorary doctorate degrees corey s powell is the former editor in chief of american scientist and discover where he is currently editor at large he is also a visiting scholar at nyu s sherp science journalism program as well as a freelance writer for popular science smithsonian and nautilus 84