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s t m art in s g rif f in september 2018 delicious bundt cakes over 100 new recipes for timeless favorites roxanne wyss and kathy moore bake stunning scrumptious desserts with exciting flavors without spending hours in the kitchen cooking courses dishes cakes st martin s griffin 9/4/2018 9781250170040 $19.99 $25.99 can trade paperback 176 pages carton qty 22 9 in h 7 in w includes 33 color photographs throughout subrights uk rights st martin s press translation rights st martin s press marketing national print publicity online publicity online promotion email marketing campaign blog outreach campaign cookstr promotion and outreach social media campaign the duo behind delicious poke cakes and delicious dump cakes is back with another book of quick and easy desserts in delicious bundt cakes roxanne wyss and kathy moore unlock the secret of the bundt cake instead of dealing with the hassle of leveling and frosting a traditional layer cake a bundt cake yields a scrumptious impressive dessert with only a single pan whether you prefer geometric patterns or elegant swirls there are an endless variety of bundt pans with dozens of new designs being produced all of which yield picture perfect cakes with minimal effort the bundt s unique ringed shape prevents soggy underdone centers making it the ideal cake for a beginning baker delicious bundt cakes features eighty recipes along with all the hints and tips you’ll need to make a spectacular bundt cake every time each recipes specifies the exact size of bundt pan needed so you will never have an overflowing disaster or an undersized bundt the book includes recipes made completely from scratch as well as recipes based on boxed cake mixes so you can have a delicious bundt in even less time whether you’re looking for a rich chocolate delight like the chocolate salted caramel bundt cake or a fruity confection like the pineapple coconut bundt cake you’ll find a bundt to satisfy every craving in addition to traditional bundt cakes there are also recipes for filled cakes like the chocolate peanut butter tunnel bundt cake w roxanne wyss and kathy moore are cookbook authors food consultants food writers cooking teachers and food bloggers who share their test-kitchen expertise through creative recipes and tips that make cooking easier and more fun this is their eleventh cookbook including delicious poke cakes and delicious dump cakes they teach cooking classes consult with food and appliance companies write feature articles and appear on television including appearances on qvc their professional careers in 11