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s t m a rt i n s pa perbacks april 2016 spotlight chevy stevens always watching family secrets and missing memories collide in this novel from the new york times bestselling author of still missing on-sale date 4/5/2016 isbn-13 9781250081186 ebook isbn 9781250031891 price $7.99 $9.99 can pages 432 spine 29.460 in ctn count 48 cpda/cat 00/novel setting vancouver island bc origin smp hc 9780312595692 psychiatrist nadine lavoie has a true desire to help people put their demons at rest but she has demons of her own when a new patient heather simeon is brought to the psychiatric intensive care unit after a suicide attempt nadine is assigned to work with her as nadine gently coaxes the story out of heather she learns of some troubling parallels to their lives nadine is forced to confront her own history and the damage that began when she and her brother were brought by their mother to a commune by a river on remote vancouver island as the dual stories unfold nadine finds herself drawn to

s t m a rt i n s pa perbacks april 2016 alexandra hawkins you can t always get the marquess you want the next novel in the wildly charming and sexy regency series from usa today bestselling author alexandra hawkins lord chance fairlamb has no idea why lady tempest daughter of lord norgrave is off-limits nor does he truly care watching the tempting beauty from afar for years chance desires nothing more than to steal away this gorgeous goddess and show her all the pleasure he can give her on-sale date 4/5/2016 isbn-13 9781250064738 ebook isbn 9781466871045 price $7.99 $9.99 can pages 352 spine 23.880 in ctn count 48 cpda/cat 24/historical romance rights uk lynn seligman agent translation lynn seligman lady tempest wishes she didn t give a whit about the handsome lord fairlamb and his seductive tactics she s on the lookout for any chance to escape him-their families are sworn enemies after all but chance is ever so persistent and eager to please her and if he keeps tempting her with

s t m a rt i n s pa perbacks april 2016 lora leigh guilty pleasure from new york times bestselling author lora leigh comes guilty pleasure in mass market for the first time marty matthews swore she would never allow herself to be drawn into the secret pleasures that the women she had grown up with had been drawn into women who had married or who had loved the men of the club now working as an agent for the fbi she s drawn to the one man she know she can t have khalid her boss is convinced khalid is involved in a plot to destroy secretive plans between his uncle and the president to strengthen us ties in the middle east and he wants marty to prove it that means getting close to a man who is dangerous to her body and her heart on-sale date 4/5/2016 isbn-13 9781250073013 ebook isbn 9781429984683 price $7.99 $9.99 can pages 352 spine 0.940 in ctn count 48 cpda/cat 00/novel origin griffin tp 9780312541866 1/10 $14.99 author home pennsylvania marketing national print publicity national

s t m a rt i n s pa perbacks april 2016 michael savage countdown to mecca from the new york times bestselling author of abuse of power and a time for war comes a powerful new thriller a plane bound for jordan goes down in the caspian sea the crash yields no survivors—save the hijacker—and a cask containing an agent of unprecedented destructive potential is missing a terrorist attack has been put into motion and the resulting chaos might be enough to push america toward another costly war the one man who might be able to stop the attack is jack hatfield a freelance reporter who has never shied away from controversy when his half-brother sammy calls him saying that his neighbor overheard something she shouldn t have and now both their lives are in danger jack realizes he s stumbled upon a conspiracy to destroy mecca now he must uncover who is behind the plot and stop them—or else witness the collapse of the world into global destruction key selling points on-sale

s t m a rt i n s pa perbacks april 2016 smp lead david l golemon the mountain the event group faces an impossible mission in the newest adrenaline rush from the new york times bestselling author of carpathian in 1863 a secret meeting takes place between legendary war leaders their mission is to bring back the remnants of pre-history s greatest ship which may lie atop a mountain inside the fierce ottoman empire on-sale date 4/5/2016 isbn-13 9781250057655 ebook isbn 9781466861428 price $8.99 $10.99 can pages 608 spine 0.930 in ctn count 48 cpda/cat 00/novel setting an underground military complex origin smp hc 9781250057631 8/15 $26.99 author home bay shore ny in 2007 america s darkest agency the event group was tasked by the president to return a famous former astronaut on a mission to find noah s ark it will be up to the director of security at department 5656 major jack collins and his team to rescue the expedition from forces that will kill to keep the artifacts inside turkey the

s t m a rt i n s pa perbacks april 2016 maggie mcginnis heart like mine the second novel in the heartwarming echo lake series from usa today bestseller maggie mcginnis delaney blair thought she was a shoo-in for the cfo position at vermont s mercy hospital but another candidate has appeared and his mission to close the pediatric department has the board salivating now she s got thirty days to prove she can keep pediatrics off the chopping block and to do so she ll need one particular pediatrician assuming she can get past the nurses who don t want her anywhere near their sainted -and incredibly hot doctor on-sale date 4/5/2016 isbn-13 9781250069085 ebook isbn 9781466877887 dr joshua mackenzie has too many patients too few hours and way too much paperwork already and now he s got a financial analyst in a sexy suit breathing down his back determined to keep things professional long hours force them closer together but when an emergency brings them to their knees they realize tomorrow

s t m a rt i n s pa perbacks april 2016 melissa cutler one hot summer welcome to dulcet texas where one woman will discover that even love is bigger in the lone star state on-sale date 4/5/2016 isbn-13 9781250071866 ebook isbn 9781466883093 price $7.99 $9.99 can pages 384 spine 1.030 in ctn count 48 cpda/cat 20/romance setting ravel county texas origin original author home san diego ca marketing national print publicity national print advertising online advertising campaign netgalley outreach extensive blog outreach extensive online promotion at h&h email marketing campaign visit when wedding planner remedy lane buys a one-way ticket out of hollywood to texas she never expects to meet firefighter and fire marshal micah garrity or that they re destined to clash with each other over every extravagant wedding she plans at briscoe ranch resort he s the killjoy who might just kill her career before it s off the ground but even he can t stop the sparks that fly between

s t m a rt i n s pa perbacks april 2016 manda collins good dukes wear black high-stakes mystery and searing romance collide in the thrilling final book in the lords of anarchy trilogy miss ophelia dauntry has never been one to back down from a challenge and when she begins to suspect that the notorious driving club the lords of anarchy has something to do with her friend s disappearance she s determined to bring them to justice the only problem piers hamilton the handsome but maddening duke of trent piers spent a decade in the british army which thankfully was good preparation for membership in london s most mysterious driving club which he joins to get information about his missing sister-in-law and he d have found her long ago if ophelia would stop sticking her pretty nose where it doesn t belong can their mutual attraction be kept at bay long to stop the club or will the lords of anarchy make two more of their enemies vanish on-sale date 4/5/2016 isbn-13 9781250061089 key selling

s t m a rt i n s pa perbacks april 2016 donna grant smoke and fire the stakes are raised and the passion burns hotter in the next dark kings novel from new york times bestseller donna grant a shape-shifting dragon and a master with computers ryder is sent to protect glasgow after the dark attacked but when memories of a sexy explosive affair come back in the flesh ryder cannot help himself but protect her-even if it means shifting into the dragon he was never supposed to reveal kinsey has always wanted more of ryder every touch every taste was never enough but when she sees her true love in his true form kinsey feels betrayed her idea of a perfect man is not one who can shift into a dragon but as her world becomes bathed in shadows kinsey learns that in order to stay alive-and feel alive-she must be with ryder and being with ryder brings a whole different kind of trouble on-sale date 4/5/2016 isbn-13 9781250071965 key selling points author home vidor tx we are publishing the dark

s t m a rt i n s pa perbacks february 1997 matt braun the savage land one of matt braun s most beloved novels—now newly repackaged print oliver gave his blood and his soul for the confederacy then he came home to find his family ranch under siege from union carpetbaggers and his neighbors turned against him for the texan there was no choice but to blaze a trail toward power rounding up wild longhorns and driving them toward markets from galveston to abilene but as print forged an empire his family paid a heavy toll now he had to make a bitter choice between the blood of his own kin and the land he d claimed with a dream key selling points on-sale date 2/15/1997 isbn-13 9780312960049 ebook isbn 9781466826342 price $7.99 $9.99 can braun has written 42 books to date with 40 million copies in print worldwide braun has received the western writers of america golden spur award for his bestselling epic the kincaids braun s newsletter reaches hundreds of booksellers and fans

index always watching a novel chevy stevens 4 braun matt the savage land 14 collins manda good dukes wear black a lords of anarchy novel 12 countdown to mecca a thriller michael savage 8 cutler melissa one hot summer a one and only texas novel 11 dragonbane a dark-hunter novel sherrilyn kenyon 2 golemon david l the mountain an event group thriller .9 good dukes wear black a lords of anarchy novel manda collins 12 grant donna smoke and fire a dragon romance 13 guilty pleasure a novel lora leigh 7 hawkins alexandra you can t always get the marquess you want a masters of seduction novel 6 heart like mine an echo lake novel maggie mcginnis .10 kenyon sherrilyn