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s t martin s pa perbacks au g ust 2016 spotlight erica spindler the first wife an idealistic woman marries a man she barely knows only to discover his first wife disappeared under mysterious circumstances all her life bailey browne dreamed of a storybook rescue a knight in shining armor swooping in to bring her and her mother to a better life then suddenly there he is handsome wonderful logan abbott despite their ten-year difference age bailey’s working-class upbringing and his of privilege they fall deeply in love marriage quickly follows on-sale date 8/2/2016 isbn-13 9781250069757 ebook isbn 9781250012555 price $7.99 $10.99 can pages 432 spine 7in h 4in w in ctn count 48 cpda/cat 00/novel rights uk st martin s press translation st martin s press setting a horse farm in louisiana origin smp hc 9781250012548 2/15 $25.99 author home mandeville la ma rketing national print publicity online publicity email marketing campaign social media campaign visit but

s t martin s pa perbacks au g ust 2016 special release alvin townley defiant defiant is unbroken meets band of brothers and then some -congressman pete sessions during the vietnam war hundreds of american prisoners-of-war faced years of brutal conditions and horrific torture at the hands of north vietnamese guards and interrogators who ruthlessly plied them for military intelligence and propaganda determined to maintain their code of conduct the pows developed a powerful underground resistance to quash it their captors singled out its eleven leaders vietnam’s own “dirty dozen,” and banished them to an isolated jail that would become known as alcatraz none would leave its solitary cells and interrogation rooms unscathed one would never return on-sale date 8/2/2016 isbn-13 9781250061881 ebook isbn 9781250037619 price $9.99 $13.99 can as these men suffered in hanoi their wives back at home launched an extraordinary campaign that would ultimately spark the pow/mia

s t martin s pa perbacks au g ust 2016 dalton fury one killer force a deadly terrorist threatens american freedom in the next delta force adventure in the new york times bestselling series still recovering from near fatal wounds delta force commander major kolt racer raynor is thrust into a new battle the joint chiefs of staff are contemplating the unthinkable combine delta force and the seals into a single unit or eliminate one entirely at the same time cindy hawk bird is closing in on becoming the first official female operator in the history of the us military she only has to survive an insertion into the most repressive regime on earth meanwhile a new terrorist threat sends kolt racing from syria to ukraine on hunter-killer missions half a world away a spy in north korea sends a desperate call for help a new danger to world peace is growing in the communist country violently applied force is needed now before it s too late on-sale date 8/2/2016 isbn-13 9781250091987 ebook

s t martin s pa perbacks au g ust 2016 jonathan maberry the king of plagues the next joe ledger mass market reissue a thrilling and terrifying story of biological warfare saturday 09:11 hours a blast rocks a london hospital and thousands are dead or injured 10:09 hours joe ledger arrives on scene to investigate the horror is unlike anything he has ever seen compelled by grief and rage joe rejoins the dms and within hours is attacked by a hit-team of assassins and sent on a suicide mission into a viral hot zone during an ebola outbreak soon joe ledger and the department of military sciences begin tearing down the veils of deception to uncover a vast and powerful secret society using weaponized versions of the ten plagues of egypt to destabilize world economies and profit from the resulting chaos millions will die unless joe ledger meets the this powerful new enemy on their own terms as he fights terror with terror key selling points on-sale date 8/2/2016 isbn-13 9781250092830 ebook

s t martin s pa perbacks au g ust 2016 diane kelly death taxes and a satin garter tara holloway is out for tax cheats and a slice of wedding cake on-sale date 8/2/2016 if her duties as maid of honor at her best friend s upcoming wedding aren t keeping her busy enough irs special agent tara holloway finds herself going head-to-head with florence flo cash star of the flo cash cash flow show on local talk radio station kcsh not only has flo given her listeners some shady tax advice but she s established an elaborate barter system to undermine uncle sam s attempt to assess taxes on the cash-free transactions while flo flouts the irs at every turn tara also pursues a catfishing casanova who s relieved several lonely ladies of their cash cars and credit cards when her best friend s big day arrives it s all tara can do to keep from keeling over from exhaustion but when tara snatches the bridal bouquet and her boyfriend nick catches the satin garter could tara s days of filing single tax

mi n ota u r b ooks au g ust 2016 donna andrews lord of the wings a new side-splitting meg langslow mystery from award-winning new york times bestselling author of the good the bad and the emus the brilliantly funny donna andrews delivers another winner in the acclaimed avian-themed series that mystery readers have come to love the eighteenth book in her new york times best-selling series continues to surprise and delight in this next knee-slapping adventure featuring meg langslow and all the eccentric characters that make up her world it s another holiday and mayor randall shiffley has turned caerphilly virginia into spooky city usa but all too soon a real body mars the town s creepy fun and it s up to meg to save halloween with lord of the wings readers can look forward to another zany meg langslow mystery this one filled with halloween spirit and suspense on-sale date 8/2/2016 isbn-13 9781250049605 ebook isbn 9781466850569 price $7.99 $10.99 can pages 336 spine 7in h 4in w 1lb

s t martin s pa perbacks au g ust 2016 shiloh walker the right kind of trouble a sexy small-town romance where one woman and one man have waited for twenty years find love but at a price gideon marshall is done with being the good cop for twenty years he s watched the love of his life moira mckay keep him at arm s length but the burning all-consuming need gideon feels for her has never abated and when a threat comes looming closer gideon must have her at all costs on-sale date 8/2/2016 isbn-13 9781250067968 ebook isbn 9781466876699 price $7.99 $10.99 can pages 384 spine 7in h 4in w in ctn count 48 cpda/cat 20/romance rights uk smp translation irene goodman agency moira s had her reasons it doesn t matter that she s loved gideon since she broke it off in high school—her life has been a disaster since her parents died but now moira s family has been threatened and the one that hunts them is closer than she could ever imagine she s always been able to resist gideon no matter

s t martin s pa perbacks au g ust 2016 laura trentham till i kissed you the next book in a heartwarming small town romance series cottonwood is a town divided divided by a state line divided by a river that provides the heartbeat of the town divided by old loves and rivalries will the two competing summer festivals drive the town further apart or finally bring it together key selling points on-sale date 8/2/2016 isbn-13 9781250077622 ebook isbn 9781466889781 price $5.99 $8.50 can pages 320 • till i kissed you is the last book in the wonderfully romantic cottonbloom series we will be publishing this series at a special $5.99 6.99 price point in a back-to-back-to-back publishing event till i kissed you follows kiss me that way in june and then he kissed me in july • the cottonbloom series features a summer festival and a town divided divided by a state line divided by a river that provides the heartbeat of the town divided by old loves and prejudices with humor sass and

s t martin s pa perbacks au g ust 2016 casey griffin must love wieners the first funny heart-tugging romance in our wiener dog rescue trilogy centering around three heroines at a dachshund rescue twenty-five-year-old piper summers works like a dog juggling three jobs to put herself through veterinarian school however she may have bitten off more than she can chew when she delivers an embarrassing telegram dressed as a slutty cowgirl to an influential billionaire ceo aiden caldwell when piper makes it to her shift at the dachshund rescue center she s still licking the wounds to her pride when aiden strolls through the door he throws piper a bone by offering her a job as his dog walker but it quickly becomes apparent that he wants her for more than walking his wiener and soon their two closely bonded dachshunds aren t the only ones with a case of puppy love on-sale date 8/2/2016 isbn-13 9781250084675 ebook isbn 9781250084705 price $7.99 $10.99 can pages 368 spine 7in h 4in w in ctn

s t martin s pa perbacks au g ust 2016 robert j conley fugitive s trail a western reissue in the tradition of bestselling author william w johnstone scrawny young melvin parmlee lit out of texas wearing a pair of old overalls and riding a swayback horse his crime killing a man with an axe handle for shooting his dog out ahead lay a land of prairie mountains boomtowns whores gold and outlaws and behind him was a long twisty trail that was getting more crowded with enemies every day robert conley s saga of melvin parmlee is a rollicking tale an authentic portrait of the american west and the gripping drama of a boy becoming a man amongst the wildest men of all key selling points on-sale date 8/2/2016 isbn-13 9781250091963 ebook isbn 9781429926263 price $6.99 $9.99 can pages 304 spine 7in h 4in w in ctn count 72 cpda/cat 40/western setting western origin reissue 1st ptng 8/00 • fugitive’s trail is a thrilling action-packed western filled with all the excitement this

index accused a rosato dinunzio novel lisa scottoline 2 andrews donna lord of the wings a meg langslow mystery .10 badlands a novel c j box 3 box c j badlands a novel 3 byrne kerrigan the highlander 5 conley robert j fugitive s trail a texas outlaw novel 14 death taxes and a satin garter a tara holloway novel diane kelly 9 defiant the pows who endured vietnam s most infamous prison alvin townley 6 first wife the a novel erica spindler 4 fugitive s trail a texas outlaw novel robert j conley .14 fury dalton one killer force a delta force novel 7 griffin casey must love wieners a rescue dog romance .13 highlander the kerrigan byrne 5 kelly diane death