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s t m a rt i n s pa perbacks december 2017 emma douglas no place like you sometimes old flames burn the hottest… having a crush on your best friend’s brother is kind of inconvenient but for the teenage leah santelli it was also a fact of life she always knew zach harper gifted with his rockstar father’s voice and his model mother’s looks was out of reach but on the night of her 18th birthday she decided to ask for the present she really wanted and to her shock convinced zach to sleep with her but then zach left town to chase his music dreams and never looked back and leah moved on but now zach’s home again and him recording his first solo album in cloud bay is a chance for leah to get the producing credit she needs to take her career to the next level the only trouble is that means spending long hours with zach…and apparently her old crush hasn’t completely burned out on-sale date 12/5/2017 isbn-13 9781250111029 ebook isbn 9781250111036 price $7.99 $10.50 can pages 336 spine 7in h 4in w in ctn count 72 zach harper always believed you can’t go home again and he hasn’t needed to test that theory until now but now he’s back in cloud bay looking to repair his relationship with his sisters and record the album he’s always wanted to he knows it isn’t going to be easy but he hadn’t counted on the last bridge he burned when he left—leah—being the one that he suddenly most wants to repair but even though leah is newly divorced and the heat between them hasn’t gone anywhere she knows zach is leaving again she’ll let him into her bed but not into her heart can zach convince her that they can make more than just great music together and that she’s the one that he wants cpda/cat 20/romance key selling points rights uk st martin s press • no place like you is the third book set in cloud bay a picturesque island town that is run by the family of a music legend • we are debuting this series in a back-to-back event no place like you is preceded by need you now september 2017 and a season of you october 2017 which is a christmas book fans will love getting three stories within four months • with heart-of-the-market packages and titles this series is absolutely perfect for fans of kristan higgans and emily march translation st martin s press setting fictional town of cloud bay origin original author home melbourne australia marketing national print publicity national advertising early reader review campaign blog outreach netgalley outreach email marketing campaign online promotion at visit also available a season of you 10/17 9781250111005 $7.99 $10.99 can need you now 8/17 9781250110985 $7.99 $10.99 can 10